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Month: May, 2013

Stolen Girlfriends Club – Nasty Goreng Spring Collection (lookbook)

sgc11 sgclook1 sgclook2

Some of my fave look-book images from the SGC Womens Nasty Goreng Spring range, more after the jump x

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Stolen Girlfriends Club – Nasty Goreng Spring Collection (runway)


Image: Michael Ng

Stolen Girlfriends Club Creative Director, Marc Moore, describes the collection as a mishmash of opposing ideas and themes, call girls and American G.I’s. We got a sneak peak into the Spring collection on Wednesday night, at a huge, vacant and freezing warehouse in Newmarket (if only I could have warmed myself with wine). It felt as though the runway show was split into two themes, the first part had some of my favourite outfits which gave me of a kind of ‘Grown up Girl Scout’ vibe and my girl Shirl said they reminded her of the movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’ The second half featured a vibrant leopard print, which also showed up in see through full-length gowns. The highlight of this section being the head to toe orange leopard print jumpsuit and wide brimmed hat and a knee-length zip-off black trench coat. The night also hailed the launch of the MINI PACEMAN, which took its own turn down the runway wearing the SGC ‘Death Moth’ print. More runway pics below, lookbook images coming soon.

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Talias Treats : Pumpkin, Feta & Caramelised Onion tarts

pumpkintart1pumpkintart2 pumpkintart3 pumpkintart4pumpkin5

1 roll puff pastry | 1/2 pumpkin | 2 onions | silverbeet or spinach | feta cheese | salt and pepper | olive oil

Slice the onion thinly. Coat the bottom of your pan with oil, heat over a med-high heat. Add onions, stir to coat the onions in the oil, season with salt, then reduce heat to low-med. Stir occasionally, cooking until the onions are brown, juicy and sweet, and starting to stick to the bottom of the pan approx 30-45mins.

While those are cooking, preheat your oven to 200C. Chop the pumpkin into small cubes, cook in the microwave for 5 mins to soften. If you’re using silverbeet (I did cos we have tons of it growing in the vege garden at the mo) remove the white stalk as its quite bitter. Slice into smaller pieces.

Divide your pastry into four even pieces. Place on a lined tray. Score a line 1 cm in from the edge to create a border, taking care not to cut right through the pastry. Layer the silverbeet (or spinach), caramelised onion, pumpkin and feta cheese on top of the pastry, staying within your border. Season w salt & pepper, drizzle w olive oil. Bake for 12-15 mins or until pastry is golden brown.

Serve hot.

Kowtow – The Silent Space – Part 1

thesilentspace-kowtow-61 thesilentspace-kowtow-57


Kowtow – The Silent Space, part 1.

I look at ‘The Silent Space’ collection and think, this is so lovely and serene. I believe this is the result Kowtow‘s designer and director Gosia Piatek wanted to have, using Japanese architect, Tadao Ando, who creates spaces purely for a calming affect, as her muse.

Inspired by Tadao Ando’s creative use of natural light, Kowtow have also created another signature graphic all-over print, the ‘Reflection Print’, as seen on the fun jumpsuits and oversized parka. The collection also features the popular tee print ‘Angry Cloud’, which references Japanese pop culture and Manga, super kawaii.

The collection is entirely made from premium certified fairtrade organic cotton and dyed using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) dyes that are free from formaldehyde, nickel, lead and other heavy metals, making the fabric buttery soft and amazing to wear.

‘The Silent Space’ will be available in store and online from August. Start assembling your wish-lists. I have the reflection print parka and jumpsuits high on mine!

models in boohoo + a big ass cake


What’s a one year anniversary celebration without some hot models and a big ass cake, right? With boohoo now being the 4th most visited fashion site in Oz & NZ, selling six dresses every minute, I can see why the peeps at boohoo, including its founders Carol and Mahmud, were all down to par-tay for our last night in Sydney. Mix a bunch of kiwis, ozzies and guys and gals from the UK, and a big night will mos def be had. But, conveniently, what goes on tour, stays on tour… shout outs to Courtney from Always, Sometimes, Anytime tho, you’re the man.

But before dancing til the wee hours, we were able to admire pieces from the boohoo ‘Boutique’ and ‘Future Sports’ ranges (due out around July/August) on some stunning models. The Future Sports pieces were some of my faves from the showroom and it was even better seeing them worn IRL. My love for the neon-pink leopard print ensemble grew even more. I’d somewhat overlooked the ‘Boutique’ range at the showing, the collection being darker and a bit more serious, but the dresses got my attention that night. Plus, I’m a sucker for wearing socks with heels, and flower crowns, so that put it over the edge for me. More fash & food pics after the jump xx

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A trip down ‘All Saints’ memory lane…


I can’t say that I’ve been all the way in on the X-FactorNZ ride, but I am all the way in with the Melanie Blatt fan-club. She always seemed the coolest/most bad-ass member of the All Saints – though they all look pretty rad, let’s be honest –  and I’m sure she’d be great to get on the piss with. I saw the episode where she was choosing the final group contestants, and it looked like she was trying so hard to not laugh out loud the whole time, it was great. After watching last nights show, I started reminiscing with the bf about how the All Saints were cooler than other ‘girl’ groups, they were more adult, had more attitude, and had more babes in the group. We also debated our all-time favourite All Saints song. For me, it’s ‘Never Ever’, from the spoken intro which ties into the end of the song when Shaznay sings with gusto ‘you can tell me to my face, you can tell me on the phone, oooooh, you can write it in a letter babe, cos I really need to know!” This song has so many bridges and hooks, it was impossible for it to not succeed. EDIT: The bf has just pointed out that while ‘I Know Where It’s At’ is a good first single, ‘Never Ever’ is actually his fave too. ‘Pure Shores’ of course is up there, but doesn’t quite hold the same nostalgia for me as ‘Never Ever’, though I know for a lot of people, probably a bit younger than I, it will. ‘Booty Call’ is fun and funny, so I had to add it in there, and I’ve always thought ‘Black Coffee’ was great and a cleverly written song. So, now that I’ve gone down All Saints memory lane, why don’t you too…  (P.S How good a song writer is Shaznay Lewis, ay?)

“Sometimes vocabulary runs through my head, the alphabet runs right from A to Zed, conversations, hesitations in my mind, you got my conscience asking questions that I can’t find…”

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High Winter Boohoo Ranges in Sydney

boosydney1 boosydney3 boosydney4 boosydney5boosydney8 boosydney10 boosydney11

The Ivy Penthouse in Sydney was decked out and dazzling with racks of soon to be released boohoo garments, each collection catering to a specific look and feel;  California festival-girl with crochet, dip dye and denim, Aztec geo-prints and rich reds, sexy sports luxe with cut outs & see through panels, animal print and patterns on patterns on sophisticated party dresses or super distressed denim, sequins and netted skirts and kimono type matching pant suits. It was all very pleasing to the eye and semi-distressing that I wasn’t able to be left alone to try on absolutely everything. Click through for all the fab accessories and cute DIY table on display…

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Lani Loves : Sydney, boohoo, mac&cheese & mo links


I have spent the weekend recovering from what started as a very relaxing trip to Sydney, and ended with a bang. I was in Sydney for the launch of a number of Boohoo collections, as well as to celebrate its first year in New Zealand and Australia (expect many more posts on this to come). So, I’m obviously feelin the love when it comes to boohoo & Sydney. More links to more stuff I’m loving after the jump.

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Ruby & Liam Spring / Summer 2013


ruby4 ruby8

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Zambesi SS 13/14 – lookbook & details


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