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Month: September, 2012

Kiwi Producer James Jeffery x DJ Drama x Wiz Khalifa x B.O.B

Hey, so this is pretty cool. Remember when I interviewed New Zealand producer James Jeffery back here and he’d told me he’d worked with some pretty big names , but couldn’t say who yet? He’s sent me through this screen-shot, which reveals he’s on the new DJ Drama ‘Quality Street Music’ record, with heavy-hitters Wiz Khalifa, Planet VI and B.O.B. : O   Sorry bout it, Jamestown.

Head over to First Spin to listen to the track he produced, ‘Pledge of Allegiance’, and stream the rest of the album too. Read my interview with him here to learn more about how he came to work with such big names.

James is currently based in the UK, where he is working with USA and UK writers. And occasionally annoying me on g-chat. Well done James, we dub thee Sheriff of Jamestown.


scrambled eggs and berries

It’s the last week of our 12 week fitness challenge and I’ve been trying to eat healthily but still enjoy what I’m eating. Scrambled eggs with sundried tomatoes and feta thrown in, and cottage cheese with heapings of berries have been working for me. This was lunch after a work-out, I’d normally eat one or the other if it was breakfast.

I’ve gotten into the habit of having just a big bowl of cottage cheese and berries for breakfast in the morning. It’s actually pretty filling and, as long as all the juices of the berries have soaked right through, it’s pretty yum. This is a breakfast you can easily take to work too. I just buy the frozen berry packs at the supermarket, and put it in the fridge overnight so the berries are soft and juicy, and use the Traditional Tararua cottage cheese.

I know cottage cheese might sound strange and a little off-putting but read here to see why cottage cheese is a good choice – “Many foods can be categorised as being either low in fat, low in sugar or high in protein, but there aren’t too many that can make all three claims. Cottage cheese can.” As long as there’s lots of berries in the mix, you don’t really notice it anyway.

I have to confess though, later on I consumed a whole block of chocolate, and then went for a run to try and make up for it haha.

David Dallas – ‘Ever Get The Feeling’ : The Fashion

By now you’ve seen the epic ‘Ever Get The Feeling’ video, the beauty of  the mountainous, snowy terrain and the swooping heli shots, the Fire & Ice produced beat making the perfect sound-track for the jaw-dropping scenery. Yep, all of that is cool, but I wanna talk about the clothes for a bit. The FASHUN! I reckon David always looks pretty great in his videos, and in life in general too, but for this shoot he got my fave stylist, Dan Ahwa, to style the outfits. Dan Ahwa took that shit to the whole ‘nother level.

I love that for a video that is all about showing off the beauty of the New Zealand landscape, David is dressed almost entirely in New Zealand brands. I was so hyped on the clothes Dan pulled that I convinced David to have a quick shoot up at North Head in Devonport before he left for America, just so I could admire his outfits awhile longer. All images by me.

Mexico at Takapuna

Beetroot, carrot, feta & cumin dip with house corn chips 

On Saturday, my girlfriends and I went to check out Mexico in Takapuna. We’d already been to the Britomart one a few times so we knew to be prepared for a big wait. They don’t take bookings unless you’re in a group of 10+, so you can expect about an hour to an hour and a half wait on a Saturday night. When we were seated however, we were served really promptly. In comparison to Britomart, the food came out much quicker, we’d expected to snack on our chips and dip for awhile, but everything came out almost immediately, and pretty much all at once. This might have been because the restaurant wasn’t as busy by the time we were seated, but either way, it was appreciated. The restaurant is also much larger and roomier than the Britomart one, you don’t feel quite as cramped. We ordered on empty stomachs, so ordered way more than we could eat. Isn’t it funny though, that no matter how full you are, you can always fit in dessert? The churros were a nice way to end the dinner.

Mushroom, garlic, oregano, cheese & sour cream quesadillas

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street-snapped at nzfw

Image by:

I got street snapped by one of my favourite New Zealand Street Style blogs, Street and City Photos. You don’t usually see me in my glasses because, even though I should wear them all the time since everything gets pretty blurry from about a meter away, I only wear them to drive (I legally have to). I was running late for a show at Fashion Week that day, so I’d left my specs on in the rush haha. Check out more photos here.

I’m wearing my fave coat by Liam, jeansshirt and backpack by Boohoo shoes by ASOS, and I’m carrying a Saben bag. You can see me wearing the jeans and shirt on their own, here.

TAV, Kate & memory lane…

Most familiar with Island fashion would have recognised the distinctive style of the dress the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, wore on her recent visit to Solomon Islands as Cook Islands brand ‘TAV’. Or, at least wondered if she was wearing TAV.

It’s a story that’s been all over media the last couple of days, and it’s pretty rad to see a label like TAV, that’s completely produced in Rarotonga, with all garments made on island and all hand-printed, get so much international exposure.

Ellena Tavioni owns TAV, and I interviewed her daughter Sheena for a couple of stories for work. She told me that they’d studied Kate’s style and picked out four dresses based on what they thought she’d like, as a gift. Sheena says the dress Kate chose to wear was totally unexpected as it was a strapless babydoll dress, not her usual style. Needless to say they’re all still in shock at all the attention they’re getting.

