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Month: February, 2013

#InstaMarch 2013 – the list!!!


Helllloooo there!! I have finally put together the list for #InstaMarch – which begins on Friday, w000p w000p!!! I decided to start the first day off with a picture of yourself again, I hope you don’t mind, I just think it’s a cool way to see everyone else that’s joining in on the challenge too.

Thanks to everyone who suggested what to put in the list, I think I got most of those suggestions in!!

*For those who don’t know how this works, you take a photo a day in the month of March – based on this list. So on the first of March, you take a pic of yourself, upload it to instagram & hashtag it with #InstaMarch so everyone else who is joining in can check it out too. And then repeat, according to the list, each day for the rest of the month.

My instagram is @lanisays so tag me in on your pics too so I can see em, if you want 🙂 I’ll be checking the #InstaMarch hashtag on the reg anyways.

So, screen shot the list or save it to your phone, or pin it to pinterest, so you always know what you’re gonna do on what day. (as you can see there is a kittens&puppies version, lulz, or a plain version below, up2ug)  Woohoo, exciting, bring on Friday!!



boohoo #globalstyler : 90s steeze


For my second look as part of the boohoo #globalstyler campaign, I chose to have a bit of fun with 90s style. The trends that always strongly stuck in my mind from that decade are crop-tops and bum-bags. Had to give a shout-out to stonewash, mid-waisted denim too.  The gold chain is probably my fave thing from the whole shoot, it goes so well with the turtle neck & y’all already know how much I love camo jackets. My hair and make-up was inspired by this hot pic of Cindy Crawford.

I hope this inspires more crop-top & bum-bag wearing.



more pics after the jump :

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weekend download : 41 ‘Train’ Mixtape


Download 41’s mixtape and bump it all weekend, play it at your house party, play it on the way to the beach, play it on the way to Hitch, play it at home by yourself and when Monday comes, play it on the way to work, etc.

Check the tracklist :

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Hey, look it’s me, a Boohoo #GlobalStyler


w00p w00p! I’m so glad I can finally tell you guys about the lil project I did with boohoo for their very cool #GlobalStyler promotion.

Basically, boohoo are giving away the trip of a lifetime, and all you have to do is snap yourself wearing boohoo in your city, holding this nifty speech bubble and upload it to instagram with the hashtag #globalstyler to be in to win. So, go on with your bad selves and get your boohoo selfies on.

To get the competition kicked off, I’m one of a few bloggers from around the globe (I’m international, baby) that has been asked to style three looks based on their key Autumn/Winter 2013 trends. My first look is my take on the ‘urban explorer’ trend :



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Georgia Pratt has made the perfect winter coat.


All I want to do in winter is stay cuddled up inside my dressing robe. I have often wished I could just wear my warm robe everywhere I go during those cold months. Georgia Pratt has pretty much made my wishes come true with her AW/13 Capsule Range, having created what I deem the perfect coat. Luxurious, woolen, long, warm and comfortable robe-like coats. I know, cos I gots to wear em for a bit 😛


Check more from the collection after the jump

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Bits & Pieces : huh?


This year has had a kind of strange and disjointed start for me, my brain doesn’t seem to be working particularly well and I can’t quite get into the swing, or groove, of things. Is anyone else feeling like this? I really need to figure it out cos’ we’re already a month and a half deep in this bitch. It’s actually been a good year so far but I keep doing silly little things like thinking it’s May next month when it’s actually March. Weird.

Anyway, one good thing came from that – we’ve all established that #InstaMarch is happening this year. Which is exactly like #InstaMay, but in March. I shall be getting onto writing up the list shortly.

SOMETIMES I ‘MODEL’: I felt like a ‘real model’ for a day, with two, I repeat TWO jobs in one day! I was like, whoa, I sure am ridin’ round and gettin’ it today!!


I am so unintentionally sullen looking most of the time, as these pics illustrate. The top right is from the shoot I did with iLabb (super duper cute & fun pieces) and the rest are from a shoot I did with Georgia Pratt, who, if you don’t know, is a fashion designer and uber babe heading to NYC soon to pursue a modelling career with Ford models, sorryboutit. She’s releasing a capsule collection at Miss Crabb a lil later on in the year. She’s created what I believe to be the perfect winter coat.

Papatoetoe Night Markets: I’m so glad there’s night markets out south now, in the Hunters Plaza carpark Friday nights from 6PM – midnight. I’ve been twice now, and I foresee it becoming my Friday night ritual.

