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Month: December, 2011

the best songs of 2011 to party to at New Years

Oh, hey there. Merry Christmas and all that. As the new year looms ever so closer I thought I’d get on this list making bandwagon and put together something that will very likely be the playlist my friends and I will see in the new year to. These are the songs we’ve listened to pretty much on repeat since they came out, the songs we blast before we go out to town, and the songs we harass DJ 09 to play every time we’re at Hitch haha!!

DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – I’m On One

The perfect song for that time of the year when everyone will be ‘on one’. As soon as Khaled sings, ‘get em up’ you’ll be raising your plastic glasses and asking whoever’s next to you, ‘what’s up with your best friend?’

Best lines to rap out loud to: “I walk around the club, f**k everybody”  & “So get it while you here boy, cos all that hype don’t feel the same next year boy”

Meek Mill  feat. Rick Ross – I’m A Boss

Oh man, so many times have I jumped around the club like a lunatic rap-singing to this song, no doubt I was off-beat and shouting the wrong lyrics but that’s not the point. The point is the self-affirmation of singing “I’m a Boss” repeatedly, and putting your arms around friends and sharing a moment about popping bottles and models. hmmm.

Best lines to rap out loud to: Meek Mill’s entire first verse,  & “f**k a blog dog, cos’ one day we gon’ meet” + “scared money don’t make no money, if I ever go broke, I’ma take your money”.

Jay-Z & Kanye – Ni***s in Paris

We’re all gonna be dancing round like this dude once this song drops. That shit cray!

Best lines to rap out loud to: Yeah, all of it. Personal faves : “That shit cray, ain’t it Jay? What she order, fish fillet?” & “bourgeois girl, grab her hand, f**k that bitch, she dont wanna dance, excuse my French but I’m in France, I’m just sayin.’

Future – Tony Montana 

The first time I heard this song, I was like ‘why’s his voice sound funny?’ Oh, it’s cos’ he’s rapping in a Tony Montana accent LOL. I enjoy how the concept of the song has been taken so literally, with ‘you leave me no choice’ as part of the hook and Future taking over the streets fresh off the banana boat.

Best lines to rap out loud to: “I know Sosa” & “I’m bout to cop a tiger, and put it in a castle.”

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the year in photobooth

So, yeah, I know how eat-arse this is but it was actually kinda fun too. While normal people tend to use the mirror to check how they look before they go out, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing that on photo-booth. I don’t do it every time I leave the house, generally only when I’m wearing make-up to check I don’t look too clownish and to make sure my hair doesn’t look too stupid. I was worried I was the only person who did this, but you guys made me feel like I was not alone on my facebook page, thanks!

Going through these I realised a few things :

1)  I really like khaki green, especially my Uniqlo khaki green jacket.  2) I really like pink. 3) I wear the same things a lot. 4) I’ve been making the effort to smile more. 5) Despite previous said efforts, there is still a lot of bitch-face going on. 6) The majority of these are taken in New York, which means I don’t wear make-up that often in NZ, partly because I’m always sleeping in and running late for work so run out of time to do so, and partly because being in another country makes me feel like dressing up more. 7) bright lipstick is fun.

Volume Magazine cover shoot : Sione’s 2

Hey, so I don’t know if you guys have heard yet… but apparently christmas is on the way? I dropped into Frequency’s offices a couple of weeks back though, and it seemed christmas had already arrived. A table spread full of island soul food, moet, peroni, a christmas tree full of decorations, and a bunch of cool people gathered in one place. My boy Sam Wicks, or Swizzy – as I like to call him, is the editor of Volume magazine and invited me around to grab some behind the scenes shots for their big Sione’s 2 special cover. The stars of the movie and soundtrack were all on hand to enjoy the taro and roasted pig and make me – and you guys once you see the pics – very hungry. Shot swicks. The Volume Sione’s 2 special is out tomorrow.

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bits & pieces

Early Christmas Shopping: I think this is the first year I’ve ever completed all my christmas shopping before christmas eve. And it feels sooo good!

Christmas Tree Lanterns: I bought these lanterns from Typo. I love looking at them!!

Interviews: I did three interviews this week that I reckon you guys will find super interesting and I can’t wait to get them up on the site.

Pies & Coke: Tis’ the season where many of us will be waking up with a headache in the morning and saying, ‘man, I need a pie.’ And, can pies ever taste as good without a can of coke? No. No they can’t.




new christmas traditions (franklin lights & nishiki)

Last year a bunch of friends and I met up at Nishiki in Freemans Bay for a ‘family’ christmas get together, if you will. Following the dinner was an impromptu stroll to Franklin Road to look at all the lights, and to yell ‘MERRRRY CHRISTMAS’ loudly at strangers and ‘HO HO HO’ to each other. Sounds slightly lame, but we were actually in fits of laughter and it was good vibes all round. We had so much fun, we decided to make it a christmas tradition, and repeated the shenanigans this year. Next year I’ll try to not start work at 5 in the morning the next day, so more sake can be consumed. I think Nishiki is my favourite Japanese joint, though the Botany branch is way better than the city one.

Ebi Mayo

Beef Amiyaki

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On the set of the Pilot cover shoot

I love PILOT, it’s the best looking magazine we have by far, the design and photography featured is always impeccable. So, I think I was more excited than David to learn he’d be not just be shooting a feature for them, but would be on their cover. The editor, Andy Pickering, let me come along and take some shots on set. I haven’t seen any of the pictures inside the magazine yet, but check out the cover here. It was shot by Guy Coombes and styled by Emma Gleason. I’m sure you’ll agree the team did an amazing job. I gotta say, I could get used to seeing the boyfriend in three piece suits. Issue #6 is out today at Mag Nation, and available nationwide on the 19th.

As was said by one of my workmates today, so often the best people are the victims of the worst human behaviour.

One of the loveliest people you could ever meet, a greatly respected, admired and well loved colleague at Radio New Zealand was killed this weekend. Thoughts go out to his family, friends and those in the Wellington newsroom. The late shift will never be the same. You will be missed Phil.

mo’ Tanpopo

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How strange, I thought I’d put this up this already, but I think wordpress ate my blog post! Nothing much to say, already talked about Tanpopo over here, but the pics are too yummo not to share. I apologise to all those with empty stomachs looking at this.

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Farmageddon Part 2

As the girls and I crossed the road to walk up the hill that would take us to Farmageddon one of the security guards told us we were the calmest looking ladies he’d seen all day. When we arrived we quickly realised what he was talking about, the crowd were definitely on one. We got there just as The Daylight Robbery took to the stage and when David came on it went nuts, people came running down and rolling (lol!) down the hill. The best part was seeing all the crew who printed off their own #TintSquad tees and singlets.

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The Daylight Robbery x Poisndart

Far, check out these hunks on their model swag. It appears some of The Daylight Robbery band have been moonlighting as models for new Auckland streetwear brand Poisndart. The video lookbook, Cheap Cologne and a Cocaine Ego, features Toma, Ron, Jordache and 2oMan touting the brand’s wares whilst chilling in the studio, playing on the SEGA megadrive and seedily eyeing up some hot-dogs. The smoothness of the Fire & Ice beat alone is reason enough to check the video.

Fellas, check out the online store here. Ladies, perhaps you’ll find something to put under the christmas tree for the boyfriend? Hell, I can even see a few of you cool girls rockin’ the Mascot crew. I’m into it: