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Month: May, 2012

Blomfield Showroom Spring/Summer 2013

I think I say this every time I go to a fashion event, but I really need to remember to not drive to these things. Nibbles and Moet in the middle of the day? That’s that shit I do like. But being the responsible Restricted Drivers licence holder that I am, I sipped on juice, sans gin, and got drunk off the fashion instead. HA. HA. See what I did there? I was Katherine’s plus one, and I gotta say, she looked pretty banging in her Ruby ensemble. Here are some other outfits I admired that day.

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BU2MU Mixtapes

I’ve been wanting to make these BU2MU mixtapes for ages, but being that I’m not a DJ, and that I’ve been procrastinating asking the DJ’s I do know to mix the tape for me, they never eventuated. I’ve had the list of songs sitting in a Word document for months, I’ve played around with their order, trying to have the songs flow, as well as have a narrative, but until now they’ve just been a typed up, metaphorical mixtape. Then Spotify came to NZ, and I got to drag and drop my mixtape in about 2 mins flat. Technology ay. So, please enjoy these two BU2MU mixtapes, though it took just seconds to assemble, I actually spent a lot of time agonizing over which songs to include and the order, etc. Shouts to David & Jordache for their stellar suggestions as always.

You do need spotify going to listen, but if you don’t have it already just download it here, sign in with your facebook account, and subscribe to the mixtapes, or just play it off here. Easy as.

Ladies, sway to this

Fellas, drank to this

bits & pieces

Quote seen on Isaac Likes

Sometimes you see things at the exact right moment in your life, like the above quote, and the one below, which I spotted over here:

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I’m alive…kinda

I’ve been sick in bed the past three days. It is not the codes. I’ve been trying to write up some kind of semi-coherent post but my head hurts when too much thinking is done. It even hurts when no thinking is done. E.g: Brain “………ouch……..ouch………ouch……..”, etc. etc.  I’m all about that sleep, pop panadols and sleep again life right now. But just so you know I’m alive, I thought I’d post up some pics taken recently by Karen Ishiguro for N Model Management.  I really like em!!

go to the comedy festival

Or, really, this is just me telling you to go see Rose Matafeo’s show. I would have told you to go see Fasitua’s show too, but his shows are already over, sorry about that. I’d never been to the comedy fest before, probably because I’m not really down with what’s hot in the comedy scene, so I never knew who to go see. But, being that Fasitua is on the hilarious show Auckland Daze, and is also pretty hilarious IRL, it was a no-brainer that his show would be loltastic, and it was. He also gets bonus points for being the brother of Ron and Toma Amosa, the drummer and keyboardist in The Daylight Robbery band.

But back to my point: Go to the comedy festival before it ends – but most of all, go to one of Rose Matafeo’s shows, if it hasn’t already sold out by the time you read this. It was brilliant, and clever and kooky, witty and dry with a touch of ‘David Brent’ awkward, but overall just really, really funny. Laughing out loud the whole way through funny, well worth the small price of admission.

I’ve always enjoyed watching Rose on U-Live, she’s often more entertaining than some of the music played, but watching her on stage I was really in awe of how good she was. I felt like I was watching a real star in the making. And she’s only 20!!! OK, I’ll stop now, cos I think it’s clear I’m in slight girl-crush mode – and things might get awkward the next time I see her on twitter.

Get tickets to her show here. It’s on until the 19th May. If you miss out, I’m sure there’s a bunch of other great shows to see too.

pretend winter shopping

Cape Dress

I’d received an email about Winter and Rixon awhile back, but only just got round to checking the site out now, and I’m really digging the pieces. It’s a very small collection, but I can see myself wearing all of it. I’m always attracted to simple styles with clever detailing, which is what I like about the cape dress, new noise skirt, and shirt jacket.

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bits & pieces

InstaMay: This has been going off! A big thanks to everyone who’s gotten amongst. I’m one of those people who never throws parties for fear of no one turning up, so thanks for showing up!! My fave days have been patterns, love and animals so far, you guys get so creative with it. We’re 12 days in and over 6,000 pictures have been shared on Instagram. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the month has in store. Thaaanks youse fullas *hugs* Full InstaMay list here.

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Talia’s Treats: Chicken Pie

I’ve partaken in the odd baking post in the past, and if you’ve been coming round these parts long enough you’ll know how much I love to eat, and I’ve been meaning to do more baking/cooking posts, honestly I have, it’s just….I don’t want to. I love food, but I’m not a fan of the whole preparation side of things. I’ve been telling the bf for years that I’m really good at cooking, I just don’t enjoy it, but you know what? I think that whole ‘good at cooking’ thing might be a lie. I mean, maybe I am good at cooking, I just don’t care to prove it. Which is where my sister, Talia, comes in. She loves to cook and bake. She must love it, because she has 5 kids, and still makes the time to cook and bake really yummy stuff, not just heating up some frozen pizza (which is what I’d do). So, allow me to introduce you to a new feature on the blog, ‘Talia’s Treats’ – recipes and pictures and videos of how to recreate some of the delicious stuff my sister makes on the reg. We are starting with one of my all time faves, homemade Chicken Pie. The video gives you a good idea in terms of breaking down the steps involved in making the pie. Full steps and recipe below also:

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monkey lines are now in season


Do you remember the game you tried to pull the first time you met your significant other? Were you pretty smooth? Or, when you look back at some of the lines you ran, and the things you did to get their attention, do you cringe just a little bit? Whether cheesy or blush-worthy, it obviously didn’t matter, cos’ you ended up snagging them anyway, right? That’s what I love about TLC’s Diggin On You – they’re dissing and falling for the guy in the same breath. There’s something about that person you’re with, that despite whatever silliness they pulled, you fell for them anyway. And they fell for you too. Hopefully you’re still diggin, diggin, diggin, diggin on each other 🙂

P.S When are baggy pants/tracks and crop tops coming back in? I’ll be all over that shit if someone wants to pop it off for me.

Day 1. You, Smiling #InstaMay