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Month: February, 2011

Don’t forget about the Pets..

Photo: Stuff


The Prime Minister, John Key, announced the international appeal for Christchurch funds. The funds will be used to help families experiencing hardship and for trauma and social services. He says some of the money may also be used to help rebuild iconic buildings such as Christchurch Cathedral.

Amongst all the horror, we’re also seeing great stories of the community rallying around each other, and helping out in really practical ways. Gala Darling posted this link to stories of kindness, with lots of people in the comments talking about lovely things others have done for them. The Salvation Army needs more space to store all the food donations it’s received, farmers are out in force cleaning up the streets, and even really simple things like people driving around with car-phone chargers, so those with no power can re-charge their phones and keep in touch with family. The Sunday Star Times also found The Awesome Maori Guy – IncrediBro Hulk, who turned out to be a Samoan. He was the dude you would have seen throwing off concrete slabs to try and save people. This piece gives a really good insight into how difficult and dangerous the situation was for rescuers and those trapped following the quake.

I also came across this story about people trying to re-unite with their pets that ran off scared when the earthquake struck. The amount of comfort pets give their owners is incredible, so if you’d like to donate to the SPCA go here.

P.S  How awesome is that cat hugging the Speights bottle?


Christchurch Earthquake Appeal


Emergency services search the rubble for survivors of the collapsed CTV building. Photo Brett Phibbs/NZ Herald

It feels inappropriate to talk about anything else at this time of devastation and distress for the people of Christchurch. There are no words that will ever be enough, and sitting in Auckland behind a computer screen one seems incredibly useless. But, what we can do, and as I’m sure most of you have already done, is donate to help with the tireless emergency, recovery and eventually rebuild efforts, efforts that looks set to continue for weeks, months and years.

Click here to donate to the Red Cross. It may be best to donate via internet banking with the account number provided on the site, the credit card payment option seemed to be down. Make sure you put 2011 Earthquake Appeal as the reference. UPDATE Red Cross says go here if you are still experiencing difficulties with their site to donate:

Or click here to donate to the Salvation Army.

You can also Text “QUAKE” to 555 from your mobile to donate $5 or “QUAKE” to 333 to donate $3.

Most banks will also have their own accounts dedicated to the earthquake appeal, so check with your bank too. If you’re in Auckland and can give some stranded Chch peeps temporary accommodation then go here.

International viewers can watch live One News coverage at

Go here to listen back to audio of the quake coverage. And of course The NZ Herald and Stuff have some incredibly humbling images of damage caused. Round of applause to all the emergency staff and journalists working around the clock. Round of applause to the Christchurch people for staying strong.

Before and After pictures of the Canterbury TV building. Photos: Google Maps/Mark Mitchell/NZ Herald.

Bow out Gracefully

I asked PNC to help me out for this weeks Break Ups to Make Ups. Listen to why he reckons Spinners ‘I’ll Be Around’ is the best break up song ever. What a sweetheart.

Come back tomorrow for PNC’s best Make Up song. Oh shit, Lani Says cliff-hangers!

I can’t live without you holding my name

Yelawolf’s Trunk Muzik was one of my favourite discoveries of last year, and Love is Not Enough is my favourite track on the tape. Yela paints a great picture of how it feels to be punching above your weight in a relationship. Insecurities and perceived inadequacies are laid bare, and made worse when you start to compare yourself to the next in line. The song is right, love is not, nor is it ever, enough. If relationships were as simple as just being in love, break-ups would scarcely happen.

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Moving + Amerie

I’ve been moving from one side of Auckland to the other, with the majority of my belongings packed away in those big $2 shop plaid bags. I still haven’t even taken my i-Mac out of the box yet. The silver lining, however, is I’ve been forced to use my boyfriend’s crappy old lap-top that he left behind, which happens to have a bevy of great music I’d kind of forgotten about, including Amerie’s second album, ‘Touch’. Apart from the steaming pile of kaka title track, that album is dope.

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grab a drink, grab a glass, after that I’ll grab your ass

Most of the time it’s the songs we can relate to that we turn to in times of heartbreak. We feel like the artist is singing exactly what we’re going through, and we find comfort in that. Other times though, listening to a song that matches your emotions is just a f**king bad idea. You’ve had the worst break-up in your entire life, so why would you want to keep reminding yourself of that with music? So, today’s BU2MU are not break-up songs in the traditional sense. They are the ‘if I listen to anything remotely touching on the subject of love or heartbreak it will send me into a minor break-down’ break-up songs. Yep, my go-to songs for that ‘twisted stomach, can’t eat and/or think’ time in my life were N.W.A’s ‘Gangsta, Gangsta’ and Kanye West’s ‘Celebration.’

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walking away

I did not know, Until you walked away, You had the perfect ass, Forgive me for not falling in love with your face or your conversation

– Leonard Cohen

(note to self:  It’s not Monday anymore)


Yeah, that’s right, I said HAPPY MONDAY. I know the beginning of the week can be sux as, but I think the below video should bring you exceptional glee, unless you’re some kind of 90’s-boy-band-pop-music-hating-haterer-overdosed-on-haterade. In which case, cheer up mate.

Get on up when you’re down
Baby, take a good look around
I know it’s not much, but it’s okay
Keep on moving anyway

Inspirational, right?

P.S:  I don’t care what my friends say, J, you’re still my favourite and not gay-looking AT ALL. Karaoke soon, girls?

Urban Legends

Remember those ridiculous rumours that went around when you were in school? PNC’s tweet yesterday cracked me up, because it reminded me of the crazy shit that would get spread around. Who knows where those stories came from:

How about how Layzie Bone was part Samoan and 2Pac was Tongan?? um, LOL, yep I heard those ones. I love how we have a fascination or habit of convincing ourselves that every famous person MUST have a bit of Islander or Maori in them. But you know, being that us Polynesians are pretty choice it’s only natural to assume that every other cool person on the planet has some islander in them too haha.

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One day you won’t remember me

Maxwell’s Pretty Wings. This song is too perfect. An achingly beautiful ode to the notion that to love something is to let it go. Maxwell explains here that the song is about finding the right person at the wrong time. Whether love lasts or not has a lot to do with timing. Be it meeting the love of your life the week before they move overseas or simply not being mature enough to truly appreciate the person you’re with, timing will often trump Love.

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