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Month: March, 2011

You forgot when you were down, And I was around

We’ve already had Ace’s superb choices for BU2MU. This week Jordache from F&I gives us Angie Stone’s ‘Wish I Didn’t Miss You’, which is, in his words, “unequivocally the best break up song ever.” Just listen to the words bro. My fave part in the vid is when Angie is all ‘aw hell no,’ when she sees ex with the next.

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Mmmm Pie, mmmm Dub Pies

New York is cool and all, but it has a distinct lack of pie outlets. When Pete was bemoaning this very fact the other day on twitter, we got word of Dub Pies, a pie shop in Brooklyn owned by kiwi Gareth Hughes. So we excitedly made the one hour train trip from Harlem to Brooklyn, transferring on about three different train lines, and being held up even more by construction on the F line. But we made it. And it was bloody worth it.

Look, the old-school tomato ketchup bottle! Pete got the last mince and cheese pie, so I got chicken and vege and Dave got the steak and cheese pie. We all agreed they were pretty top notch, tasty fillings and the pastry wasn’t too flakey, definitely able to walk and eat one of those suckers on the go if you had to.

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Fire&Ice x LaniSays Interview pt.2

Image Jason Brown

I didn’t forget about this!! In part 2 of the interview the F&I boys talk about their tips for first time video directors (they shot and directed PNC’s Murderer) and how Jordache came to rap on a song with two of NZ’s finest – that’s one of my fave parts of the interview, pretty funny stuff so make sure you listen through. The interview kicks off with Ace talking about the creative process for how the two make beats together.

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Street Snapped

Had always kind of wanted to do a ‘What I Wore’ post, but you know, my camera is teh sux and I pretty much wear the same thing every day so, yeah, nah. A dude whose camera isn’t teh sux snapped me at SXSW for this site. He got everything I’m wearing totally wrong though, wattajustmakeshitupguyyy. For those who curr (just me? aw, shaame) I was actually wearing: ASOS boots, Voodoo stockings, Lippy skirt, Witchery top, Uniqlo jacket.

On another note, a couple days ago The Weeknd’s mixtape House of Balloons came out. D/l it here


LaniSays x SXSW 2011

I had the immense pleasure and privilege of being allowed to tag along with David and Pete to SXSW this year. That’s us with Warren G. The legend. On the last night of SXSW. What a way to end it. We’d just finished the walk back to our hotel after the ‘Respect the West’ Nate Dogg Memorial show, talking about how crazy it was that we’d all just sung Regulate with Warren G onstage – and there he was, just casually standing outside as we walked in. The show, with Kurupt and Daz, Snoop and Warren G was the highlight by far of SXSW. It was a totally surreal moment singing along to Ain’t No Fun with all the above doing their parts on stage.

D Dot interviewed by SlamXHype

I’d previously been with Pete and Dave to SXSW in 2009, before the name David Dallas had really begun to appear on any overseas blogs. He was a total unknown in the States, but impressed with his showcase and gained critical acclaim that year. Thanks to the hard work from he and his team since then, and the recent signing with Duck Down, it was really great to see a difference in his SXSW experience this year compared to 2009.

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What was wrong with my love?

I asked the F&I boys to contribute to BU2MU when I interviewed them. It goes to figure, people who make great music, like great music. Aaron’s break up choice is Kelis – Get Along With You. I was stoked when he said it, because I love this song, especially when she goes into the “Dear Diary…” part. Kelis asks those questions we ask of ourselves when a relationship ends yet we feel like we did everything right, while conveying that desperation we feel in needing to make it work. Aaron’s reason for choosing the song though? “I always wish I’d produced and wrote that song”.

Aaron’s make-up song? John Legend – Ordinary People.  See guys, liking good music = making good music.

P.S I’m on the plane right now headed for SXSW in Austin, Texas. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep you updated a lil with the goings on there, particularly with the David Dallas showcases.

Fire&Ice x LaniSays Interview pt.1



Image: Jason Brown

‘Understated Cool’ is an apt way to describe producers Fire&Ice. So understated in fact, you may not realise they’re the dudes behind some of your favourite local Hip Hop tracks. Their story is choice but it’s not one that’s been told too often. I caught up with brothers Aaron and Jordan a.k.a Ace and Jordache a.k.a Fire&Ice in Glen Eden a couple of weeks back. Part One of the interview we talk about how they started out, how they came to work with some of NZ’s biggest acts/legends and whether it’s possible for producers to make a living in NZ. Giz a listen.

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NZ to NY

I’ve been kinda busy lately getting ready to travel/travelling/sleeping/searching the streets of New York for a coffee plunger. Oh yeah, I’m in New York and yes, good coffee in the morning is high on the priority list (bought my own coffee from home, Roasted Addiqtion, Dark fyi). Got into New York early Thursday morning NYT.

The boyfriend had a meeting in Times Square that same day so I occupied myself with the above. I’m in NYC for a couple of months and I plan to have a good ass time. There are, however, a few things I will be missing. By things, I mean food.

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<3 Japan

The Weeknd – Wicked Games

My mate Drizzy Drake put me on to this. The flagrant use of ‘maafukkin’ is always welcome in my books, as is fantastic music in my ears.There’s not much info about these guys, but according to this site The Weeknd are a Canadian duo comprised of Jeremy Rose (production) & Abel Tesfaye (vocals). Super.

EDIT: Download The Weeknd’s mixtape House of Balloons here.