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Month: November, 2012

Wellington Eating : Fidels

Eggs Florentine with salmon and a hash brown on the side

Fidels on Cuba Street is my favourite spot in Wellington. It holds a special place in my heart because it was pretty much my local when I lived there. My Aro Street flatties and I would feast at Fidels pretty much every weekend, a high percentage of our time there spent hung-over. In my books, if you’re in Wellington – a trip to Fidels is mandatory. The outdoor seating areas are surrounded in camouflage netting, Fidel and Cuba related clippings and artwork, rust and khaki coloured tin and hanging pot plants which birds fly in and out of. Everything on the menu is great, but the counter treats and sweets are also very tempting. For me though, it’s all about their big home-made style hash-browns. Whatever you order, make sure you get a hash-brown on the side.

Bean and scrambled egg burrito

Eggs Florentine with Avocado, hash brown on the side.

oreo donuts

Grilled haloumi, with chutney on toast, hash brown on the side (of course), poached egg.

A mini door beside one of the outside tables, one of the many cool details throughout the cafe.





Saben – Portraits of Style

(Image: Hawes & FreerMe – Lover of good food, great coffee and rap-lyric-lip-syncing – posing with Saben’s Marley hangbag.

For Saben’s Winter 13 Collection Campaign, the label asked a bunch of stylish friends to be a part of a series titled ‘Portraits of Style’, where they posed with their favourite Saben bag. I was surprised but super stoked to be asked to part of the campaign, which included stylist Kylie Cooke, Sacha Young from Coup De Main and Alex & Mino from Four Eyes. The big reveal coincided with the opening of Ponsonby Central on Tuesday, which I didn’t go to cos I’ve been sick most of this week (waa!) but I was able to spot a bunch of images from the campaign over on the Hawes & Freer blog.

We were also asked to re-brand our job titles for the portraits, which is where the ‘Lover of good food, great coffee and rap-lyric-lip-syncing,’ comes in.

(Image: Hawes & FreerStylist, Kylie Cooke with the Dylan handbag

What’s Good in Your Hood : Spycc’s Onehunga

Onehunga : something old, something new #SWIDT

‘What’s Good in Your Hood’ is an idea I’ve wanted to do for ages now. I think everyone, no matter what neighbourhood you live in, will claim their hood is the best at something – whether that be the hood with the best bakery (Mangere Bridge Hong Kong Bakery wuttup!!) or you have the best dairy with the best 50 cent lolly mixes, or the best places to skate or run. Whatever it is, if you’re a local then no doubt you’ll be telling people where to go when they come to your area-code.

This is essentially what ‘What’s Good in Your Hood’ will be. My first ‘episode’ if you will, features one of Onehunga’s finest: Spycc. His EP ‘Self Progression’ is one of my fave releases of the year. His song, Beautiful Garbage, is one of my favourite songs of the year.

Spycc was kind enough to take me on a quick tour of a few places you should definitely check out if you’re ever in the vicinity.

Where: DressSmart Smart Sushi Stand / What to buy: Tuna Onigiri

The first place, which I wholeheartedly co-sign, is the DressSmart sushi stand – but more specifically, the Tuna Onigiri. No where can fuxx with this place when it comes to Tuna Onigiri. Most people come here just for that, and it can sell out around 2:30/ 3 PMish, though the other sushi is nice too. Spycc gets the Teriyaki chicken as well. A couple of tuna onigiri’s, with heaps of soy-sauce (which you have to ask for, btw) and I’m set. They do sell chicken and salmon onigiri too, but it’s all about the classic for me. Def make a stop here.

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Wellington Eating: Pickle

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes & Donuts in a Bag.

It seemed a bit hard for people to get their heads around when they’d ask me why I was going to Wellington, and I’d reply simply, ‘to eat.’ There was no other reason, nothing was happening, there was just one place in particular I really wanted to try, and it happens to be in Wellington. So Shirl and I booked really cheap flights to Wellington months earlier, and here we are, such is my love for food – and eating it.

My friend Megan, on hearing we were coming just to eat our way around Wellington for the weekend, wrote up a guide of places to visit – you should check it out if you’re going to the Windy Capital any time soon. What’s not included on that list however, but which she told me about later, is Pickle. It’s a tough call, but it might have been the highlight of the visit.

The Pickle menu is reasonably priced and the food portions small enough that you can order a whole bunch of different things to try, so as to not have food fomo, without breaking the bank. For snacks we ordered salt and vinegar fries with onion dip, curried kumara crisps and a plate o pickles.

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Levi’s dress & the Wellington bucket fountain

If you didn’t catch it from my instagram or twitter, I spent the weekend in Wellington. Why? To eat. But more on that later. On our way from Fidel’s to Six Barrel Soda Co. I decided to take a few snaps in front of the Cuba Mall Bucket Fountain.

