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Month: January, 2012

the 10 best songs to sing at karaoke

I’ve had a few nights out with the girls getting on one(s) at the Zoo karaoke bar in Newmarket and I think we’ve cracked the codes for the best karaoke songs to sing. The best songs are not necessarily your favourite songs, or the best songs ever written. Often you can fall into the trap of picking a song that’s great to listen to, but is an absoloute bitch to sing. Or, you might pick a song that you can sing really well, but is a real drag for everyone else in the room to listen to. Karaoke isn’t about showing off how great you are at singing, it’s about laughter and fun and maximum crowd participation. For a karaoke song to really be great, it’s gotta have that immediate, ‘I know this!!’ reaction. Perhaps the song will have a bit of nostalgia thrown in, the pattern won’t be too complicated, the lyrics simple, fun and giggle inducing, and most importantly, it will get even the shy-guys joining in. So, keeping that formula in mind, here are the 10 best songs to sing at karaoke:

Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way – Song climax – Nick @ 2:30 : “DON’T WANNA HEAR YOUUU (SAYYYYY YAYAYA AHAYEAH)…Ain’t nothing but a heartache, ain’t nothing but a mistake…”

Boyz II Men – End of The Road – Song climax @ well, actually, this song is pretty much at a climax the entire way through, but karaoke makes this song even better cos you get to do Michael’s ‘baby I knew about it, I just didn’t care…you just won’t come back to me, will you? just come back to me!’ word for word.

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bits & pieces

great friends, great food & karaoke – This week has been lots of fun catching up with great friends for dinner and karaoke and then partying it up at the Do-Over on Waiheke Island on Saturday. There’s always so much laughter when uninhibited karaoke is involved, so too when the night ends at Dennys, as it did on Saturday night. There’s not much that beats the company of people you love.

Baby-G  – I remember Baby G’s reaching their height of popularity when I was in Intermediate. Remember those clear pastel coloured ones? I really, really wanted the baby pink watch. All the cool girls/rich girls had them, but it never happened for me. The boyfriend helped fulfill that tween yearning by gifting me a Baby-G recently. It’s pretty cute, especially with the lil love heart in the clock face, and I’m rather enjoying it.

YOU GUYS!! Do you know how stoked I get when you guys come up to me and say you read and like the blog? I get heaps stoked. I’ve been even more super duper stoked with you guys getting amongst the strawberry sangria, and using the jars too!! Also, thanks for commenting on this too – I was worried no one would, and then I’d looked like a lame reject blogger. You guys are awesome! 🙂


NZ Fashion Fest Interview

Hey guys, do me a favour would ya, and check the interview I did with the lovely folk over at NZ Fashion Festival. I’m pretty stoked to be featured on their site and I’m really looking forward to the festival. As an added incentive, comment on the post here and be in to win a double pass to one of the shows or seminars! Get amongst it guys!! ❤


P-Money x Lani Says

photo credit: Julie Cooper

Just last week ozzie female rapper Sky’high let loose her ‘Your Highness’ EP, produced completely by P-Money. He is the reason most of us know about her, and a big reason why we pay attention. In stark contrast to this sound, we have The Disco 3  project, a collaboration with DJ Dan Aux that was released last year. His straddling of these two genres, first seen over three years ago with his hit song and album of the same name ‘Everything’, doesn’t look to be subsiding. I caught up with Peter Money recently to get the run down on what he’s been up to and what projects he has in the pipeline. We cover a lot of ground, and begin with life after his third album.

How did people connect with the ‘Everything’ album compared to your previous two albums?

The songs that people heard from the record got great responses. The album itself wasn’t a seller. Maybe people just didn’t dig it or maybe people didn’t know it was out there because the marketing was pretty low level. I think the biggest mistake I made with the album was actually titling it ‘Everything.’ The song ‘Everything’ was already a year old by the time the album was released…probably a bad idea because it sounded like it was an old album, when it was a new one.

Because it was mainly a dance album, you’d gone away from the Hip Hop heavy album, were you feeling confused then as to where to go from there?

No, because although the record didn’t ship heaps of numbers, the songs were really well received and my show bookings went up exponentially. I actually had one of my busiest years. I did 50 something shows in the year, where the year prior I may have done 20. So I was booked in a broader variety of venues where I could play dance music and Hip Hop. Instead of just doing Hip Hop nights, I’m now doing raves and dance parties, it just doubled my bookings. In that regard it was a great move because I enjoy making that music and I’m glad that other people enjoy listening to my dance music, and its good for the longevity of my career, being acknowledged as a DJ that can play a multitude of styles.

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bits & pieces

BDO 2012: It was so strange strolling around the BDO with no huge sweaty crowds to maneuver through or no portaloo or food lines to wait in, or not having to worry about leaving one stage half an hour early to make sure you make it to another due to human traffic bottlenecks. I know this was terrible news for the promoters, but for the people who actually did attend the BDO this year, because of all of the above, it may have been punters most enjoyable/stress year ever. It was sad to see the BDO go out like that, but I know everyone I was with had a great time. David and the band drew a large crowd despite the very early set time, and I got to see Soundgarden play ‘Blow Up the Outside World’ – a teenage fantasy of mine come true. Chris Cornell dedicated the song to Christchuch too, a nice touch.

The Australian Open: All I’ve been doing is watching the Oz Open. Bit sad my girl Li Na is out, still wish Safin would decide to come out of retirement, but Federer is still doing the damage so it’s still all good.

