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Month: July, 2011

winter blues

You know what’d be great? If it was warm enough for me to just walk around outside in my undies again. This whole, ‘so cold you have to wear pants’ weather is really getting me down.

Shot by Damien Nikora at Orewa beach, before I traded my summer for the cold of New York. And then traded New York’s summer for our winter…what the???


cheer me up cookies

Chocolate is always the answer for a lil pick me up – so I thought I’d try out this choc chip cookie recipe I’d seen at Cupcakes and Cashmere. The only cookies I make are American recipes, because I like how they’re chewy and soft on the inside – much like a Subway cookie, but better.

Chopped up Cadbury Energy chocolate makes the best chocolate chips.

I also wanted to make these because I’d had a couple of baking fails with a certain recipe that I will not tell you about until I am successful. As a result though my baking confidence had taken a bit of a dive, so I needed to make something really easy to get me back to feeling OK about my baking self.

The boyfriend ate about 5 as soon as they came out of the oven, so I can safely say they’re pretty good.

we only said goodbye with words

The entire Back to Black album is dedicated to the struggle of a break up and wishing for that make up. Amy covers so well the rollercoaster of emotions we can all in some way relate to. There’s the drinking binge many of us will likely try out first in the early break up stages, ‘I’m gonna lose my baby. So I always keep a bottle near,‘ Infidelity, regret and self-deprecation, ‘I cheated myself, like I knew I would. I told you I was trouble, you know I’m no good.’ Anger, self bargaining and compromise on Me & Mr Jones and Just Friends. Deep sadness, resentment and attempts to come to terms with a love lost on Back To Black, Love Is A Losing Game and Tears Dry On Their Own. They are all too brilliant to choose just one. The way she describes that desperate need to keep busy so you don’t crack apart during the day, but how all defenses are lost come night, in Wake Up Alone, stunningly accurate, no?

Run around just so I don’t have to think about thinking, that silent sense of content that everyone gets, just disappears soon as the sun sets…

Amy has that rare knack of making profound observations without being over-complicated and one of my favourite lyrics is from the title track, Back To Black, ‘We only said goodbye with words.’

Over futile odds, and laughed at by the Gods, and now the final frame, Love is a losing game. – RIP Amy Winehouse.

I’m realising that you didn’t have to f**k with me

But you did, now I’m goin’ all out kid, and I got mad love to give…

Has anyone ever come close to looking as cool as Method Man and Mary J Blige in this vid? Those against the wall shots, the way her hat’s pulled down to cover half her face, the way Meth moves when he’s performing. The boyfriend and I were talking about this video the other day, the photography, the colours, the grittiness of the shots – so I had to post it up. The song itself, well, you already know. It’s dope for such a non-cheesy love song to be so massive.

happy girls

“I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls…” – Audrey Hepburn

One of my favourite pictures. No one trying to look good. Everyone happy.

little things..

A small round up of things I’m enjoying right now.

wearing sunglasses inside. COS IM SO COOL. lolz. j/k.

Late birthday presents from Shirl: Hello Kitty shades from here, a thought book to put my many splendid thoughts in, and Book One of A Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones).

One of my sisters gave birth to her 5th child and second son, making that my fourth nephew!! He happened to be born on the same night Manu Samoa beat the Wallabies, choo hooo ! Still buzzing about that win. I managed to catch the end of the game at work, but caught up with these highlights later. Seriously, laughing out loud the whole way through it. Fyi, Danny Leo, the dude who gets yellow carded, took me to his High School ball. It was one of those his Dad knew my Dad and set us up ones, I think he was low-key gutted LOL.

Writing letters on this envelope and notelet set from Pencil boutique. Super cute store, stationery lovers will die.

Catching my brother on the 90 minute Shortland Street Special riding shotgun with TK. Shot bro! How was that scene with Sarah giving birth in the paddock? Too funny.

