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Month: February, 2012

Fashion Fest : Day 2

Who’s Henri (Postie Plus)

I LOVED the hair and make-up last night, especially the slick hair paired with the bright lips. The large chain/department stores, Postie Plus (Who’s Henri) and Farmers showed last night and I found myself surprised to like quite a few of the pieces. What a difference good styling and taking clothes away from crowded racks and putting them on the runway makes.

Who’s Henri (Postie Plus)

I think having just seen a super cute pic of Alyssa in drawstring pants made me want these pants from Farmers, not sure I could pull it off though:

I’m also digging this graphic print jumper from Farmers too.

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in the details #NZFF

I got to the second day of NZFF just before the show was about to start (never not on Island time). Taking a page out of the Four Eyes guys books, I quickly snapped a few of the great details from people’s outfits. Pics from the show coming soon!

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What I Wore x Converse

Katherine is Awesome is, in collaboration with Converse, taking daily street style snaps of five Fashion Festival goers throughout the week. I’m one of them! Oh, the pressure! Oh, the bitch-face! Head over to her site to check out what the other better looking, better dressed four are wearing. UPDATE: Another pic below, from the lovely fellas at FourEyes :

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Fashion Fest : Day 1

One of the first things I thought when I rolled up to the Fashion Festival was, damn, I wish I had a sober driver. There were lil tasting glasses of Old Mout (haha, mout) cider going round as well as a whole bunch of cocktails consumed as quick as they were poured. With everyone in attendance dressed like they’re, well, going to a fashion show, there’s also much fun to be had people watching. I was able to grab a couple of sneaky shots backstage before enjoying the 40 minute show. I reckon grab a couple of your girlfriends and choose a show to go to this week if you haven’t already. Clothes and cocktails, not a bad way to spend a week night, no?

backstage beauty Sakura

backstage beauty Alyssa

bloggers snapping bloggers

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BTS: PNC – Take It All


Have a geeze at some behind the scenes shots on the set of PNC‘s ‘Take it All’ video shoot. PNC’s album, Under The Influence, is out soon. Have a listen to Take It All below. Oh, the anticipation!

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Feb 22 – 12:51 PM

Stuff and The Press have put together a really great page to remember the day. This page, in particular, where they got readers to send in the first text messages they received following the Quake, is compelling reading.

TVNZ journalist Joy Reid shares her memories of the quake.

Radio NZ coverage here. NZ Herald coverage here.

bits & pieces

Getting my organisation on: 

Being organised is not one of my strong points. I am by nature pretty relaxed and easy going. It’s great for avoiding conflicts, but bad for certain times of your life where you have mental blocks and desperately need to set goals and figure out what it is you want to achieve. Also, I’ve never had much of a routine, which is something I’m sure most highly successful people have. So, I bought myself some cute coloured post-it notes, heart shaped pins and set about trying to organise my life. This is a work in progress – as you can see all I really have down is ‘blog’, ‘gym’, ‘video-edit’, and one of my ‘Life Goals’ is to get up no later than 7 am, HA HA! (I laugh, but I’m serious, I actually need this in my life). But I figure if I can at least get myself into some kind of basic routine, I’m sure I’ll have a better idea of what else I need to do. Also, I just wanted something cute to look at in my room.

Yuna – Live Your Life

My boy Jordache sent me this song the other day, not knowing how much I needed to hear something nice and pretty and uplifting, it was so perfect. Listen to it, it’s lovely.

A Beautiful Mess 

This blog rules – it has everything, DIY projects, fashion, recipes, decor and all presented in a way that is so, so pretty, and so, so, cute.

Katherine & Isaac’s ‘Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts’ tees:

Image: Katherine Lowe

These tees are dope, and I reckon youse should get some for your bad selves! Check out more detailed pics of em, more people wearing em, and how to buy em on Katherine and Isaac’s sites. BRRRATTTT!!!! I know the BF will be getting one as soon as they print bigger sizes haha.

