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Month: August, 2012

Ray-Ban Folding Aviator

I realise these aren’t new, but they’re new to me! After enjoying a delicious lunch hosted by Sunglass Hut at The Roxy, I walked away with a small brown Ray-Ban case, and I honestly thought it was just fancy packaging for a key-ring, or something of the like. I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of folded up Aviators. The design and packaging of the glasses are rad. Tidy and compact is where it’s at, my handbag thanks you Ray-Ban! Blaow.

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bits and pieces

So, I totally geeked out on this and had to take a screen shot haha. Shot N Model Management.

The new iPhone 5. It’s funny cos’ it’s true. Still, no amount of parodying can stop me from taking food pics on my iPhone.

twenty-seven names cat cameos: Everyone loves the cat print from the twenty-seven names SS 12/13 range. I love even more that these cat cameo brooches are available. It’s a little something very distinctly part of their brand that won’t break the bank. 

This video from the Bruce Lee documentary ‘I Am Bruce Lee’ of Ed O’Neill (from Married with Children/Modern Family fame)  talking about his mantra “Walk In The Front Door” has been my inspiration and motivational speech to myself of late. It’s been helping me continue with my exercise regime, but really, the idea can be applied to anything in life. Stop making excuses and just do it, “walk in the front door.”

On a way more serious note, the NZ Defence Force released the above video of the farewell for the three fallen soldiers, Corporal Luke Tamatea, Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker and Private Richard Harris, last week. It’s very powerful and moving. “Units with the NZ Army have their own haka. This video shows the soldiers of 2/1 RNZIR Battalion performing their Unit haka, powerfully acknowledging the lives and feats of their fallen comrades as they come onto the Unit’s parade ground. It is also an emotive farewell for they will leave via the waharoa (the carved entrance way) for the very last time.”

Aaradhna is back!!

Aaradhna’s first single and video from her new album ‘Treble & Reverb’ dropped today and, ho-ly, how good is it that she’s back? There are very few in this world who can come close to that voice and her ability to write beautiful, harmonious, and catchy tunes. Plus, the message behind ‘Wake Up’ – willing yourself to get out of what seems like a crippling rut – is one we can all take to heart. It also serves as a peek into what you can expect from the rest of her retro-influenced album. I suggest getting your weekend off to the best possible start by grabbing the single ‘Wake Up’ here.

Also, how boss does she look in that picture above? Girl has so much steeze. I’d arranged for the talented Karen Ishiguro and Abbie Gardiner to have a little photo shoot with Radz, and don’t you reckon the results are so, so dope? Aaradhna told me that she’d looked up youtube tutorials to learn how tie her head scarf that way, so maybe ask her to post up a link on her facebook page if you wanna know how she did it. Incase you’re wondering, she’s wearing her own vintage dress, a Karen Walker scarf, Karen Walker rings, is holding onto Karen Walker sunglasses, and her necklace and bracelets are Lindi Kingi. That swag though, is all her own. Cot-damn she looks good! Check her new, Special Problems directed video below:

weekend shoot

The very talented photographer A.B Watson took a few snaps of me on Sunday. A very cool dude who takes very cool pics. Thanks A.B Dubz!

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girl crushing hard on Jessie Ware

How many of my music posts include the line, ‘here’s a great song that my mate Jordan showed me’? Most of them, if not all. This post is no exception, and it was his linking to Jessie Ware’s ‘Sweet Talk’ that began what is now a full-on girl crush. Sweet Talk is brilliant, but for me, it’s ‘Wildest Moments’ that really grabbed me. I can’t get enough of it, it’s just perfect.

“From the outside, everyone must be wondering why we try, why do we try? Baby in our wildest moments, we could be the greatest, we could be the greatest, baby in our wildest moments, we could be the worst of all”

Her voice is so versatile with great range, it’s strong, smooth, soulful and very, very pretty – check the harmonies on 110%. I feel like she could sing any style. Her song ‘Running’ gives me a kind of 80’s George Michaels vibe, and she totally swags the F out in the video. I’m watching it like, ‘woooord, preeeach.’ She’s a total babe, and looks fly as hell in all her clips. I get a little hypnotised watching her. Yep, girl crush as. I bought her album, ‘Devotion’ on iTunes last night, and am listening to it as I type up this post. I really hope you watch her videos over and over again and soak in her beauty and talent. It will make me, and you, happy. Honest.

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bits & pieces

Up2? If you like and/or are fascinated by tattoos and the stories behind each of them, then check out my sister’s new blog here. Her ‘Ink Series’ includes pretty extensive interviews about the reasons and meanings that come with each tatted image. Her first interview is with Devolo, it’s cool.

She also has an interview with Ezra Taylor, who is the face/body of ‘Daniel’ from the ‘Telesa’ novels by Lani Wendt Young  – with a separate feature on his tattoo’s coming soon. Ch-ch-check it out…

Wocolate: I’m pretty obsessed withthis online store, Wocolate. Everything is just so damn cute and adorable and fun and pleasing to the eye. I was so happy to have discovered it when I did because my girl ShirlyShirl, who is the Queen of Cute, had her birthday coming up at the time. I knew I could have gotten her anything from the site and she’d have loved it. It’s the sign of a good store when you take great pleasure in buying for someone else. I couldn’t resist grabbing the butterfly push-pins for myself though. I also plan to buy a pair or two of the happy socks, and some retro straws for all the summer punch and picnics I am already planning. The owners say this about their site “We are most excited about goods that promote creativity so many of the items found here are to encourage your personality and creative endeavours.” I’m not sure how this Stache Straw & Nanoblock rabbit will help me with my creative endeavours, but they’re on the wishlist too haha.

