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Month: June, 2011

merrrrrrrry June 30th!!

Damn paparazzi.

Getting anything in the mail these days is rather spesh. Got these cards in the post from London Town. Pretty rad. Thanks Resh!

Also, because I’m a total geek I went back to Spicy House and took some more photos, of exactly the same dishes, but with a different camera. Tryna suss out this 600D yo.


um, so this is kind of weird…

I hated Neyo’s ‘So Sick’ when it first came out, thought it was the most annoying, syrupy song ever. As is always the case when I hate a song, radio seems to love it. And thrash it. I had to come up with a coping mechanism to help me deal with the trauma of having to listen to it. So, you know when he sings, ‘why can’t I turn off the radio?’ Yeah, well, I kinda liked to imagine that the reason Neyo can’t turn off the radio is because he has no arms. The song was much more enjoyable after that.

I liked to pretend that the video was shot close-up, but then pans out wide when he sings ‘why can’t I turn off the radio’ to reveal his two stumps for arms flailing about, unable to turn the radio off. It’s kind of messed up now that I actually write it down.

Not entirely sure what the point of this insight into the twisted workings of my mind is except that I do enjoy making up stupid little backstories to go with songs from time to time. I also hope that now every time you hear this song, you too can imagine Neyo with no arms. Experience enhanced x100.

she cries on every tune


As is tradition, every person interviewed for the site gives me their favourite break-up song for Break Ups to Make Ups. I really enjoy this because these dudes have way better taste in music than me and their choices are generally a lot less emo/downer than mine. David Dallas chosen break up song is Womack and Womack – Teardrops. Here’s why:

“It’s just a mean song because lyrically it’s sad, but musically it’s upbeat. It’s a paradox of a song. I used to hear that song when I was a kid and think it’s a happy song because it feels upbeat and people dance to it. But you listen to the lyrics and it’s not happy at all. The lyrics are real mournful, ‘and the music don’t feel like it feel when I felt it with you’, that’s sad.” – David Dallas

It kind of reminds me of his own song, I Get The Feeling, but David says it’s different because this one’s just an all-round happy break-up song:

current obsession

I’m kinda obsessesed with the idea of dip-dyeing my hair baby pink. I’d seen the pictures of Abbey Lee and thought it looked choice. I’d never really considered it for myself though, kinda figuring it was just a blonde girl thing until I read this article on Into The Gloss, suggesting brunettes can pull it off too. Since then, obsessed. I’d suggested it to the boyfriend and his reply was, ‘fuck off, you’re not dyeing your hair pink.’ Typical boy response. Shoulda told him I was thinking bout ‘rose-tinting’ my hair, ha. Watched MTV Classics the other night and noticed B was on that shit in 2001. Anyway, one day…maybe soon.

Images from here and here

Spicy House

This has been the spot since I got back from NYC. Spicy House on Dominion Road. It’s a pretty small, inconspicuous space but the food is so good and cheap. Went there the first time with four others, ordered way more than we could eat and it only came to $11 each. It’s cool cos the dishes are huge so you all share and get to have a variety rather than just having to stick to your one order. We’ve already got our favourite dishes sussed: Curry chicken, vegetable fried rice and deep fried squid. Hmm, might have to hit it up again tonight.

curry chicken, fried rice, calamari
mmmm squid
pork dumplings

We also ordred pork dumplings and it was wayyy too much to finish, but at $7 for 20 dumplings, why wouldn’t ya? Shot to Jessie G for telling Ailsa to tell us to all go there.

there’s always a moment

“I’m sorry.” “Irrelevant”.

I love films that explore the flaws and quirks and ‘humanness’ of relationships, romantic or otherwise. No other film I’ve seen gets a relationship and it’s break down as on point as ‘Closer’. It’s an incredibly poignant and truthful film, so well written and phenomenally played especially by Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. Whether it’s Anna and Dan or Alice and Larry you can relate to, you’ll be watching each scene with a lump in your throat and perhaps a sense of de ja vu. There are so many great parts in the movie but the one that stuck out to me the first time I saw ‘Closer’ is below, when Alice says:

“There’s a moment, there’s always a moment. I can do this, I can give in to this or I can resist it. And I don’t know when your moment was, but I bet you there was one.”

Anyone that’s human has felt that ‘moment’. And because we’re human, we usually have to fuck up first before we can learn to act right. But you know, not everyone has to play up – let this Erykah Badu song be your go-to ‘resisting-temptation’ anthem. She felt that ‘moment’ but tempted as she was, said instead ‘guess I’ll see you next lifetime, no hard feelings…’

Also, I just wanted an excuse to post this song, I loves it. Shout outs to Isaac for prompting my reminiscence of this movie.

note to self: let it go

Bad things happen in life. It’s not always your fault, but only you can decide to let it go. Go on, do it.

you will never feel me leading you

You will never feel me leading you
Forever I escape your homage
I have no ideas to shackle you
I have nothing in mind for you
I have no prayers to put you in
I live for you
without the memory of what you deserve
or what you do not deserve

– Leonard Cohen. Of course.

The internet at home is jacked, so I’m not blogging like I’d like to. Hope everyone had as good a time as I did at the D dot show on Thursday, ha. Was choice to meet some of you who read the blog! Sup to Taz aka Natasia with one S. That shot was the beginning of my downfall.

Image credit: Sessilee Lopez in CKOne ad.