Good Mail : In the same week I got this bralet from Kama Scretching ‘s Year 3 Whitecliife collection & these Maybelline goodies in the mail (excuse the crap 3GS iphone pic). I love getting stuff in the mail that ain’t bills, bills, bills. It feels a bit nostalgic using the baby-lips from Maybelline, it’s been awhile since I’ve used a ‘chap-stick’ style lip conditioner but I’m quite enjoying it, it gives your lips a bit of colour and smells like cherries and berries and it’s under $5 so that’s alll good in my hood.


Kama’s bra is great too, but I didn’t wanna wear it for youse cos that would mean you seeing me in my undies, and I’m not even at the stage of doing bikini selfies on instagram…yet. So, I thought I’d show you a pic of Alyssa in it. She has way better abs than me anyways :


RONDA ROUSEY : I love Ronda Rousey. I admire all people who choose combat sports for a living, but especially women, and especially women who fight MMA, and most especially Ronda Rousey. She is just so flippin cool. I’m excited as that she is fighting again this coming weekend – and making history at that – the first ever women’s fight in the UFC Octagon AND it’s headlining. Even if you’re not into fighting, you should watch the videos below, they’re insightful, entertaining and a bit emo-tional. Sports docos and the psychology of sports players are endlessly fascinating to me. Enjoy:


for heaven’s sake, don’t make me explain


And anyone that you have done
Has gotta be alright with me
If she’s part of
The reason you are how you are
She’s alright with me”

That’s a good way to look at it.

Fiona, I will never stop loving you. You lot, read this. It’s great.

Home-made Marvellous Creations !!!

yep, we made these marvellous lil chocolates at home :) :D

yep, we made these marvellous lil chocolates at home

So, not so long ago, this amazing package was sent to me by Cadbury.

It’s part of their promotion, where they have hidden six golden keys to ‘Joyville’ inside their Marvellous Creations blocks. The lucky key finders will be able to mix up their own Marvellous Creations at the Cadbury factory, as well as win $10,001.

Last night, I got to whipping up my own crazy, delicious combos in Talia’s (of Talia’s Treats fame) kitchen. It was so much fun coming up with ideas you’ve always wanted to try but you just can’t find in the supermarket. Even better than it being fun, it was EASY!!! My biggest worry was melting the chocolate (yes, I am a total kitchen novice) but Talia taught me the easiest way to melt chocolate is in the microwave in 30 second bursts, until it’s melted enough to stir. It’s so satisfying when the wacky flavours you put together taste great.

You can buy super cheap chocolate moulds at your local dollar shop, I got a packet for $3, or just spread the chocolate out on a tray and cut into pieces, or use cookie cutters to cut shapes.

While Cadbury gave me a bunch of stuff to give me a head-start, we bought a lot of our own stuff too to make our creations ‘our own’ haha. We also grabbed dark & white chocolate, partly because I’d eaten most of the dairy milk before I started making these hehehe, and partly because we thought it’d taste better with the dark/white.

ANYWAY, here are the maaaaarvelous home-made creations Talia and I came up with last night. Both of our faves are the ‘Dark chocolate, Nerds & Popping Candy’ combo and the ‘Dark chocolate, Popcorn, raisins, coconut & chilli’ mixture. Yummo!

First up, probably our most 'traditional' combo : dairy milk chocolate, crunchie, toffee & fudge.

First up, probably our most ‘traditional’ combo : dairy milk chocolate, crunchie, toffee & fudge.

melt chocolate, mix all in, teaspoon into chocolate moulds & put in freezer

melt chocolate, mix all ingredients in, teaspoon into chocolate moulds & put in freezer

Creation 2: dark chocolate, coconut, chopped raisins, popcorn & chilli. This is delicious.

Creation 2: dark chocolate, coconut, chopped raisins, popcorn & chilli. This is delicious.

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boohoo preview


It’s almost, almost, almooooost time to talk about the exciting thing I did with boohoo, but not quite. So here is a wee preview until then. I can’t wait to show you more!!

Salty lemon vodka tonic


This is my favourite alcoholic drink right now, possibly ever. It’s so simple, which is why I can make it, ha. It’s basically just vodka, tonic water, a dash of fresh lemon juice, and salt, but it’s so refreshing. The perfect no-fuss summer relaxation drink. The mother in law will often ask me at night if I want a drink at night, and I will often say yes, because I know this is what she’ll make.

All you have to figure out for yourself is how much salt you like, and how much vodka you want in it. Her instructions to me were: Pour enough vodka in to ‘float the ice’ or, 3 – 4 caps. Cut a slice of fresh lemon and squeeze into the drink, and leave the slice in the glass. Pour tonic water, and then mix in salt. Start with maybe a quarter teaspoon, and add more to taste. I like it really salty so it’s close to a teaspoon for me. *Drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, etc*


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