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Lani Loves – new music, weekend antics and a few choice articles


Karaage chicken, deep fried shrimp and Japanese mayo is certainly not the way to reach my fitness goals, but it is the way to reach my happy place, which is what I did on Saturday with girlfriends, eating and drinking the night away. I don’t think we ever go to Kens Yakitori without staying until closing, and after that it was Karaoke, and hilarious renditions of ‘Mercy’ and ‘On One’.

While we were out, Drake made me very happy by releasing three new tracks and added a verse to Migos -Versace, on his new website. I’m sure you’re already up on that, but here are the tracks after the jump, if you haven’t downloaded yet 🙂

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BU2MU – “I am smiling, I think of you”


“And nothing can compare, to when you roll the dice and swear your love’s for me”

Loving someone requires a certain amount of faith, there are no guarantees. There is always a risk, always a gamble involved when you choose to love someone completely – but when you both decide that the reward and journey of trying to love each other outweighs the risk of it not working, when you both decide to roll the dice, to go all in…well, ain’t that a beautiful thing? Finlay Quaye is right, nothing can compare.

A trip down ‘All Saints’ memory lane…


I can’t say that I’ve been all the way in on the X-FactorNZ ride, but I am all the way in with the Melanie Blatt fan-club. She always seemed the coolest/most bad-ass member of the All Saints – though they all look pretty rad, let’s be honest –  and I’m sure she’d be great to get on the piss with. I saw the episode where she was choosing the final group contestants, and it looked like she was trying so hard to not laugh out loud the whole time, it was great. After watching last nights show, I started reminiscing with the bf about how the All Saints were cooler than other ‘girl’ groups, they were more adult, had more attitude, and had more babes in the group. We also debated our all-time favourite All Saints song. For me, it’s ‘Never Ever’, from the spoken intro which ties into the end of the song when Shaznay sings with gusto ‘you can tell me to my face, you can tell me on the phone, oooooh, you can write it in a letter babe, cos I really need to know!” This song has so many bridges and hooks, it was impossible for it to not succeed. EDIT: The bf has just pointed out that while ‘I Know Where It’s At’ is a good first single, ‘Never Ever’ is actually his fave too. ‘Pure Shores’ of course is up there, but doesn’t quite hold the same nostalgia for me as ‘Never Ever’, though I know for a lot of people, probably a bit younger than I, it will. ‘Booty Call’ is fun and funny, so I had to add it in there, and I’ve always thought ‘Black Coffee’ was great and a cleverly written song. So, now that I’ve gone down All Saints memory lane, why don’t you too…  (P.S How good a song writer is Shaznay Lewis, ay?)

“Sometimes vocabulary runs through my head, the alphabet runs right from A to Zed, conversations, hesitations in my mind, you got my conscience asking questions that I can’t find…”

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‘Movement Festival’ ticket giveaway


Hello lovelies. I’ve been asked to give away two single tickets to Movement Festival.


I’d be hoping that you’ve gotten in early and bought your tickets already, but I also know it’s nice to get things for free, so I’m happy to accomodate a couple of you lucky readers too 🙂

The first giveaway is through instagram (find me here : @lanisays)

To enter, just upload a picture of the artist or artists you most want to see most at Movement Fest to instagram + tag me @lanisays +  @movementfestnz in the pic, and there you have it – you’re in the draw to win. You have until 5PM, Monday 15th to enter.

The second giveaway will be done through my facebook page and I shall announce the details of that once I’ve announced the winner of the first ticket. So, go on then, get to grammin’!!

xx Lani xx

David Dallas and The Daylight Robbery at Sounds On


I tried to get snaps of each member of the band, as I reckon you’re gonna be wanting to know more about them soon 🙂


Ron on the drums : Meat-burger enthusiast.


Sale on the bass : Hilarity ensues.

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weekend download : 41 ‘Train’ Mixtape


Download 41’s mixtape and bump it all weekend, play it at your house party, play it on the way to the beach, play it on the way to Hitch, play it at home by yourself and when Monday comes, play it on the way to work, etc.

Check the tracklist :

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for heaven’s sake, don’t make me explain


And anyone that you have done
Has gotta be alright with me
If she’s part of
The reason you are how you are
She’s alright with me”

That’s a good way to look at it.

Fiona, I will never stop loving you. You lot, read this. It’s great.

music mondays : losing you x make it hot x treat me like fire


This year has been pretty struggletastic for me so far, I just can’t seem to get into the swing of things. What I have been getting into the swing of so hard though is this ‘Solange – Losing You’ song. The song, the video, the fashion, it’s all round brilliant, innit? It’s also been the song that keeps giving because, as a kind of flow on effect of this discovery, I’ve re-discovered an old favourite and been reminded of a very cool new artist and song.

Ye Old favourite: Going through the youtube searches of ‘Solange’ will bring you to this cover of ‘Make It Hot’ she did with Oliver from the XX which is nice, but it’s really all about the original : Nicole Wray feat. Missy Elliott & Mocha – Make It Hot. It’s also all about the wide brimmed bucket hats pulled down low. I need me one. (peep the Aaliyah cameo too)


The new discovery: I think it was from deidah last year that I first heard LION BABE’s – Treat Me Like Fire. When I clicked on the video and the first thing I saw was some chick roaring at me I thought, ‘oh geez, what is this shit?’ But then the song began, and I thought, wow this is great. And then I forgot all about it. Lucky for me, Solange reminded me of it again on her twitter. Just give it a listen, she’s sexy as and has a voice like Erykah Badu. You’re welcome.


ready to suffer, ready to hope : a few songs to make you smile

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 12.46.01 PM

smiling is good.

My personality seems to always naturally lean towards the cynical, negative, sarcastic. It’s a cop out, because it’s easy to feel like that. I wanted to counter that by sharing some nice, uplifting, lovely and cheerful songs. Florence & The Machine’s – Shake It Out, is actually pretty dark but the sentiment, and overall feeling is one of hope, overcoming and letting go.

John Legend’s ‘Save Room’ is beautiful and soothing, The Shapeshifters – ‘Lola’s Theme’ is fun and triumphant (shot Shirl) and I thought I’d throw in Luther Vandross – ‘Never Too Much’ for good measure.

What’s Good In Your Hood: K.One’s Masterton (MA)

K.One is, for the most part, based in Auckland, but if you follow him on twitter or instagram, you’ll soon find that his heart stays firmly placed with his hometown, Masterton. Or, you know, you could just have a read of what’s been permanently etched into his knuckles…being away from home, that’s that shit he don’t like. While he’s back in M.A, he’s been kind enough to agree to take us all on a virtual tour of his hood.
What the Illegal Musik rapper has provided is exactly what I envisioned the ‘Good in Your Hood’ series to be all about. I wanted it to give an insight, history and guide into a town or hood that only a proud local can give. K.One, a.k.a Kaleb Vitale, has done exactly that, and as a result, we also get a bit of an insight into his life. Cool story aye bro? Yes, yes it is my bro.
So, enough chit chat, here is the second ever installment in the ‘What’s Good In Your Hood’ series – K.One’s  Masterton :
‘Double Bridges’ :
“Masterton is famous for it’s long, hot and dry summers. The closest beach is 40 minutes away so hitting one of the nearby rivers is almost an everyday thing. 10km north of town is a spot called “Double Bridges” (Getting it’s name from the two bridges 500m up stream from the swimming hole) It still buzzes me out that we would bike all the way out there when we were young. Once we were old enough to have a license there was always that dude we knew with a car who would be ‘persuaded’ to drive us out there.”