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Month: October, 2012

summer loving: sandals & arm-candy

Mi Piaci Macon sandal, Mi Piaci Marce sandal, Lindi Kingi Swarovski Neon Pearl bracelets & Tan Wood Tassel bracelet.

Planning for a summer wardrobe is always fun. I’m starting with my feet and arms, matching my fave bracelets from the new Lindi Kingi range, with some of my fave sandals I’ve spotted around so far.

Lindi Kingi Jade bracelets in blue tones, Mi Piaci Lair sandal in blue & white , Lindi Kingi chocolate and gold crystal pearls, black lava bracelet, Mi Piaci Lair sandal in black & gold.

Number 1 Shoes Colbie sandal in teal tan and peach tan, Lindi Kingi Swarovski crystal pearl in apricot and peach, and Vintage and Duck egg blue.

Number 1 Shoes Luciana wedge in pastel, ASOS Figaro sandals, Lindi Kingi Jade bracelets in pink tones.


Samoa – a Photo Essay

All images by Penina Momoisea

My paternal grandmother – Mataniufeagaimaleata – passed away on the 20th of September 2012. My sister Penina, and Dad and Mum went back to Samoa for her funeral. Penina came back with an amazing photo journal of their time there, you can check out the entire collection of images at Le Penina – Pu’eata.

Some of the pictures are obviously very personal, but a lot of them I think are very relatable, not just for Samoans, but for anyone who has either grown up or visited any of the islands in the Pacific. While I didn’t grow up in Samoa, I did grow up in the islands (Rarotonga, Titikaveka) and there’s a definite childhood nostalgia I get when I look through these pictures of the beautiful island life.

The images also give a great insight into Samoan culture, custom and tradition and the love and closeness of family. I loved them so much I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures with you. But definitely check out the rest of them here. Thanks for these Pens, RIP Nanny.

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Talia’s Treats : Raspberry Syllabub

My sister Talia whips this up like it ain’t no thang. One of the easiest recipes to make, but so pleasing on the eye, and the belly. You won’t need much as it’s very rich. Hopefully this recipe comes in handy if you’re entertaining guests this weekend, or just wanting to enjoy something sweet in the sun *fingers crossed for sun*, you really won’t believe how simple it is until you try it.   (All images taken by Talia).

Shortbread cookies
3 cups raspberries (I just use frozen)
1/2 cup sugar
4tbsp lemon juice & 1tsp lemon zest
2 cups cream
Grated white choc

Crush a shortbread cookie into the bottom of each glass. You can dress this dessert up or down depending on what kind of glass you use – fancy wine glass for a special occasion or plastic glass for a casual bbq.
In a non-reactive bowl (eg glass, ceramic or stainless steel) blend/mix/mash together raspberries, sugar, lemon juice & zest until a slightly chunky puree.  Set aside a quarter of the raspberry mixture for topping. Whip the cream and set about 1/2 a cup aside for topping also. Fold the cream and raspberry mix together and spoon into glasses on top of the cookie crumbs. Top with a spoonful of the reserved raspberry mix and then a dollop of cream. Dress with some grated white choc. Keep chilled till serve.

Ta-da! Would you look at the art direction on these pics ay, ay, ay.

delayed bits & pieces – the long, sick, weekend

Image: – Cult Couture

So, I had many a grand and bloggable plan for the long weekend, and indeed it began promising, but for the most part it was utter shit. This is because it ended with me being bed-ridden Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday because I ate something that caused me to throw up for hours and hours on end. I’m not pointing any fingers, but Denny’s wedges – I’m giving you the side-eye. Anyway, before falling violently ill, I walked in a couple of FASHUN shows.

The first being the ‘Arrange Collective’ show, on Friday morning. It was a show I was pretty excited to be in because it was 5 young designers who had decided to put on their own event, to present their inaugural runway collections – Emma Gleason, Georgia Pratt, Glen Prentice, Jack Roy and Thistle Brown. It’s rad that they had the balls to put themselves out there like that and just do it, and I always get inspired to see people making use of their talents. Their show was so professional, well put together, totally packed out, and has been receiving great reviews.

Walking for Georgia Pratt & Glen Prentice : Images from Rouse & Thread

Cult Couture, a show I’ve done about four times now, is heavy on entertainment and wearable art. For me, I feel it’s equal parts insane garments and naked madness backstage, trying to change from intricate, three piece outfits like a metal hooped skirt with long train, bodice and huge hat into a weaved two piece held together only by sea-shells – or a side-boobage vest with pants that don’t stay up unless I hold them up. It’s always madness, but fun. That’s what I did Saturday night:

Image: – Cult Couture

And then, I got sick. Game over. Ah well. What’s that saying about being one stomach flu away from your goal weight? Yeah, nah, f**k that. So as not to end the post on a downer though, earlier on in the week my boy Rohan took me to the stage production of Mary Poppins at The Civic. It was pretty spectacular really. I liked that it wasn’t exactly like the movie, so there were a few surprises thrown in, and some definite ‘wow’ moments where my jaw-dropped. I also realised, that if I’m going to continue to sit in the nose-bleed seats, I need stronger glasses :/

Thanks Rohan!