Tau starring in Shortland Street

Things I’m not enjoying right now: Going for a routine drive to the supermarket and arriving back at home with a smashed car window. I don’t know how it happened, but the boyfriend was dark on me all day.

OHS represent

I have again been plagued by the dreaded internet cap. Since my blogging capabilities are limited, allow me to direct your attention to two other blogs I read on the reg, assuming you do not already frequent them yourselves. The running theme being that we are all former students/gals of Onehunga High School and we all, as you will find, love to eat. The not-so running theme, they are both highly talented and creative, me – not so much.

Lovelorn Unicorn is what I wish my blog looked like. Kate has such a great way of making everything look SO pretty and she chooses the best fashion, food, art and other cute bits and pieces to feature. One of my favourite posts is The Paper Factory. I also love her 27 Things list, and the fact it indicates she is yet to get her Learners License. I was once a non-driver for so long myself and was always happy to meet others who couldn’t drive.

Heartbreak Pie is mouth-watering stuff. I only recently clicked that the author of the blog was Delaney, whom I went to school with. She began the blog to cure heartbreak, and now she’s heartbreak free (yay!) she likes to just casually blow peoples minds with posts like Pastamania. She’s also pretty charming and funny and a good writer – this is a good place to start to introduce yourself to the site. I haven’t tried any of the recipes myself because, well, I’m lazy. But if you’re so inclined may I recommend chocolate cream-cheese cupcakes or perhaps Limoncello Ice Cream.

OHS Represent!

“not for a first date”

About five courses in to our ten course meal at The French Cafe, the boyfriend stops and says ‘This is not somewhere you go on a first date.’ I may have replied something along the lines of, um..yeah, no shit babe. Tis true, however. It’s pretty flash and all was thoroughly enjoyed, especially the feijoa sorbet. Also, three desserts. THREE DESSERTS. I need say no more.

In other ‘things people bought me’ news, my sisters ordered me in a signed print of ‘Chronic Bitchface‘ which I’m sure some of you have seen me go on about on here before, love it! I was also at the Tri Nations All Black squad announcement, pretty stoked to see Ali Williams announced as part of the team after being unavailable due to injury for 2 and a half years. He says not knowing whether he was ever going to put on an All Blacks jersey again was a pretty deep and dark period of his life and it’s always inspiring to see people overcome such obstacles. I’ve always held a soft spot for him because a) he’s super tall and b) because of this Shot Then post. Remember Shot Then? Good Times.

Lani Says x Arcade

Set goals, achieve them. Dream dreams, live them.

It’s funny how a chance encounter can change the course of your life. With the question, ‘Do you do Communications?’ I met Mike Hall in my first year of Uni. From there he took me to my first rap-battle comp, showed me hiphopnz, introduced me to life-long friends and great new music. He’s also partly responsible for the boyfriend and I meeting and they can both take some credit for my first purchase of Nike Blazers. It seems fitting because that same influence over my social life and musical and fashion taste seems to have been extended to influencing a part of Auckland too. I left the city for a year and came back to find he’d become some kind of party events extraordinaire with Joel Coombs and Scratch 22 under the moniker The ARC. Still, the real dream was to open their own shop. And after talking about it for a bit, they just did it. Cool story ay? Meet Mike and Joel, owners of Arcade:

Arcade is our new skate shop on 22 Cross street, it’s something that we thought was missing in the city, an independent community owned spot and something that we could use as a platform for our various projects. We’ve been doing the ARC parties for the last 3 years and we really felt that our creative community has cemented through that and we wanted to give it a physical location.

I grew up skating and loved and always went to the skate shops. I’d come into the city from Waiheke and go on a loop between all the different places around. You could hang out, you could talk to pros, learn about new music, new fashion, all that kind of stuff. That’s kind of been missing from Auckland for the last ten years or so. We’re bringing it back.

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we’ve been too strong for too long

If you can’t be without someone, then don’t be. Pretty simple really.