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Month: May, 2011

David Dallas X Lani Says – The Rose Tint Interview

Finally forced David Dallas to do an interview with me. A few quotes from the interview are there to whet your appetite, but you should listen to the whole thing, it’s really good. Honest.

A lot of times, especially me and my friends, we’ll get pissed and…start talking about our grand ambitions, this is what we’re gonna do, yeah, we’re gonna take over…

Take a Picture is more confident than Big Time. Big Time is hopeful…but Take a Picture, there’s an arrogance to it.

That was probably the most surreal moment of the last 3 months I was over there [in New York] just Buckshot introducing himself to me and saying he liked my stuff, I was like far out, that’s crazy.

You need people that have got some enthusiasm, that are gonna bring something positive to your life. Some people might be able to function in the situation where their personal life is in turmoil…I work better when my personal life is good, that’s when I do my best material.

Frontline ‘What You Expect’ I don’t think that’s depressing at all, it’s ‘Borrowed Time’ and I don’t really know why that is.

Even the title of ‘Borrowed Time’, I don’t know what I was thinking at that time…I was kinda like, this might be the last thing I ever do and if it doesn’t happen for me now, fuck, it’s all over.


that time I modelled under water

That’s me, just modelling under water and shit. I was over at gala darling checking out her Betsey Johnson pic and clicked on the photographers name, Nato Tuke. She’s a, in her words, ‘trilingual, Bonairian raised, fashion-travel-underwater photographer.’ Underwater shots are so cool, and beautiful. Here’s some of hers:


Her images reminded me of my own underwater shots I’d done a couple of years ago. I’m with 62 models but I’m not exactly a big money earner for them, lol, so I don’t have that many shots in my portfolio. They’d called me up asking if I was keen to do a free shoot for a fashion student putting her end of year portfolio together, which meant I’d get some pictures for my portfolio too. The idea of an underwater shoot sounded cool but I wasn’t really prepared for how tiring that shit would be, especially when you’re wearing heavy ass raincoats and heels. You have to try and not look special needs as you sink yourself to the bottom, while trying to get what ever poses you can do in-sync with the photographer, while trying to keep the leggings they had me wearing from falling off completely, come up for air and then sink myself again. Repeat x100. Haha nah, it wasn’t that bad. Got some cool pics for my facebook profile, ha.

up to? 
the underwater running man

a few essentials

This will pretty much be my winter uniform. Although judging by todays weather I should add an umbrella to that, and some pants…and boots. Sooo my winter uniform until I buy all that other shit.

ShirlyShirl and I checked out Karen Walker’s new Playpark store in Newmarket last week, where I found my perfect trench for $150. Ballin on a budget yo. I got Dave to try and take some full outfit snaps, but they came out kinda lame. God loves a tryer. Anyway, here’s a couple that weren’t as lame as the others.

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Never Should Have Let You Go

“And I’ll be thinking ’bout you every night, and every day”

My parents are deeply religious and ‘non-christian’ music along with Beverly Hills 90210 and The Simpsons were amongst some of the things banned at various times during my upbringing. If it weren’t for discreet walkman listening sessions and rebellious siblings, there’s a lot of music I would have missed out on. In fact, I think I initially learnt many of the lyrics to Doggy Style from my brother rapping the songs acapella while we did the dishes rather than me listening to the actual record. What DID get heavy rotation on the family stereo was gospel singer Andrae Crouch and the soundtracks for The Power Of One and Sister Act 2. The latter was quite a treat, because hidden in between the cheesy Sister Act ballads were a few ‘worldly music’ gems like Hi-Five’s ‘Never Should’ve Let You Go’. If you’ve only just realised you let a good one get away, press play. Ah 90’s R&B, good times…good times.

You’ve got a secret smile

And you use it only for me.

You can have as many deep and meaningful conversations as you like, but nothing beats looking across a crowded room, meeting your significant others eye and knowing that they know exactly what you’re thinking. It’s a small intimacy just you and another share but it can change your mood from night to day, loneliness to belonging, a sense of comfort in an uncomfortable situation. A knowing glance, a touch, a name, a joke or a secret smile, something you reserve just for them. It’s not spoken about, it just is. 

When you are flying around and around the world
And I’m lying alonely
I know there’s something sacred and free reserved
And received by me only

If I was broken up right now, listening to this song would make me want to Make Up.

Rose Tinted

I trust youse fullas have already “hit the save as menu button, yeah the right one” for young D dot’s The Rose Tint, chucked it on your i-pods, played it in your car, etc.  If not, why not, silly?

I don’t have much else to say on the matter except, you know, best album ever. But I thought I’d compile a list of some of the sites that are repping The Rose Tint for your reading pleasure.

HipHopExtra did a nice write up, “He may be from the lovely scenic island New Zealand, but David Dallas lyrics are far from scenic. His rhymes have the ability to captivate the urban city dweller and leave you wondering what his next verse will be.”

pigeonsandplanes are also fans: He’s just got that something else, he’s smooth no matter how he does it.”

rhymeandreason have done a good in-depth interview “the theme of the album is me trying to look at things in a positive light. I’ve always had a tendency to be pessimistic and down-play things when I should be celebrating. I could win an award and everyone will be like ‘You should be stoked’, but I’ll already be focused on the next thing.”

My fave site The Smoking Section are still showing love, as is Okayplayer and other big guns like 2DopeBoyz and The Source.

DJ Booth and Aye Bro are completely Rose Tinted Out and local news NZ Herald and Stuff get their heads around the concept of a free album.

cool ay?

took my diamond to the pawnshop

but that don’t make it junk.

I’ve had my heart broken and a long time ago I broke someone’s heart.  I’m not sure what’s worse – being the breaker or the broken. I know that the guilt of treating someone really badly sticks around a long time and I spent a lot of time fixating on that, trying to make it up, when really I should have just left dude alone, ha. I don’t think any other song, or line, quite articulates the way I felt about that relationship the way Leonard Cohen’s ‘That Don’t Make It Junk’ does. It’s a hard thing to explain, loving someone but not really appreciating them. If you love someone, why do you do things that cheapen the relationship? But just because you fail to appreciate the value of someone, doesn’t make them less valuable. Just because you treat someone like crap, doesn’t make them crap. Taking a diamond to the pawnshop doesn’t make it junk. It might cheapen the value YOU place on it, but it doesn’t make it junk.

I fought against the bottle,
But I had to do it drunk
Took my diamond to the pawnshop
But that don’t make it junk.
I know that I’m forgiven,
But I don’t know how I know
I don’t trust my inner feelings
Inner feelings come and go.

The only good thing about seeing the pain you inflict on someone you care about is knowing that you never, ever want to make anyone feel like that ever again. If you’re fortunate to come across a diamond again, you’ll know what to do, and more importantly what not to do, to keep it.

P.S. I guess this kind of fits with what I was talking about in the last BU2MU – we interpret songs to suit ourselves 🙂

behind the scenes

Oh, hi there! I’ve been back in Auckland since Monday and kind of just hit the ground running with young D dot who is in the process of filming a new video for The Rose Tint, out May 11. I can’t really say too much about it, as it’s pretty secret squirrel right now but all will be revealed soon. In the meantime, and in between time, here are a few behind the scene shots. Yay!

(Pics taken by Jordache and myself)

Laters NYC, ‘sup NZ

I’m on my flight to LAX right now, final destination Auckland, New Zealand. Here’s some more pics chronicling my last few days in the concrete jungle. NYC, catch you up. New Zealand, up 2?

subway busking
subway reading
the streets of NYC are lined with these right now
central park zoo rainforest

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