Aaradhna Media Showcase

You should all mark down November 9th in your calendars, because this is the day you are going to wake up, brush your teeth, and buy Aaradhna’s album, ‘Treble & Reverb’. Media and industry folk were invited to witness her immense talent in an intimate setting in Kingsland, and no one left disappointed. While shy when addressing the crowd, her presence when singing is bold and captivating, her persona switching with each song. When she pleads with ‘Mr Heartbreaker’ on ‘I’m Not The Same’, an ode, it seems, to depression, you feel like she’s going through it all again on stage, and your heart breaks a little with her. You see her resolve and, dare I say, a little bit of crazy in her eyes, when she sings ‘Lorena Bobbitt’ and it’s amusing to see how much the women in the audience enjoy this song, while the men, though they try to hide it, squirm with just a touch of fear. Aaradhna explained to us that ‘Treble & Reverb’ was borne out of a dark place and, while we were repeatedly reminded by her label bosses that she’s happy now, it’s clear that we are going to benefit from her past despair, because I’m certain that what Aaradhna will give us on November the 9th will be something very special and beautiful indeed.

What I Wore – Palmy Airport

My sis Penina took these pics while we were waiting for our flight that would eventually get cancelled in Palmerston North. I’d been up since 5am, hence the sunnies inside. Also, I didn’t realise at the time that my outfit kind of matched the colour of the Palmy airport walls, and I was almost blending into them, yikes! So I learnt to blur the background out, and now I suspect I am going to abuse the shit out of this new found skill. Had to take a separate pic of my gold toe capped flats, which I love and have been wearing all the time lately.

Boohoo Blouse / Ruby Macaroon Sweater / Rayban Sunnies / Veronica B Necklace / Boohoo skull flats 

treasures passed down

One of the things I always love about visiting my Nan and Great Aunty is seeing all the beautiful things they’ve collected over the years set out in their homes. I remember as a kid I could have stared for hours at their glass cabinets filled with tiny plates, ornaments and pretty tea-cups with matching saucers. We certainly had our favourites, and were sure to be extra careful not to break anything if we ever had the chance to use them. My Aunty Peg passed away last year, and some of the pretty things that remind me so much of her and her home have been passed down to the younger generations. I feel very privileged to have some of these treasures, and it also leaves me with a sense of wanting to build on that. I’ve never really been someone who has had a huge desire to start a family and own a home, I’m really not fussed. But then there are moments like this, where I think, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where fond memories are created and special things collected – even it is just so they can again be passed on.

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bits & pieces – it’s been awhile

Beignets at The Depot, delish.

I have been on extreme ‘grumpy bitch buzz’ of late. I put it down to these things: 1) the 12 week fitness challenge (aka #fatrobbery) with my mates coming to an end, the last week being the hardest of them all. 2) the bingeing that occurred the week after the challenge, and only exercising once that week probably didn’t help my mood but it certainly helped all my cravings. 3) the bf has been away for about two months now, and he’s still not coming back for another six weeks. That’s basically a quarter of the year he’ll have been away. Wtf. Dis is too real.

Allowing myself a week off from diet and exercise did mean I got to indulge in all the things I’d been missing or had been dying to try – including, but not limited to: 1) The Depot beignets in the picture above for a Monday breakfast, doughnuts dipped in lemon curd is a damn good way to start a week. 2) Numerous blocks of Cadbury Marvelous Creations, my vice being the jelly popping candy beanies. 3) Going crazy at the Pak’n’Save Pick & Mix lolly section – Pak’nSave’s bulk foods section is the best for healthy and naughty foods. 4) Going equally crazy at Hong Kong Bakery. Ah cheese bread and coconut cream buns, how I have missed you so!

MB’s Finest HKB

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Surface too Deep – Today Tomorrow Yesterday

Image: David Shields

I’ve been obsessed with Surface too Deep ever since I got to wear one of their bikinis at fashion week. I love every single piece in their collection, and I really, really want to wear every single piece too. Maybe just one swim-suit for each day of the week? That’s not overboard at all right? The cuts they’ve chosen are lovely and flattering for all shapes and sizes – and their campaign images have me longingly day-dreaming of lazy summer days, picnics and beaches, and frolicking with friends with flowers in our hair. Sigh. I caught these backstage images over on the Ciel PR facebook page and wanted to share them, and a few I took myself, with you here. I didn’t take nearly as many pics as I’d have liked, so I’m glad to see these pop up. Yep – summer, you can begin now please…

Image: David Shields

Image: David Shields

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