Mighty Ape Clothing: Speaking of ShirlyShirl being the Queen of Cute, she is also the new clothing buyer for Mighty Ape, and she’s already brought in some amazing, super-kawaii items, like these Sock-It-To-Me socks, and Big Bang Theory slippers, and…drum roll please…the best onesies you’ll find in the country; PIKACHU KIGURUMI ONESIE!!!!HELLO KITTY ONESIE!!!, Panda OnesieDinosaur onesieSO MANY ONESIES!!!

Bendon online store: This is going to be a real problem for me. Bendon lingerie now have an online store. : O !! I’ve already mentally committed myself to a few Stella McCartney and Pleasure State pieces. Oh man, someone hide my credit card.

The Future of NZ Fashion Week: Fashion Week is  just a couple weeks away and this article on the future of NZ Fashion week by Zoe Walker is a really interesting, informative and well-rounded piece, great read!

Emergency Boots!


I got a surprise package the other day, with no explanation, except for a ‘in case of emergency’ notice that came with a pair of these Chuck Taylor All Star boots. I didn’t even know Chucks made boots. Because I am the ‘must wear all new clothing immediately’ type, I gave them a whirl straight away, as the photos attest. But forget about me, if you go to the Converse NZ facebook page, you’ll see there are emergency boxes popping up around Auckland with the All Star Chuck Taylor Boots inside. It’s Finders Keepers, so keep an eye out.



Be the face of the NZ adidas All Originals campaign

Face(s) rather. Adidas are looking for a crew to front their adidas All Originals campaign – and they’re pretty loose with what you need to do too – as long as you’re in a crew, it can be anything from a dance crew to art, fashion, skate, synchronized swimming – basically if you’ve got a lil posse of mates and you do cool shit together, you should think about entering this. What you need to do is shoot a video that showcases your group’s passion, originality, style, creativity, mad skills – however you want to interpret that, film it and then email your entry/ link to your video to

If it was me, I’d just drive around with my mates and yell “swag” out the window – but you could probably come up with something better. If not, feel free to steal my idea.

Soo, what’s in it for you? If you win, your crew will walk away with $5,000 adidas gear, become the face of the adidas Originals New Zealand advertising campaign and represent New Zealand on the adidas All Originals Represent global social media platforms, reaching an audience of 15million online fans. It’s like the adidas Olympics! (Olympics withdrawals, sorrraaay). But you gotta be quick cos entries close next Friday, the 24th eek! The winning crew will be revealed in Auckland on Fri 31 August. UPDATE: You can check their facebook app with all the information here. 

For more info on how you could take the place of those handsome guys above, visit these adidas stockists:

  • adidas – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • Arcade – Auckland
  • Area 51 – Auckland and Wellington
  • Embassy – Christchurch
  • Loaded – Auckland
  • Qubic – Auckland
  • Quest – Dunedin and Queenstown
  • Red Rat – North Island
  • The Good Room – Tauranga

levis & ruby

Welcome to Monday guys, excuse the expression on my face – it’s sad cos’ the Olympics are over 😦  Here’s an outfit I’ve made my uniform pretty much as soon as I got my hands on this Ruby macaroon sweater. I’m wearing Levi’s Skinny, High Waisted jeans. The high waist comes in handy when you want to tuck your sweater into your jeans, like so. It also comes in handy when you want to cover more of your waist with denim. Huh, who knew? Also, as a very tall person, skinnies are the only style of jean that look OK when they’re too short. Believe me, almost every pair of jeans is too short for me, and do you know how stupid a pair of bootlegs or flares looks when even just half a centimeter too short? I DO. Needless to say, skinnies are the only style I wear. That was a really cool story ay? Read it again, it’ll be even cooler the second time round.

spice girls! fireworks! fatboy slim! super models! liam! (fave bits of olympics closing ceremony)

I’ve seen a lot of people criticising the closing ceremony, but I just imagine how stoked all the athletes are, how much they’re partying right now, and how little of a f*ck they’re giving about Jessie J singing Queen (good for her) that I got hyped off of the good vibes and had to post a little something. Spice Girls of course and Fatboy Slim, who was cracking me up with how much of a good ass time he was having – and Liam Gallagher singing Wonderwall – as well as the crowd going off to Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ were my fave musical moments. I even enjoyed Taio Cruz, Jessie J and Tinie Tempah and loved seeing Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss being revealed inside billboards and then doing the most bad-ass runway walk. And, and, AND Take That came out at the end!!! No Robbie Williams, and they didn’t sing ‘Back For Good’, but watevs. Then, The Who came out to end it all *cries* Now, to decide what sport I’m going to compete in so I can be part of the party in Brasil!

Most images from here, others from here and here

Uganda’s gold medalist Stephen Kiprotich (C), Kenya’s silver medalist Abel Kirui (L) and Kenya’s bronze medalist Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich << these guys got the best medal ceremony

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