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Month: April, 2013

Lilac Hair Loving / Part. 2 (the make-up)


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Lilac Hair Loving / The Photoshoot, part 1.


All Hair by Mark Henare @ LoveHair, assisted by Mya Henare / Make-up by Abbie Gardiner / Photography by Karen Ishiguro.


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#InstaMay2013 – The List


Hello !! #InstaMay2013 begins on Wednesday, w00p! Here is the list, with help from you guys, so thanks again for that.

A couple of things: 1) the hashtag this year is #InstaMay2013 – it’s just easier for everyone to track it that way.  2) I’ve arranged for a couple of giveaways for you guys (NZ only, sorry!), to keep you motivated throughout the month haha.

The giveaway is x2 $50 vouchers that will be credited to your boohoo account if you win. I’ll put up the conditions on the day again to remind you. But basically if you want to be in to win, you need to incorporate boohoo somehow into the picture you post that day and @boohoonz + @boohooofficial in the comment. Anyone from NZ can enter, but preference will be given to you guys who have been consistently taking part in #InstaMay2013.

And, as you can see, I’ve made a plain & kitten version of the list. Choose your fave to share with your friends 🙂 Thanks guys, excited for May 1st!!



Things I’ve learnt from watching The Ultimate Fighter…


Last night I got sucked into a replay and recap of the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter 17. 28 dudes fighting for 14 spots on the show, from all walks of life, having gone through all manner of hardship to get to this point, with high hopes that this will change their lives, pay their bills and make their families proud. This all makes for a very emotionally charged show, with many moments of  triumph paired with heartbreak and disappointment. It’s why I love shows like this, boxings 24/7 and sports docos like ESPN’s 30 for 30, because we see all the talk, all the work and all the belief, but ultimately it ends with a winner and a loser. It is equal measures sobering and inspirational.

Here are a few things that stuck with me from that episode :

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Talia’s Treats : Louise Cake


Holy moly, look at that yumminess.

Talia on Louise Cake :

“With all the fuss over cupcakes and macarons lately, its easy to forget some good old Kiwi classics like the Louise Cake (or as Mum calls it French Fancy). But if you’re a fan of both cupcakes & macarons this slice gives you the best of both worlds really … a light cakey base spread with raspberry jam and then topped with a macaroon-like coconutty meringue … and its so much easier. I think this was actually one of Nana’s recipes cos I got it from one of Mum’s handwritten recipes, and both Nan and Mum made this all the time when we were little.”

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Delicious Dishes – Cereal Killa


Today I’m busy doing a fun photo-shoot for the blog that I can’t wait to show you. What I can show you now though, is a couple of delicious dishes I discovered on the weekend at Cereal Killa on Dominion Road. For a sweet fix, their French toast and pancakes are mean. The best french toast I’ve had in a long time, and my girl Shirl swears by the pancakes.


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“hey blondie”


So, yeah, I’m blonde. I’m quite enjoying it at the moment. The bf is not. Most of the time he’s all, ‘who ARE you?’

I’m wearing my RUBY PRETTY THING sweater, that looks so much better on me now my hair is a million shades lighter. I’m also pretty excited to be wearing my brand new lilac Dr. Martens. I just wanna dress like a school-boy with shorts and pulled up socks all the time in these.  Socks are from Farmers, and the tee is from Chocoolate in HK.

My hair is by Mark Henare from LoveHair in Newmarket. I’ll tell you a bit more about the reason for my transformation a little later next week, perhaps… peace!

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Getting lost on the Nike Free Your Run fun run…


Last week I was invited to the Nike Free 5.0+ launch, with a 7 km ‘fun’ run thrown in to break in the new shoes. As far as runs go it was surprisingly fun for the first couple of kms, mostly because we stopped a lot. We stopped to pick up balloons and glow-sticks, play a bit of basketball and catch our breath while watching a dance group. But then the rest of the time was just old-fashioned-no-stopping-type-running. That was a touch less fun. Adventure was still to be had though as my running buddy, Tim Lambourne, and I became lost not once, but THREE times. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m certain fatigue was a factor. We found our way back by spotting a couple of glow-stick decked out runners in the distance (googlemaps who?) and I’m pretty sure we ran an extra kilometre or two as a result, so brownie points for us.


4 nikefyrauckland_dws9176

These guys look serious, I bet they didn’t get lost.

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‘Movement Festival’ ticket giveaway


Hello lovelies. I’ve been asked to give away two single tickets to Movement Festival.


I’d be hoping that you’ve gotten in early and bought your tickets already, but I also know it’s nice to get things for free, so I’m happy to accomodate a couple of you lucky readers too 🙂

The first giveaway is through instagram (find me here : @lanisays)

To enter, just upload a picture of the artist or artists you most want to see most at Movement Fest to instagram + tag me @lanisays +  @movementfestnz in the pic, and there you have it – you’re in the draw to win. You have until 5PM, Monday 15th to enter.

The second giveaway will be done through my facebook page and I shall announce the details of that once I’ve announced the winner of the first ticket. So, go on then, get to grammin’!!

xx Lani xx

Hong Kong : Avenue of Stars, Museum of Art, A Symphony of Lights


There is so much to do packed along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, which looks out onto Victoria Harbour, but no activity had as high a priority to the bf as did the Avenue of Stars, or more specifically the life-size statue of Bruce Lee. While the Avenue boasts names tracing back more than a century of Hong Kong cinema, it is of course the Bruce Lee statue that gets the most attention and gathers the largest crowd. The statue is crazy, it feels like you’re looking at a real person, we kinda just stood there for a while staring in wonder.


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