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Month: December, 2012

The ‘Lani Says’ Year in Review

Welcoming in a new year, apart from the partying and festivities, is always a time when I’m forced to reflect on the past 12 months and assess how well I did in achieving the goals I set out for myself. There are definitely things I wanted to do this year, and didn’t. It’s easy to get down about that sort of thing, but it’s also good to remember that just because the year is over doesn’t mean your desire to achieve those things is. A year is just a measurement of time, and some things will take longer than you expect, or want.

What surprised me though, was looking back through the archives of the blog and seeing all the things I DID do, some of them things I hadn’t even considered a possibility, and a lot of cool things I’d taken for granted just because I hadn’t purposely set out to make them happen.

I think I have a predisposition to magnify the bad, and minimise, or even dismiss the good. I’ll try a bit harder to put my rose-tinted glasses on in 2013, and I’ll start with celebrating the year that was here:

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the year in photobooth 2012


I did one of these last year, so I guess I’ll make this into a tradition. The year in Photobooth 2012, or as the bf said when he saw what I saw doing, ‘Oh, is this your year of selfies?’ lol. Yep, pretty much. Some of these poses of mine are cracking me up. What the.

Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays … here are couple pics from our Xmas feast:

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merry xmas ya filthy animal / it’s christmas, you don’t have to cry…


As usual, I’m procrastinating. Join me for a bit. 1) if you’re around my age, reminisce about how rad Home Alone and Home Alone 2 is. Here are a couple videos to help with that.


2) Watch Purest Form – It’s Christmas (You Don’t Have to Cry). It may be the best thing you do all day.


Thanks boohoo for the cute Christmas Cat sweater !!

Talia’s Treats : Peppermint Crunch


Today, I am braving the cruel world that is Christmas shopping, welp! If you’re all sorted in that department, or feel like procrastinating, you should have a go with this delightfully easy Peppermint Crunch recipe. I’ll let Talia explain :

“Our Nana Joy always passed around a bowl of After Dinner mints at the end of our family Christmas feast, or any special meal. They’re the perfect bite to finish with. I first made this version for a special dinner for Lani & Dave at the beginning of the year. These have the taste of After Dinner mints – dark choc and peppermint but with the added texture of crushed cookies. They’re super easy and you only need four ingredients.”


  • 1 King size block of dark chocolate (I prefer Whittakers 50% cocoa Dark Block)
  • 1 King size block of white chocolate
  • 1 packet of Oreo cookies
  • 2 tsp Peppermint Essence

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Talia’s Treats: Cookie Xmas Prezzies


While I have been utterly hopeless at anything that resembles planning or anything to do with Christmas as of late, Talia has been just casually baking up delicious christmas presents for her kids teachers, extended family, and friends.

Side note: One year I decided to bake everyones christmas presents on Christmas Eve in a tiny apartment the bf and I were living in. I totally underestimated the time it would take, and I was up til about 4 in the morning, with the apartment so hot from all the baking, that I’d had to pretty much do all of the baking in my undies lol. Moral of the story: I am a dick

Anyways, go here for a basic American style chocolate chip cookie recipeI used it here for one of the few times I baked for the blog.

Use that recipe as your base, and then follow Talia’s Three variations below :


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What’s Good In Your Hood: K.One’s Masterton (MA)

K.One is, for the most part, based in Auckland, but if you follow him on twitter or instagram, you’ll soon find that his heart stays firmly placed with his hometown, Masterton. Or, you know, you could just have a read of what’s been permanently etched into his knuckles…being away from home, that’s that shit he don’t like. While he’s back in M.A, he’s been kind enough to agree to take us all on a virtual tour of his hood.
What the Illegal Musik rapper has provided is exactly what I envisioned the ‘Good in Your Hood’ series to be all about. I wanted it to give an insight, history and guide into a town or hood that only a proud local can give. K.One, a.k.a Kaleb Vitale, has done exactly that, and as a result, we also get a bit of an insight into his life. Cool story aye bro? Yes, yes it is my bro.
So, enough chit chat, here is the second ever installment in the ‘What’s Good In Your Hood’ series – K.One’s  Masterton :
‘Double Bridges’ :
“Masterton is famous for it’s long, hot and dry summers. The closest beach is 40 minutes away so hitting one of the nearby rivers is almost an everyday thing. 10km north of town is a spot called “Double Bridges” (Getting it’s name from the two bridges 500m up stream from the swimming hole) It still buzzes me out that we would bike all the way out there when we were young. Once we were old enough to have a license there was always that dude we knew with a car who would be ‘persuaded’ to drive us out there.”

Talia’s Treats: Kumara Salad


Talia adapted this slightly from a recipe she begged off her friend Susie, who got it from someone else …

3 large kumaras, peeled & diced
1 onion, chopped
4 rashers of bacon, chopped
100g feta cheese
2 spring onions, sliced finely

Boil diced kumara til cooked but still firm, then drain and place in large bowl. Fry onion and bacon together. Add to kumara along with crumbled feta and sliced spring onions. Mix together equal portions (about 1 tbsp each) of Best Foods mayo, ranch dressing and a vinaigrette. I just use whatever vinaigrette we’ve got on hand (apart from French, I don’t know if that’d work) So far we’ve used balsamic, caramelized onion, and honey mustard, all quite nice.

Mix dressing through the salad, sprinkle with parmesan. Serve either warm or cold, both are good. It’s usually served with a BBQ but equally good with roast chicken.



‘Night Out’ – boohoo outfit competition


Don’t forget to enter the competition to ‘Win A Boohoo Outfit’ over here. The competition ends on Wednesday (that’s 2moro!) ‘Festie’ look vs. ‘Night Out’.  This is my ‘bejewelled night out’ outfit, a beaded top paired with a studded skirt.

Get beaded tops here, here and here and get the Boutique Amelia Studded Mini Skirt here.

Read how to enter here or here.


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watch these videos over the weekend and be happy


I’ve discovered some pretty rad videos this week, some that are lovely and sweet, others that had me dying with laughter. They’ve probably been doing the rounds for awhile now, but I thought I’d share em just in case you haven’t seen them yet – shout outs Rufus & the bf for these :

This cover of Mercy >>>> the original Mercy. Seriously *DEAD*. I started crying when the second dude came on, they’re just brilliant.

Driving school for dogs, whaaaat? It took me years to learn how to drive, and these dogs did it in 8 weeks. Wtf. Is dis real?

DMX rapping Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer – I smiled all the way through this. There needs to be a DMX Christmas Album ASAP. I LOL’d at one of the comments that suggested the title be ‘And then there was Xmas’

This video of Jay-Z riding the subway and explaining to an elderly lady who he is. So adorable.

This is a beautifully shot video of local video director and photographer Tom Gould (who has directed Home Brew, David Dallas and Aaradhna vids) talking about his roots in graffiti art and hip-hop culture and his own personal connection with the Air Force 1 sneaker.

And this vid of David Dallas and Jordache killing it in the USA makes me very proud 🙂

This Trinidad James vid and his steeze rules hard. And how bout that lil puppy!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!


Wellington Eating: Six Barrel Soda Co.


It was after reading about Six Barrel Soda Company  over on the ever-adorable Pocket Witch site that it was decided a weekend vacay to Welli was essential. This lovely cafe tucked away a little alley way and up some stairs on Eva Street, was our prime reason for being in Wellington, and it did not disappoint. We enjoyed mid-afternoon cocktails infused with Six Barrel’s own soda syrups and haloumi sliders, finished off with caramel sorbet sundaes with salty pretzels on top. I lingered about all afternoon to take full advantage of the bottomless filter coffee. It really is the perfect way to spend a day.