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Month: November, 2011

Sione’s 2 soundtrack…

I haven’t had much time to blog lately as I’ve been busy doing things which are mostly too boring to write about, but also making up lil vids like this behind the scenes look at the video shoot for Savage’s new single I Promise, featuring Ria for the Sione’s 2 soundtrack. A lil birdie tells me there’s a pretty dope photo shoot going down tonight for Volume magazine which will feature some of the people involved with the album. Your girl just might have to be there to document it.


summer dreaming: swimwear

On Sunday, I wore a dress on it’s own for the first time since I’ve been back. No cardi, no jacket, just a dress. I thought, summer must be coming, right? RIGHT? But then yesterday the wind was blowing so hard it practically blew my skirt over my head every time I walked outside. And everyone was like, ‘mean undies bro.’ Just kidding, no one said that. But they were thinking it. So, until summer actually arrives, I’ll just have to settle with obsessing about all things summery, starting with swimwear. I’ve spent a good few hours browsing the Seafolly and Zimmerman sites but because I’m ballin’ on a budget, I got my collage-geek on rather than my purchase on.

I had way too much fun doing this. If I had any money right now, I’d be seriously considering a one-piece, have they ever looked so good? Oh yeah, and it appears swimwear is the new lingerie.

bits & pieces

The weekly round-up of things I’ve been enjoying this week:

Dizengoff – I moaned a little earlier in the week about the difficulty of having a ‘local’ in such a sprawling city. For my mates and I Dizengoff is probably the closest thing we have to a local (though no alcohol is involved and for most of us it isn’t local at all). Even when living on the edge of the earth in Botany, the boyfriend and I would make the trip every weekend to indulge in good coffee, mushrooms, sausage and eggs and chicken bagels. I’ve been enjoying this for a minute, but it makes the cut this week cos’ I’ve been there about four times since Saturday, so it’s been extra good times.

Raspberry Choc Twists – The idea of chocolate in raspberry liquorice seems like a weird mix but whilst in New York, Che and Shirl bought this bag of goodness over and I smashed it almost entirely by myself (much to Shirl’s dismay). I figured out, with Andy’s help, why I like these so much: they taste kinda like Jelly Tips!! After one of my 5 am shifts this week, I went to the supermarket and got my re-up. Sugar headaches ensued.

River Monsters – being only semi-employed allows more time for channel surfing which means the occasional Gilmore Girls episode and becoming reacquainted with one of the most bad ass shows ever, River Monsters. Jeremy Wade is pretty gangsta, but cat-fish are not to be f**ked with.

Getting Paid – Had my first pay-cheque in almost 3 months. Not exactly ballin’ but it’s nice to see something in the ‘incoming’ bracket for once, ha.

Happy Rose Tint Year

Yep, this happened. David Dallas – The Rose Tint Deluxe, not just placing in the Top 40 albums chart, but making it into the TOP THREE!! Right there in between Susan Boyle and Six60. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for so many of you guys coming out to the Pop Up store, and everyone else around the country who made the effort to leave the house and purchase a copy, or clicked Buy Now on their iTunes – youse are choice as. Highest charting NZ Hip Hop record of 2011. So, f**k a Rose Tint Week, how bout a Rose Tint Year?? Better Living Everyone. #TintSquad!

last day: part 2

This is the greatest photo I have ever taken. Look, the dog is sitting like a human! Aaaanyway, I forgot to mention that Aaradhna performed on the last night of the pop-up store, and she was amazing:

The cutest kid in the world was also in attendance, but cared not for anything except his game:

Shirly and 2oMan share a joke together whilst DJ Che feels left out 😦


The Big Time Piggy banks before they were all sold out:

Real Groovy window display:

the last day: part 1

It was a full on and fun week at the Pop Up Store, I loved seeing the excitement on people’s faces as they got their CDs signed and watching people buy their D dot and Go Tell Your Boys tees one night, and return the next night wearing them. Or, as in the picture above, printing up their own David Dallas tee. I know my fellow regular attendees have been bemoaning that fact that we will miss having a regular spot to go to after work to just hang, eat, drink and be merry. Auckland is such a sprawling city with everyone living so far away that’s it’s hard to have a ‘local’. I suppose with summer coming up, it’s probably not such a bad thing to stop drinking beer and eating pizza EVERY night of the week. Rose Tint take-over or not, we will definitely be returning to Conch to re-up on their Acai berry smoothies.  Here are a few shots from the last day of the Rose Tint store, more to come:

Il Buco pizza. So good.

Just eating in the store, what of it?

Fans polaroid pic, cute!

So, I thought this girl and Shirly Shirl were the best dressed of the day

Pop Up Store Opening Night (video)

The TintSquad has been out in full force all week, especially on Wednesday night, with the grand opening of the Rose Tint Pop Up store. I apologise in advance to everyone not in Auckland and unable to experience the shop’s awesomeness. This video will make you really, really wish you were here. I wish you were here too.

For everyone who hasn’t hit up the store yet, you’re playin’ up bro. Spycc and INF doing it for OHS tonight, get in there!

Glamour UK Street Style

Image: Candice Lake

Ha, this is pretty buzzy. Remember when I was hanging round New York Fashion week taking snaps of other people? I got my pic taken a few times too, but apart from this one, I didn’t think any others had surfaced online. I’d started following Candice Lake back then on twitter after I realised she was one of the photogs who’d taken my picture, and she was a pretty amazing one at that, as well as a successful model and a great dresser who is herself often featured on street style blogs. It was only last week though that I clicked through on one of her Street Style links, and, after scrolling through the pages for about 5 minutes, stumbled upon the above photo. I was all, ‘holy crap, that’s me!’ and then I was all, ‘holy crap, that’s some pretty serious bitch face going on!’

I mentioned back here that I’ve had this dress for 3 years, it’s been with me to as many different countries and always makes the travel albums. Gotta love simple, bright summer dresses. Gotta love Country Road.

Pop Up Store (pictures+video)

The Rose Tint Pop Up  Store looks incredible!! I’m so excited for everyone to go in and have a look for themselves. I hope the video and pictures get you excited too. It really is something special.

The Rose Tint – Pop Up Store

To celebrate its release, The Rose Tint Deluxe Editionwill have a dedicated retail ‘Pop Up’ store in central Auckland for four days this week.

From Wednesday 16th until Saturday 19th November, Auckland based fans of Dallas’ can head to Conch Records at 115A Ponsonby Road for a music retail experience like no other. As well as being a great place for fans of Dallas to pick up a copy of The Rose Tint Deluxe Edition and some amazing exclusive Rose Tint and Duck Down Records merchandise, the ‘Pop Up’ store will host live DJs and performances from the likes of P-Money, PNC, Aaradhna, Spycc & INF, plus a special performance from David Dallas himself with his band The Daylight Robbery. David Dallas will be at the pop-up store each afternoon of the four days, talking to fans and signing copies of the album. There will also be a Playstation 3 console on hand for eager customers to test their skills on the latest Playstation release Tekken Hybrid.

Conch was chosen to host the ‘Pop Up’ store to show support and draw extra attention to all the independent music retailers in New Zealand. Customers of The Rose Tint Pop Up Store will go into the draw to win daily David Dallas and Playstation prize packs, as well as a grand prize of a VIP trip for two to Wellington to hang back stage and see David play at the 2012 Jim Beam Homegrown festival.

The Full schedule and details of the store after the jump:

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