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Weekend Window Shopping – Miss Crabb, Ruby & Cats


Here is my fantasy shopping list for the weekend, perhaps you can indulge yourself a little too :

Would quite like to buy all of the yellow Miss Crabb items, which happens to be 30 % off right now.


Rather keen on grabbing these outfits from the Ruby & Liam Spring 2013 collections, which arrived in store and online just last week. Have a look for yourself here. 


Also kind of obsessed with a bunch of various cat related items, check it:


1. Cat clothes hanger 2. Cat earrings. 3. Tabby Mug 4. Cat cushion! 5. Cat handbag 6. Pirate Cat Print


Cool People Do Cool Things – Ngahuia & Jemma @ N Model Management

NGAJEM3(Images of Ngahuia & Jemma by Katrina Lousi)

You have almost certainly seen Ngahuia Williams on various large billboards and in countless magazines and television ads. The woman has dominated the fashion scene as a model for as long as I can remember. She, together with longtime friend Jemma Murray, is now more than two years deep in a more behind the scenes capacity. The two buds founded N Model Management in 2011, an agency that also boasts local legends like Penny Pickard and Georgia Fowler on its books. I remember watching with interest when N Model Management was first launched, thinking what balls it must take to go out on your own so publicly, with no guarantee of success.

quote3I got the two ladies together to talk about what led them to start up their own modelling agency, and to get a bit of an insight into the life of a model agent, and what it takes to start your own business :

Ngahuia : When I first had the idea, it was something really vague, it wasn’t really planned solidly. I used to go hang out at Jemma’s house a lot, and we talked a lot about ideas on what we’d like to do in the future. We sat there one night, and I said what I’d like to do, and Jems said she’d support me, and that we could do it together. I thought that was really cool, so we did. It was really disorganised at the time, and we just threw ourselves into it, and it just happened.

Jemma : Yeah, it was very quick, and unplanned. I think we gave ourselves two weeks, because I had two kids, and so I said, ‘Two weeks, I’ll get the kids into daycare” basically, and that’s what we did. We started with no real plan, a very random, last minute idea and we just went with it.

You’ve been a model for so long, what made you take that leap?

Ngahuia : When I started the agency, I worked for a small amount of time at 62 Models as a booker, and I really enjoyed that side. Before I was a booker, I worked on a few cycles of NZ Top Model, mentoring the girls, and I just really enjoyed that side of things. Watching people grow and booking them on jobs is really exciting. Instead of doing it for yourself, I find doing things for others a bit more rewarding, so that’s why I did it. And I’m good at it.

Did you have any idea about what you were getting yourself into?

Jemma: None. Zero. I’d never even contemplated having anything to do with this industry, it was very random.


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Outfit post : Spotty Chambray

chambraydot1 chambraydot2 chambraydot3

Before you read further, I just want to point out that my socks are cute and have lightning bolts on them.

What I’m wearing : ASOS Chambray Spot Print Dress (it’s my new fave of faves item), lightning bolt ankle socks, boohoo flatforms, Witchery belt & Rayban Wayfarers.

Sidenote: I’m not wearing my sunnies to try be cool, I’d started work at 5 AM, only got home after 4 PM, and couldn’t be bothered putting makeup on, but needed to take pics before it went dark, but looked like shit…so I slapped on some bright lippy and some sunnies to hide behind. The End.

Mad Men hair x Me

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Mondegreen – Fearless In The Jungle


Birdwatcher shirt, Rain Dance skirt


Sun Seeker cami, Chorus pants

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prom-hangover & mafia wife

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lingerie and pretty cakes

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dress-ups with sequins & cupcakes

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Shop One Night with Boohoo


Hello, again. As I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been highly sporadic on here of late while I sort out a new laptop. I’ve managed to steal the bfs computer just before he jets off to Oz, however, to give you the heads up on the choice deals is running for the Shop One Night event, that kicks off from 5 PM tonight.

Here it is : from 5 PM until midnight boohoo is giving you a coded discount of 20 % off everything. The discount code for this, which you will use at checkout, is :  SHOP1NIGHT

And from 7PM til 8:15 PM boohoo is running the ‘power hour’ where on top of getting 20% off everything, you also get a free boohoo tote bag 🙂 The code for this is : FREEBAG20

So, I’d suggest getting your wishlist ready for 5PM! I’ve put together the top items on my wishlist below, let me know if they’re on your wishlist too!! :

boo2I am seriously so in love with this Tiger Sequin Jumpsuit.

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Stolen Girlfriends Club – Nasty Goreng Spring Collection (lookbook)

sgc11 sgclook1 sgclook2

Some of my fave look-book images from the SGC Womens Nasty Goreng Spring range, more after the jump x

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