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Month: June, 2012

bits & pieces

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition is on at Auckland Museum, it’s free, and you should really go. I went on Sunday and I agree with the sites description; ‘this incredible collection of 108 photographs encapsulates both the beauty of the world we live in and the fragility of nature.’ So many of the photos will take your breath away, for a number of reasons. Also, look at that cute lil monkey! How could you not go ??

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boyfriend’s crooks & castles jacket

I’ve pretty much taken ownership of the boyfriend’s Crooks and Castles jacket, he even tried to take it to Australia again last week, but I wasn’t having it. It’s less about aesthetics and more about being just so damn warm. Warmer than any other jacket I own. Also, guys jackets have so many pockets in the lining, why can’t women’s jackets have the same? I know we carry handbags and all, but maybe if 8 pockets were built into our jackets too, there’d be no need for that. Also, woolen tights. Thank the Lord for woolen tights.

You’ve seen pretty much everything I’m wearing on me at some point during the blog : Crooks & Castles jacket, my all time fave American Apparel ‘rose-tint’ sweater, ASOS denim shirt, French Connection skirt, ASOS boots – which, by the way are on freaking sale now (they weren’t when I bought them, gah!).

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Aotea Square Ice Skating Rink

I’m not sure you could call what I did on Saturday night ‘ice-skating’. I did venture to the ice-rink at Aotea Square, I did strap on some ice-skates and I did put these ice-skates that were strapped to my feet on the ice. I just don’t think what I did could accurately be described as ice-skating. I clung to the rails of the rink, and shifted my feet along. Sometimes, when I felt really adventurous, I’d hold on with just one hand. You know what’s even more shame though? This wasn’t even my first time trying to ice-skate. It was the bf’s, and he was sweet, zooming around no problem. Me? Useless. The bf tells me I just switched off and went into survival mode and wouldn’t talk or respond to him, except for a prompt ‘No!’ when he’d ask me to let go of the rail, haha! I shuffled my way around the entire rink once, and then I hopped off. I had more fun watching my friends skate, than I did being on the ice myself. The fairy lights sure did look pretty though.

This is David saying, ‘go on, let go of the rail,’ and this is me saying, ‘oh, hell no.’

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test-shoot #blaow

What I look like right now is nothing like these photos, I’m in slippers and the bf’s trackpants and about ready to take my ass to bed after a 5 am start at work, and STILL trying to fight off this cold that’s trying to bring me down. It ain’t pretty. But these photos are. Am I allowed to say that? In my head I still see myself with the short bob I wore for a few years, so it always surprises me a little when I see pictures of myself with long hair. I’m like, ohhhh yeah, that’s right!

Much thanks and shout outs to: Photographer: Karen Ishiguro  /  Make-Up Artist: Abbie Gardiner  /  Stylist: Lalaine Alano – Y’all are a bunch of amazing babes xx See more pics over here and below:

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1, 2 & 3 from Topshop – 4 & 5 from Glassons, 6, 7 & 8 from ASOS, 9 collar from from boohoo, jumper from ASOS.

This is one of those trends that I like, but so far have been more comfortable admiring on others than taking the leap myself. Though I’m yet to leave the house in it, I’ve been enjoying playing around with this boohoo collar I was sent, I think it makes my already pretty cute jumper even cuter-er, and I’m all about cute shit.

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Zambesi SS12/13

“This is just what we wear around the house… and sometimes to the supermarket”

A few things that popped into my mind whilst looking through Zambesi’s SS12/13 lookbook :

a) The bf needs to wear that Navy Blue suit, like, everyday.

b) Camo onesies? Camo onesies!

c) Shorts-suits, I need to get on that wave.

d) Zambesi is so f***ing cool. So cool.

Also, because I’m a little weird, I set the models up on a series of dates where they just happen to unintentionally match outfits every time. Aren’t they the steeziest pretend couple ever?

“Seriously, never, ever, take that suit off”

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thigh high

ASOS Maxi Skirt with split / ROXY knit / leather Chucks. All images : D.Dallas

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bits & pieces

Image: Lalaine Alano, Hair & Makeup Abbie Gardiner

Sup. How cute is that polka dot onesie by kiwi label Pardon My French? Bring on Summer 2013 so I can wear this and not want to cry from catching frost bite. This pic was from a fun day doing a test shoot out at North Head in Devonport.

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French Markets

Three of my besties and I made the rare and unusual decision to get up early on a Saturday morning for the only thing that can get me up early without getting paid – the promise of good food. Our destination was the Parnell La Cigale French Markets. I immediately wondered why no one had told me about the markets before, it’s truly a feast for the eyes and belly. There’s so much to choose from, savoury and sweet. The first round of breakfast began with a serving of Mac & Cheese and this delightful tasty sausage, melted cheese roll.

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Talia’s Treats : Third Heaven Cake

With chocolate chips, caramel, chocolate ganache and pecan toffee all in one cake, there’s no wonder it’s called Third Heaven Cake. My mouth just watered a little bit as I wrote that. Welcome to the second installment of Talia’s Treats.

I think the video will be a useful visual for the different steps you need to take. Plus, I put a pretty good backing track to it so it’ll be nice to watch 🙂 UPDATE: OK, I’d initially forgotten to put in the one cup of brown sugar, so if you tried this as soon as you read it and failed, that’s why haha :/ Sorry, it’s added in now !

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