Afghans, Coconut Ice & Smores with Bach Espresso Coffee

by lei

smores_pluger1 ice_ice special3

Last week I was sent a glorious bag full of the new ‘Bach Espresso’ coffee range. Being the coffee fiend/lover that I am, this delivery pleased me no end. The whole ethos behind Bach Espresso is about enjoying your time with your cup of coffee, to transport you to the kind of relaxation you feel when you’re away on holiday, in your bach. I can dig this, because coffee for me is not about needing to be energised or kept awake, it’s about taking a little time out to gather my thoughts and plan my day. At work, it’s the first thing I do in the day, I sip away while I go over notes and read through the days tasks, and by the end of the cup I feel like I’m fully equipped to do what I need to. On the weekends, it’s a black cup of coffee with the boyfriend after a sleep in, or it’s multiple cups shared with friends catching up on the weeks news. With that in mind, I feel like Bach Espresso has come up with pretty apt names to describe the different ways I like to use coffee, ‘Take a Little Time Out’, for their mild roast, ‘Our Special Place’ for the medium roast, and ‘For the Working Bee’ for their strong roast. Of course, my favourite is the strong roast – because that’s how I like my coffee – strong, strong, strong.

Anyway, with keeping these themes in mind, I thought it would be cool to enlist the help of ‘Talia’s Treats’ to come up with three different treats to match the three different coffee roasts. Because, what’s a cuppa coffee without a lil treat to go with it, right? (We also came up with a pretty cool way to use the coffee beans for something other than coffee!) I think the results are pretty mean, so please, click through and check out what roasts she paired with her Afghans, Coconut Ice and Smores (yes bro, smores) treats !!


‘Our Special Place’ Bach Espresso medium roast paired with Afghans for some romantical time alone or with the bf.

special4special_afghan special5 special2

If you’re like me and love the aroma of coffee, fill some ramekins with coffee beans and a tealight candle and have it lit it while you have your espresso and afghan.

Afghans Recipe:

200g butter / 3/4 cup sugar / 1 1/2 cup flour / 2 tbsps cocoa / 1 cup cornflakes

Cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Add the flour and cocoa and mix till well combined. Fold the cornflakes through. Place large spoonfuls on a paper lined baking tray. Bake 15-20mins at 180C in a pre-heated oven.


250g dark chocolate / 180mls cream

Melt together in the microwave in 1min bursts, stirring after each burst, until it is runny and smooth. Let cool completely.

Ice your afghans with the ganache and top with walnut halves.

‘The Working Bee’ Bach Espresso paired with coconut ice for a mid-arvo treat at work.
coco_bach1 ice_bach2 talia_bach1

Talia looking happy, cos she’s got her cawfee.

Coconut Ice:

1 can sweetened condensed milk / 3 cups icing sugar / 250g bag of long thread coconut / 40g bag of freeze dried raspberry powder / 100g white chocolate – melted

This is a real simple, no bake recipe. In a large bowl mix the condensed milk, icing sugar and coconut together – it will get quite hard to stir – but make sure its all mixed through well.

Place half the mixture into a separate bowl. Keep aside a couple of spoonfuls of the raspberry powder. To one half of the mixture add the raspberry powder and mix well to make sure the raspberry is spread through it evenly – no white clumps. You can use 2 tbsp milk to help stir the pwder in as it can make the mixture quite dry. Press the pink raspberry layer into a paper lined slice tin.

Add the melted white chocolate to the remaining white mixture, and stir well. Spread the white mixture over top of the pink layer and press down firmly. Sprinkle the left over raspberry powder over the white layer.

Place in the fridge and let set – usually a couple of hours. Slice into small squares and serve.


‘Take A Little Time Out’ Bach Espresso mild roast, with smores i.e roasted marshmallows smashed between chocolate thins biscuits.

OK, so first off, obviously safety precautions and common sense for this kind of thing need to be taken into account, but I think these pics of Talia and Joe taking time out with their kids to roast marshmallows and make smores is pretty much the best thing ever. Be safe, etc. etc. & have fun!

smores_joeezra1 smores_fire smores_jess smores_ezra smores_sarah smores_1smores_pluger1

Yum! All Bach Espresso Coffee available in supermarkets now. Huge thanks to Talia for all the treats x