This is my sister, Penina,  and others modelling TAV on the beach at The Rarotongan, circa 1992ish

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can we go back, I wanna go back…and other things.

Photography Karen Ishiguro, Make Up Abbie Gardiner

Aaradhna kills it once again. In case you missed it, Radz has been kind enough to put one of her tracks, ” ‘Can We Go Back’, out for FREE download. So go on, add this to the playlist if you haven’t already. The song will be featured on her new album, Treble & Reverb. Also, this was just a good excuse to post up another pic of Radz looking all fly and shit. Up2 Radz? Track below:

Spycc – Self Progression EP :

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bits & pieces

Here’s a round up of things I’ve been loving this week, and things you should get along to:


This ONE FIFTY exhibition  is such a cool idea, make sure you get there on Saturday and grab yourself a very affordable piece of art from the world renowned graffiti crew TMD – but you gotta be quick, they’re only letting in the first 150 people. Read below for more details :

“Top local artists (and members of world-renown graffiti crew TMD) Askew One, Elliot Francis Stewart (Deus) and Gary Silipa (Ryze) are holding a trio-exhibition that takes the ʻONE FIFTYʼ title to the extreme. The exhibition theme runs exclusively around the number ONE FIFTY. There will be ONE FIFTY pieces of art exhibited; each piece will be ONE FIFTYmm x ONE FIFTYmm; each item costs ONE FIFTY dollars; doors open at ONE FIFTY pm on Saturday 15 September at ONE FIFTY four, Ponsonby Rd, Auckland; exhibition runs for ONE FIFTY minutes (end time 4.20pm); and only the first ONE FIFTY entrants will be allowed through the door! There will also be ONE FIFTY beers and ONE FIFTY glasses of wine for guests, plus ONE FIFTY mini chocolate cupcakes (available for ONE FIFTY [$1.50] each).”

Julia & Libby:

I’m really loving the website of sisters Julia & Libby. There’s a lot of really helpful and informative tips on healthy living, packed full of information about what foods are good for you, and why, with simple recipes for meals and treats. I know health stuff can often be a bit intimidating, I’m usually one of those people who gets easily turned off by that sort of thing – but I think the girls do it in a way that’s really accessible and easy to get your head around. I went out immediately and bought the ingredients for their Mushroom Quinoa Salad, and had it for dinner and lunch. Here’s a picture of mine below, it’s nowhere near as pretty looking as theirs is, but it was yum:

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar :

Auckland’s first Milk & Cookie Bar opens at 12 Wellesley Street, this Friday, at 7 am (i.e TOMORROW!! SHALL WE GO?!?!??!!!) And as you can see, I’m quite excited. There’s a really cool article about Moustache over at Denizen – or you can check out their own website and facebook page. Can you imagine all the amazing instagram pics we’re going to get out of this place? lulz. But actuals. And factuals.

Emu Sheepskin Boots:

I got sent these Emu sheepskin boots about a week ago, and seriously, they are the best things to have happened to my feet. They are so freaking comfy. I wish it was socially acceptable to leave the house in them, because I would never take them off. Instead, the first thing I do when I come home is take my shoes off and pop these babies on. Feet heaven.

Lani Says on IAMTV:

Oh hey, it’s ME, on the youtubes. I already shared this on my facebook page, but they’ve now uploaded just my part on youtube so have a watch if you want to learn a little more about me and a behind the scenes look at NZ Fashion Week 2o12.

NZFW 2012 – The Round Up

Exhibition at the Huffer Party

I feel like, even though I was frantically uploading pictures from the shows all week, I’ve hardly spoken to you guys!! Fashion Week was a great experience and being there as a blogger for the first time makes me have so much more respect for all the other bloggers I’ve been following over the years, especially the ones who manage to review the shows as well as post images. I really have no idea what I’m doing with a camera, so for every good picture you see up here, I’ve had to trawl through a hundred crappy ones to find it. That shit takes time, y’all. Once I’ve done that, cropped, re-sized, etc. etc. my mind goes blank and trying to string together a coherent sentence about a collection is not. finna. happen. dawg.

It’s probably for the better anyway because I’m certainly no fashion critic. I can tell you what I like though. So here are a few of my favourite things from New Zealand Fashion Week 2012:

Favourite Show I didn’t go to : twenty-seven names


It’s well documented I love me some heart prints, and polka dots  and the twenty-seven names show had all that, plus a super cute navy playsuit and strawberry prints. They also launched a very cool site showing off the collection straight after show, with a video of the models rapping to Nas ‘Made You Look.’ Bravo.

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NZFW 2012 – The Nails

Salasai nails by M.A.C

There was so much incredible nail art to compliment the collections at fashion week this year. Here are a few of the designs I captured. I really feel like I need to get my nails diiiid now.

Gold talons at Andrea Moore by Magic Tan and Beauty

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