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Lani Loves – slides in Sicily, stationery & beautifying oil

citta del mare

My girl Shirl sent me this pic of the hotel Citta del Mare in Sicily. Shall we book in now?

I’m also loving late and great birthday presents over long lunches, an overload of home-made baking, both at work, with the family and whilst watching the X-Factor finals (Go Benny!) movie date nights, weekend sleep ins, morning hugs and moments that make you double over with laughter.

You know what else I’m loving? Going into the mall with the purpose of buying a scarf, not buying a scarf, but instead coming out with a bag full of stationery from Typo and lovely smelling products from The Body Shop, ooops! / yay!

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Lani Loves – fine dining, scary movies & luxury treehouses

merediths1 merediths2 merediths3 merediths4

Merediths was stunning, it was such a beautiful evening, all dressed up to enjoy fine dining with my love.

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Lani Loves – new music, weekend antics and a few choice articles


Karaage chicken, deep fried shrimp and Japanese mayo is certainly not the way to reach my fitness goals, but it is the way to reach my happy place, which is what I did on Saturday with girlfriends, eating and drinking the night away. I don’t think we ever go to Kens Yakitori without staying until closing, and after that it was Karaoke, and hilarious renditions of ‘Mercy’ and ‘On One’.

While we were out, Drake made me very happy by releasing three new tracks and added a verse to Migos -Versace, on his new website. I’m sure you’re already up on that, but here are the tracks after the jump, if you haven’t downloaded yet 🙂

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Lani Loves – tea, sales, vine, viva, kickboxing & new goals

peppermintteaFresh Mint with Honey Tea at Zus & Zo

This week I am loving that the bf is back from Australia, my new laptop, fresh mint with honey tea, getting a buzz out of seeing myself in the NZ Herald’s Viva magazine, writing about X-Factor fashion over on The Corner and browsing boohoo for hours to pick out my top five sale items & these Mi Piaci heels. I also love that my sister Talia of Talia’s Treats took me to a beginners kickboxing class and her husband Joe started teaching me how to punch and kick. You may have noticed that I have been talking about exercise a lil more again, after basically falling off the last 6 months. I had my measurements and body-fat percentage done again, which shows unsurprisingly that I have regressed back to what I was (and a bit worse) for the same time last year – so while that sux a bit, I love that I know exactly where I am again, and am able to accurately set fitness and health goals once more. I love vine and am now addicted to making very amateurish stop-motion videos. I love being able to hang out with friends on the weekend and do absolutely nothing but play youtube vids and talk shit, and still have the best time. Oh, and I had a Georgie Pie last night, I loved that too. (this was before health goals were set, haha!). Click through for more pics and random links to things I love.

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Sydney Food Reminiscing


laduree1 laduree2 messina

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Bits & Pieces


A clever series of negative space designed animals by artist George Bokhua.

Whilst I am still without my own laptop, I do have a new phone, which came with the flipboard app pre-loaded and I am obsessed. I am reading and discovering so much more new and interesting things than ever before. If you have an ipad or smartphone, I highly recommend the app. I predict my bits & pieces section is going to become a lot more regular and interesting as a result. Here’s a bunch of cool things I found over the past week and loved.


A slideshow of work from photographer Todd McLellan’s book ‘Things Come Apart’  – the crazy cool deconstruction of everyday items.


Beautiful mirrored images of city skylines.


Photographer Henry Hargreaves recreates famous bands backstage riders in new series ‘Band Riders’


Greece holiday, anyone? A collection of amazing Greece hotels with breathtaking views.


This Ozzie homewares store, ‘Lightly’, is rad.


Throwing a party? Here’s some decoration tips.

be back soon…


I broke my laptop. I was re-watching The Wire season 2 at 3 in the morning, and spilt water on the keyboard, wiped it off, thought nothing of it, tried to start it in the morning. Dead. I even bought a 10 kg bag of rice and put my laptop in it to dry it out (don’t laugh, it worked for a friend and her phone once) (OK, laugh, I laughed too) But it was too far gone. So, I’ve been without blogging capabilities for awhile. The bf is going to have to lend me his laptop until I get it repaired/a new one but you know, he’s been busy of late finishing up a classic album and has been in more need of his laptop than I – hence the lack of posts. But I will be back properly, soon. Promise. Just thought I’d check in quickly with y’all. Cos, also, have you noticed how freaking rad my site looks now? Thanks to the cool kids at sorbet design.

Oh, and I got my hair colour re-up & this cool PassPort beanie from Arcade. Laters 🙂

Things I’ve learnt from watching The Ultimate Fighter…


Last night I got sucked into a replay and recap of the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter 17. 28 dudes fighting for 14 spots on the show, from all walks of life, having gone through all manner of hardship to get to this point, with high hopes that this will change their lives, pay their bills and make their families proud. This all makes for a very emotionally charged show, with many moments of  triumph paired with heartbreak and disappointment. It’s why I love shows like this, boxings 24/7 and sports docos like ESPN’s 30 for 30, because we see all the talk, all the work and all the belief, but ultimately it ends with a winner and a loser. It is equal measures sobering and inspirational.

Here are a few things that stuck with me from that episode :

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chillin’ with no make-up on


Who else feels so much better about not wearing any make up in summer?

I think it’s the lovely light that the warmer weather brings and the extra happiness that sunshine can give you, it does something to your skin and your mood and the way you feel about yourself, right? Or, maybe that’s just me.

delayed bits & pieces – the long, sick, weekend

Image: – Cult Couture

So, I had many a grand and bloggable plan for the long weekend, and indeed it began promising, but for the most part it was utter shit. This is because it ended with me being bed-ridden Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday because I ate something that caused me to throw up for hours and hours on end. I’m not pointing any fingers, but Denny’s wedges – I’m giving you the side-eye. Anyway, before falling violently ill, I walked in a couple of FASHUN shows.

The first being the ‘Arrange Collective’ show, on Friday morning. It was a show I was pretty excited to be in because it was 5 young designers who had decided to put on their own event, to present their inaugural runway collections – Emma Gleason, Georgia Pratt, Glen Prentice, Jack Roy and Thistle Brown. It’s rad that they had the balls to put themselves out there like that and just do it, and I always get inspired to see people making use of their talents. Their show was so professional, well put together, totally packed out, and has been receiving great reviews.

Walking for Georgia Pratt & Glen Prentice : Images from Rouse & Thread

Cult Couture, a show I’ve done about four times now, is heavy on entertainment and wearable art. For me, I feel it’s equal parts insane garments and naked madness backstage, trying to change from intricate, three piece outfits like a metal hooped skirt with long train, bodice and huge hat into a weaved two piece held together only by sea-shells – or a side-boobage vest with pants that don’t stay up unless I hold them up. It’s always madness, but fun. That’s what I did Saturday night:

Image: – Cult Couture

And then, I got sick. Game over. Ah well. What’s that saying about being one stomach flu away from your goal weight? Yeah, nah, f**k that. So as not to end the post on a downer though, earlier on in the week my boy Rohan took me to the stage production of Mary Poppins at The Civic. It was pretty spectacular really. I liked that it wasn’t exactly like the movie, so there were a few surprises thrown in, and some definite ‘wow’ moments where my jaw-dropped. I also realised, that if I’m going to continue to sit in the nose-bleed seats, I need stronger glasses :/

Thanks Rohan!