The dress I’m wearing is Levi’s. It’s a dress that’s been given to a select few bloggers from around the globe to see the unique ways each of us can style the same dress, so expect to see a few more pics of me in this. Wellington always requires extra warmth, so I went with my fave ‘Rose-Tint’ sweater from American Apparel over top, ASOS boots, Liam coat, Lindi Kingi bracelets and Ray-Ban sunnies.

Shouts to Shirl for the perfect pictures.

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Aaradhna x Lani Says : The Treble & Reverb Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Aaradhna earlier this year after having a sneak preview of her album, Treble & Reverb. As you’ll find below, she was very open and candid about her long absence from music. She had in fact quit music altogether by 2007, and was just doing, as she put it, the ‘girlfriend thing’ with her partner Leon in Romania, who was there to play basketball.

It was only when she made a youtube channel, out of boredom and to fill her days while Leon was at training, that she began to write music again, and realised people were still listening out for her. Check my interview, and more stunning photos, with her below:

You told me that you’d quit music. What brought you to that point?

When I quit, I did it because I just didn’t wanna do music anymore. I quit because I couldn’t take criticism. I was real sensitive. Anytime anyone said that I sucked, I really took it to heart. That’s why I quit, because I couldn’t handle all that stuff. When I started making music again, the true fans were still checking up on me and wanted to hear more stuff from me. I thought ‘Oh, I should do it for all the people that want to hear my stuff, plus, music is what I wanna do.’ I shouldn’t have let negative people stop me from doing what I really love doing.

Did you remember that you actually really enjoyed it too, when you started doing it again?

Yeah, it was a release for me because I didn’t write music for a while. When I started writing music, there was nothing else I was doing at the time too. Whenever I finish writing a song, I always feel complete, it’s like, ‘ahhhh,’ it’s hard to explain.

It’s like nothing you get out of anything else you do in life?

Yeah, it’s like people get excited about riding roller-coasters, but that’s [writing music] what I get excited about. When I finish a song and I really like it, it’s like ‘I gotta use this song for something.’ That’s how I feel, ‘I gotta use this song for something’, I can’t just keep it to myself.

I thought it might have been when you went to the States, that might have put you off a bit?

There was a whole bunch of things. When I went to the States, all the criticism, that was all in my head as well. But I thought, America, I’m gonna try and do something and get over all that stuff. I thought something was really gonna happen, but it didn’t work out. The people I was with, they were all good people and they had good intentions but it just didn’t work out the way I wanted it to work out. That’s when I started getting homesick as well, I started missing my family. It was just me and Leon, and it’s just a different world over there, it’s too fast.

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drop waist dress & kicks

I already know I’m gonna wear the crap out of this dress all summer. I only got it last week and I’ve already worn it three days in a row. As much as I love fancy, sparkly things, this is my everyday steez. Simple, versatile, cute and…short. Always short haha.

Oh, btw, I was coming down with a cold when these pics were taken so in most of the shots I look either semi-drunk or semi-asleep. These are the pics with the least lazy facial expressions, sorryboutit. All images by Penina.

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bits & pieces – the week in review

Images: SnapStar

I’ve been sipping on a vodka soda for the last hour and getting distracted by re-runs of the Graham Norton show, which partly explains why it’s taken me so long to post this up. Oh yeah, wattup, that’s me in the AUT Rookie Show, just casually. I was glad to be walking in it, but I also wish I could have just watched from the audience too, it seemed like it’d be a fun show to observe with so many different styles on show.

Yep, what of it?


Spasifik Magazine did a feature on me, which you can view on their website here, you can also buy the magazine at all good retailers. Word on the street is you can grab a copy at Mangere Pak’N’Save. w00p!

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Talia’s Treats: Honey Oat Bars

Talia made her kiddies some honey oat bars the other day, so decided to share the recipe with us. Yay for her and us! Check out her blog for all the other delicious things she’s been making, maybe she’ll decide to share some of those recipes with us too ! 🙂

Honey Oat Bars
125g butter
1 heaped tbsp honey
1/2 cup raw or brown sugar
1/2 cup coconut
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup sultanas
1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder

Combine oats, sultanas, sifted flour, baking powder, and coconut in basin. Melt butter, honey, and sugar together and mix into dry ingredients until mixture clings together. Press evenly over base of lined, rectangular slice tin. Bake in moderate oven 15 to 20 minutes or until golden. Cut into bars while hot, remove from tin when cold.

sequin party dress & ruby heels

I’ve gotten all magpie with my choices in clothing lately, as is evidenced by my new boohoo sequin party dress, from their new Boutique range. This is easily the sparkliest dress I’ve ever owned…well duh, it is entirely covered in sequins.

And I’m utterly with love with my Ruby bonbon heels. That is all. (Images by Penina)