Rose Tint Number 1 again:

Ha, David and The Daylight Robbery boys must have smashed it at Homegrown and Kura Hard last week, cos the TintSquad went out and made him top of the iTunes Hip Hop charts again. Niiiiiiiiice!!!

you’re not dying…

This one is for all my fellow people of good health, but really, it’s just me giving myself a kick up the ass. I’ve been kinda MIA from the blog as of late, if you hadn’t already noticed. I can’t really explain it – I was feeling great about the year, really motivated and positive…and then I wasn’t. Nothing in particular happened, one day I was up, the next I was down. I had a brain block, and I moped around for a bit, complained a lot and generally had a bit of a quarter life crisis. “WHAT AM I DOIIIING WITH MY LIIIIIIFE??” etc, etc. After one particular melt down, the boyfriend, after indulging my tantrum for awhile, ended it along the lines of, ‘look, you’re healthy, you’re not dying, so what do you have to complain about?’ How’s that for putting things in perspective? Essentially, he was saying there’s no reason why I can’t do everything or anything I set my mind to. And, really, the only answer to that question is, nothing. I have nothing to complain about. So, here’s to not being a whiny dick anymore. Better living everyone!

my sister is amazing

Not even exaggerating. Actual Super Woman status. We had a pretty special family dinner last night, which my sister Talia had offered to completely organise/cater. I had no idea it was going to be as amazing as it was though!  It was French Cafe level, but SHE made everything, and I mean everything – from the lil bread sticks, to the ice cream – entirely herself. I’m still buzzing out about it. Take a look at the menu, the pictures, and think of the fact she has five children, and then buzz yourselves out too. I have no idea how to do all of this, but feel free to ask her yourself if you want.

And here I was thinking I was all cool and stuff cos I could make Strawberry Sangria. Ha!

The Amuse Bouche

Summer fruit sangria

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bits & pieces

I mentioned to my girl Shirl the other day that this summer seems to be the summer of partying. It perhaps has something to do with summer not actually having arrived yet, so instead of packing up our picnic baskets and bikinis and heading to the beach, we just stay in the city and get on it… Whatever the reason, it’s been fun, too much fun maybe – hence the late/lack of posts lately. I’m sorry. But, Can I Live? Jokes. I’ll be better, promise.

The Lantern Festival : Every year I hear via Shirl about how amazing the Lantern Festival is, and every year I’ve missed out. I made it this year and… THE LANTERN FESTIVAL IS AMAZING. We spent most of our time walking along the food stalls and sampling anything and everything that took our fancy, word to the Lychee Frappé, the okonomiyaki, the karaage chicken and custard and coconut filled pancakes. The lanterns pretty much blew my mind and the fireworks display was probably the best I’ve seen in NZ. (LANTIN!)

The Lloyd Concert:

– I was so excited when I heard Lloyd would be performing at the Civic. I’d been there a couple of times before for movie showings and Chris Rock, but the the atmosphere at the Lloyd show was really different. Everyone was getting ON one, and it was funny to see, essentially, a really rowdy party at a really swank venue. It may have been the most fun I’ve had at a concert, dancing pretty much the entire way through as Lloyd played all his hits, starting his set off with Get It Shawty’!!! (sidenote: NEW LLOYD HERE)

The return of D-Form – My boy PNC performed at Rakinos over the weekend, and part of the highlight was seeing D-Form back DJing. I think it was his first time in about 3 years, and everyone was so stoked to see him behind the decks again. (another sidenote: NEW PNC SONG HERE)

David’s Oz tour promo vid:

 – I believe this to be my best work ever. (sidenote: JUST KIDDING, THERE IS NO SIDENOTE).

Washing the car (!?!) :

– So, David was all, ‘let’s wash the car’ the other day, and I was all, ‘nah, I’m too laaaaazy, I don’t waaaana’, and he was all, ‘nah bo, we’re doing it!’ And then he started washing the car, and I was all, ‘MY TURN, MY TURN.’ And I had heaps of fun, and pretended we were in some kind of time trial car washing competition, and that the wash gun was a machine gun, you know, as you do.