Lani Loves – music & random linkages

by lei


Nick ’41’ Maclaren has not only released a super dope instrumental EP available for free-download here – he’s also come with possibly the best art-work this year, maybe ever. When Nick asked on his fb page for someone to “please draw me a picture of a Pterodactyl with grills in its mouth smoking a blunt and attacking a city.” I thought he was joking. But he said he’d never joke about something like that. Funnily enough he had two guys offer him up artwork. “Never in my life would I think I’d have to let a dude down for drawing me a weed smoking terrorist pterodactyl”.

  Lil insider info : the guy who designed the ‘Pterror Dak Trill’ artwork, Tim Checkley, also did Frontline’s ‘What You Expect’ cover. 



From one half of Frontline to the other, young D Dot sets a new track loose. ‘My Mentality’ featuring Freddie Gibbs is not the first single, but a lil taste of what’s to come from his upcoming album ‘Fallin Into Place’. Listen to it on soundcloud or buy it on iTunes. Up2ug.

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And OMG Sriracha sauce! Please find below x2 articles on New Ways to Use Sriracha sauce!!! (there is a recipe for sriracha mayo & sriracha popcorn in there)


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So, of course the thing I’ve loved most this week has been the whole #movewithnike experience, getting to exercise in the most insane surroundings whilst staying at Qualia on Hamilton Island. But that’s at least another 2 posts on their own, so I’ll leave it there. Happy Monday everyone.