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Month: April, 2012


Here’s the list for the Instagram a Day for the Month of May ! So, I hope to see a bunch of your smiling faces popping up online throughout the day tomorrow on the 1st! Just so that we can all search what you instagram, use the hashtag #InstaMay or #lanisays or both 🙂 I’ll be tweeting the pics as well, so if you have twitter get amongst @LeilaniJM I’m a bit excited for this, I’ll enjoy doing it even if no one else joins in – but as always, the more the merrier!! Yay, roll on tomorrow!!!

All credit to fat mum slim – who I have taken the idea from, and who runs her own, every month here.

If your phone can’t get instagram, there’s no reason you can’t still join in. Twitpics or regular pics are sweet too, just try get em online so we can all see 🙂 


bits & pieces

Desiree Pine-Brown’s girl rocking the sock bun.

Baby sock-buns: Isn’t she so cuuute? Desiree messaged me to tell me she’s loving the sock-bun, as is her lil girl, who specifically requested ‘that thing on that girls head’ because it looks like a ballerina, haha! I’ve loved seeing all your pictures of your sock-buns, but this is definitely my fave. swag.

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Instagram a day for the month of May

I love Instagram (username: lanisays).  Every event I go to and almost every meal I eat gets put through one of the Instagram filters. It didn’t happen if it’s not on Instagram, right? But, as you can tell from the above collage, a good 80 percent of everything I post on there is food. I love food, but I thought it would be fun to try taking pictures of something else. In particular, to take a picture of something different every day for the Month of May. Yes, I’ve taken the idea from fat mum slim, who does this every month, and has a HUGE following with the #photoaday tag, but I wanted to try out my own list with input from you guys – and I’d love it if you all joined in too! So, what do you want to see added to the list below? Think of it as a way of getting to know each other, and getting a feel for each other’s personalities. So, what do you want to see other people take pictures of, and more importantly, what pictures do you enjoy taking? Sunsets? Shoes? Your outfit of the day? Stalky photos of that cute guy/girl on the bus? Let me know in the comments or on my facebook page – and I’ll add it to the list!! Oh yeah, let’s be instagram mates!

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Russian Red Lips


Cherry Lip Pencil x Russian Red lipstick x Opulash Optimum Black Mascara = the make-up codes for me right now (All M.A.C). And yes, that is red lipstick smeared on my forehead, I don’t know how that happened, so, you know, watch out for that sort of thing when you’re wearing red lippy. (But as long as you’re not me, *hint – you’re not* you should be fine.) I got the red beanie from Arcade so I could stay warm at the League Anzac test, and I’ve been pretty much wearing it ever since. I’ve said it before, but I like wearing bright lipstick because it means not needing to wear much else in terms of make-up (read: I’m lazy). A bit of bronzer and mascara and you’re good to go.  P.S Do you know how long it took me to take these photos? AGES. Self portraits are not easy, I tells ya!

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bits & pieces

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What  a fail of a week I’ve been having. I’ve only blogged once so far, partly because all I’ve been wanting to do when I get home, is got to sleep, so I do. So here’s the things I’ve been doing aside from being useless.

Skype dates – Seriously, thank goodness for skype. The boyfriend is many miles away and I have been missing him like crazy. While watsapp is all well and good, nothing beats actually seeing someone as you talk to them. I was in such a better mood the day after I’d been able to skype him. Like, mood lifted x100.  ❤

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I’m doing the norm, and not what it takes…

I can’t find the words, so you’ll just fill in the blanks
I’m doing the norm and not what it takes
I’ll keep folding my cards and you’ll keep raising the stakes
‘Til we forget about us and what we have is too late

It’s Monday already, and I think I’m still recovering from Friday. It’s all about that YOLO lifestyle until you die a thousand times the next day. So, apart from dancing up a storm to Ginuwine’s Pony and losing my wallet, I’ve been listening to Big K.R.I.T’s 4Eva N A Day on repeat, and pushing the replay button more often than not on this ‘Red Eye’ track. It’s the struggle of knowing something is missing in your relationship, and knowing you need to do more to make it work – but for whatever reason, you just can’t put in what’s required. The love is there, but you question if it’s enough. You can’t give them your all, but you don’t want to let them go.  Maybe it’s because in the back of your mind, you know the other person already has one foot out the door. Maybe you do too.

When he ends the song with ‘I ain’t the man you want me to be, I guess that’s what’s been bothering me’ – Dagger. to. the. heart.

sock-buns are cool

Top Bun – Wedding Chicks, Bottom Bun – ME!

Your hair + a sock + bun = awesome. I suspect many of you fine ladies know this already, I even read about it on a blog last year and thought to myself, ‘I need to try that’ – but it was only today that I actually did. I always wondered how girls got those awesome, big, donut shaped buns on the tops of their heads, turns out it’s a sock with the toe cut off. The catalyst for me trying it was when Sharyn from The Edge tweeted Sarah‘s how-to tutorial. Video tutorials make the world go round I tells ya. Also, for those of you trying it – that second hair tie is crucial, without it my hair looked like a birds-nest mess but once you pop that hair-tie over, it tidies it all up. And for bonus points, we now finally have something to do with all those odd socks, yay! P.S I suck at doing hair, so if I can do it, you can do it better. I guess the thicker the sock – the thicker the bun? Video tutorial below, and more pictures and another tutorial here – plus a hilarious conversation on a guy’s take on sock-buns that begins with, Let’s say you were making out with a girl and she had her hair in a bun. And when you went to touch her hair, you discovered a sock in it – what would you think?”. LOL

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and the winner is…

Got the BF to draw the lucky name out of the hat. So, if your name is Elle and you commented on the post, then you won the $250 ROXY voucher, w00p, w00p!! I’ll email you shortly 🙂 Shout outs to Natalie for the hook-ups. It’s pretty rad being able to give something back to you cool dudes xx Lani xx

Happy Easter !!

Food, family & friends – Happy Easter y’all. Easter Nest Eggs above by Talia Brown.

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bits & pieces

Ugh, I’m yet to master the art of time management, and going off to things after work every day doesn’t help! Here are a few bits & pieces my groggy brain has been enjoying lately – I hope you all enjoy your Easter break – spare a thought for peeps like me still working tomorrow (starting at 5am, waaah!) as you munch on your Hot Cross Buns with melted butter dripping down your chins.

Table Tennis: 

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