Move With Nike – Day 2 on Hamilton Island / Qualia Resort

by lei

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Two work-outs in one day made me almost, almost feel like I deserved the luxurious life I was living at Qualia. When exercising at home, the only thing that gets me through a work out is knowing I’m going to indulge in Dizengoff afterwards. Back on Hamilton Island, the thing getting me through was the knowledge that I had a private plunge pool to relax in once I was done.

I think one of the most valuable discoveries I made on this trip was how good the Nike Training Club workouts are. Everything we did, could be done at home, which is always a plus cos there are def those moments of ‘leave the house to exercise? Ain’t nobody got time fo that!’ So, the first thing I did when I got back was download the free Nike Training Club app (available on your iphone or android).

It basically takes all the thinking out of coming up with your own work-out, and with most of us working that 9-5 life, having something like that pre-organised for you is always welcome, right?

Oh, btw, #movewithnike must have been moving me right, cos I had my 2 week weigh in for my fitness challenge, and I came down both in weight, and measurements! w00p! Check the vid below to learn a bit more about the app: