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Month: July, 2013

Move With Nike – Day 1 on Hamilton Island / Qualia Resort

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My picks of the boohoo Future Sport range


 The boohoo ‘Future Sport’ range is the range I was most excited about when I went to Sydney earlier this year to get a little sneak peek at future boohoo lines. It also took the longest to come out, so I’m excited that it’s finally here.

My favourite pieces are the separates, I’d pair the long sleeved crop tops with body-con midi skirts, or the mesh panelled baggy pants, like the ones in the picture above. Those are pretty bad-ass right? Shop the range here, & check out some of my faves below. Read the rest of this entry »

Lani Loves – fitness challenges, fashion week build-up, tea, omelettes & a zonkey!!!


How exciting. Fashion Week hype is beginning.

FIrst, The Marr Factory is back this year, a series of in-season runway shows curated by Stephen Marr with Karen Walker, Zambesi, Nom*D, Helen Cherry, Workshop & Kate Sylvester all taking part. The shows sold out last year, so get your tickets here. Also, Courvoisier has aligned with the Marr Factory, which I’m pretty excited about, because it gives me the chance to say ‘pass the Courvoisier’ like Busta Rhymes, Diddy & Mr T IRL! The shows sold out last year, so grab your tickets here quick smart.

Also, tickets for the NZ Fashion Weekend have gone on sale too. My pick is the A.OK K.Rd show – bringing together four designers from one of our most (in)famous and diverse streets, Karangahape Road : Jimmy D, Hailwood, Lela Jacobs & Maiike.  Oh, and Annah Stretton is hosting a gay marriage, during her catwalk show, titled ‘Come On Oz, Say I Do.’ Orrr, if you just feel like getting on it for the weekend, you could always just head along to the Fashion Weekend Opening Night Partay, up2ug.


So, on a completely different topic, I got my measurements / body-fat percentage taken again. This is about a month after I set my initial ‘new’ fitness goals, and failed miserably by continuing to eat whatever the hell I wanted to, which happened to be a lot of junk, hence hitting the *refresh* button (or is ctrl+alt+delete more accurate in this case?) on this whole fitness thing. So yes, my new goals are now in place, again. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Shopping, hearts, Nike Air Max camos & romwe - Lani Says - I heart.Click to view Lani Says – I heart. on GLOSSI.COM

The weekend is for sleeping in, relaxing, good coffee and shopping.

I had a play around last night with making an online magazine – click the picture or link above to have a look at all the pretty heart shaped or heart adorned jewellery, dresses, jumpers & handbags I’m loving right now.

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Talia’s Treats : Mini Pavs


Editors note: These are the best freaking pavs I’ve ever had, they are the perfect mixture of soft and chewy and the dark chocolate gives it that extra, super duper scrumptiousness. Blaow. Chur Talia.


4 egg whites / 1 cup sugar / 150g dark chocolate, chopped

Beat the egg whites on high. Once frothy, start adding the sugar a couple of tablespoons at a time. Continue beating until white, stiff and glossy, and all the sugar is dissolved – if you rub a little between your fingers it should be smooth. If its still grainy, keep beating. Fold the chopped chocolate through the meringue mix.

Preheat the oven to 150C. Place rounded spoonfuls on a paper lined tray. Bake 40mins – 1hr. The longer you cook them, the crisper the shell. I like them slightly soft and chewy, so I only cook them for 40mins at the most.

Serve with whipped cream, and either a berry compote or fresh fruit.


California Design, Open Late at the Auckland Art Gallery

californiadesign_togs1californiadesign_deskcaliforniadesign_shelf californiadesign_table2californiadesign_tigers californiadesignpolaroid

On Tuesday, I went along to the first of three Open Late events the Auckland Art Gallery is running for the exhibition ‘California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way‘. It’s the first major study of California mid-century design, and the exhibits range from furniture, fashion, homeware and graphic design.

You’re allowed to take photos as long as you don’t use a flash, and as you can see from the pics I chose to take, I was most drawn to the furniture and fashion. And by that I mean, I just wanted it all in my home. I kept forgetting that this was an art exhibit, and made a mental shopping list of everything I wanted to buy, clothes included – it’s crazy how much of the fashion would totally work today. I think a lot of people went home that night inspired to re-decorate their homes. My favourite part was the different styles of fashion, swimsuits, day-dresses, and matching pant & crop-tops, hanging together mid-air, but other fun things like retro game-boards, the original Barbie and Ken dolls (!!) the polaroid camera and an early design of the Oscar statuette are also highlights. I took way more photos, but I didn’t want to ruin it for you and take away all element of surprise, so it’s best you head along yourself for a look 🙂

The next Open Late event is on the 20th of August, with Kate Sylvester as the special guest speaker, and a live performance by Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes. Check out the Auckland Art Gallery or EventFinda for more info.


#boohooDIY : Festival Aztec Pattern

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Lani Loves – slides in Sicily, stationery & beautifying oil

citta del mare

My girl Shirl sent me this pic of the hotel Citta del Mare in Sicily. Shall we book in now?

I’m also loving late and great birthday presents over long lunches, an overload of home-made baking, both at work, with the family and whilst watching the X-Factor finals (Go Benny!) movie date nights, weekend sleep ins, morning hugs and moments that make you double over with laughter.

You know what else I’m loving? Going into the mall with the purpose of buying a scarf, not buying a scarf, but instead coming out with a bag full of stationery from Typo and lovely smelling products from The Body Shop, ooops! / yay!

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Weekend Window Shopping – Miss Crabb, Ruby & Cats


Here is my fantasy shopping list for the weekend, perhaps you can indulge yourself a little too :

Would quite like to buy all of the yellow Miss Crabb items, which happens to be 30 % off right now.


Rather keen on grabbing these outfits from the Ruby & Liam Spring 2013 collections, which arrived in store and online just last week. Have a look for yourself here. 


Also kind of obsessed with a bunch of various cat related items, check it:


1. Cat clothes hanger 2. Cat earrings. 3. Tabby Mug 4. Cat cushion! 5. Cat handbag 6. Pirate Cat Print

Cool People Do Cool Things – Ngahuia & Jemma @ N Model Management

NGAJEM3(Images of Ngahuia & Jemma by Katrina Lousi)

You have almost certainly seen Ngahuia Williams on various large billboards and in countless magazines and television ads. The woman has dominated the fashion scene as a model for as long as I can remember. She, together with longtime friend Jemma Murray, is now more than two years deep in a more behind the scenes capacity. The two buds founded N Model Management in 2011, an agency that also boasts local legends like Penny Pickard and Georgia Fowler on its books. I remember watching with interest when N Model Management was first launched, thinking what balls it must take to go out on your own so publicly, with no guarantee of success.

quote3I got the two ladies together to talk about what led them to start up their own modelling agency, and to get a bit of an insight into the life of a model agent, and what it takes to start your own business :

Ngahuia : When I first had the idea, it was something really vague, it wasn’t really planned solidly. I used to go hang out at Jemma’s house a lot, and we talked a lot about ideas on what we’d like to do in the future. We sat there one night, and I said what I’d like to do, and Jems said she’d support me, and that we could do it together. I thought that was really cool, so we did. It was really disorganised at the time, and we just threw ourselves into it, and it just happened.

Jemma : Yeah, it was very quick, and unplanned. I think we gave ourselves two weeks, because I had two kids, and so I said, ‘Two weeks, I’ll get the kids into daycare” basically, and that’s what we did. We started with no real plan, a very random, last minute idea and we just went with it.

You’ve been a model for so long, what made you take that leap?

Ngahuia : When I started the agency, I worked for a small amount of time at 62 Models as a booker, and I really enjoyed that side. Before I was a booker, I worked on a few cycles of NZ Top Model, mentoring the girls, and I just really enjoyed that side of things. Watching people grow and booking them on jobs is really exciting. Instead of doing it for yourself, I find doing things for others a bit more rewarding, so that’s why I did it. And I’m good at it.

Did you have any idea about what you were getting yourself into?

Jemma: None. Zero. I’d never even contemplated having anything to do with this industry, it was very random.


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