Animals are cool: On a lazy Sunday afternoon whim friends and I went to the Auckland Zoo. It was choice, we even got to see those monkeys with ‘neck sacks’ or ‘throat sacks’ or some description of sack innuendo as described to us by Che make heaps of noise. We also decided that every gathering of three or more animals was a ‘real *insert animal name here* seminar. Eg. ‘Look, those meerkats are having a real meerkat seminar.’ ‘They’re having a real monkey seminar.’ etc. ‘Oh shit, those gators are out here’. In jokes. Sorry guys.

Strawberry Sangria

I have been having New York withdrawals lately, and with that inevitably comes a list of what friends and I miss about it, and always on that list, is Kitchenette. So, to cheer us up, Shirly Shirl made up a batch of Strawberry Sangria, as first experienced in Kitchenette, over the New Years. It was a hit, and plans were made to make more immediately. A friends birthday party over the weekend was the perfect excuse, and as I wanted to drink Strawberry Sangria and only Strawberry Sangria all night, I decided to make up a batch myself too. It’s the easiest thing ever. To make it extra cute and more like the real Kitchenette experience, I purchased some large jars from The Warehouse to mix the Sangria, and smaller jars to drink from. For the best strawberries you have to go to the  Mangere Strawberry Farm, which is also a great excuse to eat one of their amazing ice-creams. Get the recipe here.

UPDATE: For those asking about Strawberry Lemonade – I think that’s more of an American thing, as far as I know we don’t really sell strawberry lemonade here but if we do – let me know where! So instead, I used Charlie’s Raspberry Lemonade, which you can find at most supermarkets. Alternatively, Shirl used Schweppes classic (fizzy) lemonade which is just as good. The taste is really not much different. On using jars : Be warned, the large jars aren’t quite large enough to fit the two cups of ginger-ale in, but I just added a bit of ginger-ale individually to glasses as I went 🙂 Or, for a more potent drink, don’t add the ginger-ale in haha.

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Spycc & INF x Lani Says

It’s refreshing to have new artists come out with material seemingly unaffected by current trends, no desperate attempts at copy-catting, just intent on making good music and establishing their own sound. Spycc & INF are such artists, with their impressive debut EP ‘Summer Madness’ a well put together and thoughtful piece of work. And of course, I have a slight soft spot for the duo because they rep Onehunga, my old stomping ground, and went to my school, Onehunga High. So you know we had to get a couple of shots of the Onehunga depot in there!

If you haven’t already, download their Summer Madness Ep here – and listen to it while you read the interview below:

The Summer Madness EP is super cohesive. It sounds like its all meant to be, it all fits right.

SPYCC: There’s a song by Kool & The Gang, ‘Summer Madness’, and that’s one of my favourite songs I’d play all the time. I said we should do a mixtape that just caters to summer, but as we started, it wasn’t really working. So we came up with the idea that all the madness we went through, all our thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we went through during that summer – that will be the idea behind the mixtape. So we didn’t have the pressure of trying to make all our songs sound summery, but it ended up sounding summery anyway.

Even though it all sounds very nice, there’s that nice summery feel, the sentiments are not necessarily all that happy:

 INF: It sounds nice, but if you really listen to it, it’s all our emotions and feelings at the time. It’s not like it’s a party every song, there’s always ups and downs. We’re not always up all the time. We just tried to make songs based on how we were feeling at that moment. I guess the whole EP is just about having problems, struggling sometimes and having fun with all your friends. All the good times and still learning about yourself.

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New Zealand Fashion Festival – BTS

Watch how models turn it on for the cameras whilst shooting the campaign for the upcoming New Zealand Fashion Festival. Yay for happy models! I’ve missed out on it previously by being overseas, so I’m really looking forward to it this year. What I like about the festival is that it’s all about public participation, with 5 nights of fashion shows as well as beauty, hair and style seminars. Tickets go on sale on Monday.

Shot by: George Buckleton
Produced by: Glenn Hunt
Styled by: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
Hair: Aimee Graham for TRESemmé
Makeup: Amber D from M.A.C
Models: Penny Pickard, Seon Hwang, George Vause, Daniela Kocianova
Music by: MayaVanya

bits & pieces

D dot earring: How cool is that? As I was onstage filming at R&V I heard a couple of people calling out my name, and when I went over to them, the girl, Mercedes Lowe, reached out with this D dot earring. I tried to take a picture of it, but she told me to keep it. I showed it to the boyfriend, who is super stoked on it and keeps checking with me to make sure I still have it. Turns out Mercedes made it at course, out of sterling silver. I think it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever!

Heineken Open : The boyfriend had scored us tickets to the finals of the ASB Women’s tennis tournament, and it was something we’d been really looking forward to. But, as happened to us before the match got rained out and was held indoors and not open to the public. However, I managed to score us free tickets off HeinekenStar on twitter (yay me!) to the men’s Heineken Tournament, which more than made up for it. We had amazing seats and watched a couple of great matches.

Sunsets: The weather has been absolute shite in Auckland, but we’ve had some amazing sunsets. I snapped this pic on Wednesday night.

Not being sick: Pretty self-explanatory, really. F U FLU!

outfit staples: MAC lips & topshop dress

My Top Shop Spot Flippy Tunic, MAC Neon Orange and Blankety shades of lipstick & Uniqlo jacket. Even with the crap rainy weather in Auckland it’s still been really warm so I’ve just been slipping into this dress pretty much every day, with the Uniqlo jacket as light cover. Lately I’ve been putting the nude ‘blankety’ lip on first and applying the Neon Orange over top so it’s not as intense for daytime.

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