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Category: Note to Self

note to self: someone else’s failure…

does not make you a success.

I really love Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Manifesto. There is a lot in there that’s really useful, so I hope you check it out for yourself if you haven’t already. I suppose this is my little expansion on ‘Never delight in anyone else’s misery.’ It’s a really bad habit of mine to compare myself to others, to measure my successes and failures against other peoples. The reality is, how happy or how successful someone else is or isn’t actually has nothing to do with me. It doesn’t change anything about my life. Letting how other people do in their lives determine how you feel about your own, is just bad for your soul. Your joys and your triumphs are for you to achieve.


note to self: let it go

Bad things happen in life. It’s not always your fault, but only you can decide to let it go. Go on, do it.

Note to self: smile

You know when you see someone smile, and that makes you smile? Yeah, that’s cool.