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Month: October, 2011

been past due for a change…

“You got a dream, you need to chase that, we need to bounce ASAP, they say you only get one shot, believe I’m gonna take that, and make that.”

This is one of my faves off The Rose Tint, partly because it captures a very real time in our lives. All the little details in there, from the tape adaptor plugged into the iphone, to getting rid of the Nikes and all the ‘useless shit’ on Trade Me, to a conversation about just needing to get out of here, the need for change – that first verse isn’t just some words strung together, it all actually happened. It makes the song so much sweeter seeing that verse played out in New York, the destination that had been set as a goal while we lived in a one bedroom apartment in 2009. We didn’t yet know how it was going to happen, but we knew it would.

The second verse? Well, that happened too, but that ain’t got shit to do with me 😉 P.S. This is the second time I’ve played a bitch in one of Dave’s clips, remember this?



Only in New York. Last night I met up with the crew at the Bowery Poetry Club to get into some Drag Queen Bingo. It was so much fun. We arrived early and caught old poet and actor Taylor Mead, who spoke non-stop on stage, making humorous quips about New York living and read poetry that seemed to be largely about anal sex. Bingo cards were $2 each, with each card sold going into the pool for cash winnings at the end of the night. If you win Bingo, you have to get up on stage and be subjected to a bit of mocking by the hosts who were hilarious and incredibly sharp. Somehow, Katherine, Isaac and myself all won something – the prizes including a toilet cleaner, a porcelain doll and a giant Garfield face, although I was the unfortunate one who had to participate in a dance battle to get mine. Still, I’ll take that over three other lucky Bingo winners who, to win their prize, had to go completely naked on stage, save for just one small paper plate to cover their bits. We were also celebrating Katherine’s birthday, with a trip to The Meatball Shop and an ice cream cookie ending the night perfectly.

our swag of prizes
Our swag of prizes

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cometh the hour, cometh the man

I’m not gonna lie, I got a little bit emo-tional watching this. I think for every New Zealander around the world, those final ten minutes of the game might just have been the most intense sporting minutes we’ve ever witnessed, and this video so perfectly demonstrates that. The intensity of course being amplified in New Zealand. It wasn’t just the game, it was the heavy burden of history that came with it – the more than 20 years of being the best team but still coming up short, and the terrible year New Zealand has endured. It had to be done, for Greymouth, for the Bay of Plenty and for Christchurch most of all. As the creators of the video say, Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script than this.

I was holed up in a tiny bar in Alphabet City on the Lower East Side, the metal doors down, blocking any exit – not that anyone was going to leave. We only realised the bar was illegally showing the game when, during the haka, the bar manager told us all to be quiet because the cops were outside. It was perfect timing really, being forced to watch the haka in silence, to soak it all up – the challenge, the challenge being met. It was bloody beautiful. The bar was equal parts kiwi and French and in those final moments, the calls of “Allez la France!” grew louder while the kiwis grew more and more silent, stunned, holding our breath, hoping to just HOLD ON. Until finally, exhale. WE WON!!!

I’m usually terrible with FOMO (fear of missing out) but it didn’t bother me that night, as I caught a taxi back to Harlem at 6 30 in the morning, reading all the celebratory tweets, I could go to sleep happy knowing that the rest of the country was happy, and deserved to be. GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!

go the all blacks

I hope that everyone in NZ has a safe long weekend, plenty of playin’ up and epic celebrations. I’ll be finding as many kiwis as possible to watch the game with at 4 am on Sunday here in NYC. In the meantime, let’s celebrate David’s video being placed on YouTube’s music homepage in the USA. Oh, and GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!



pho grand

If there’s one thing I know, and I mean truly and absolutely, without a doubt know about myself, it’s that I am not a morning person. By that I mean waking up in the morning. Staying up til the wee hours is what I’m all about. What does this have to do with Pho Grand? Nothing. It’s just I’m writing this post at 5:21 am, and I feel more awake now than I would at 9am after a full nights sleep. You know what else would make me feel more awake at 5 am? Pho Grand. Nice segue ay? Or was it? I don’t know, it’s 5 in the morning. And every time I see the words ‘5 in the morning’ I think of Pretty Ricky. Ugh, this is the worst. segue. ever.

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The All Blacks + The Australian Bar

Photo: Stuff

We ventured into enemy territory last night/early this morning, The Australian Bar, getting there just before 2 am to watch the Kiwis vs Australia League game…nek minnit half time and no points. That’s when the Australians started coming up to us, asking if we were feeling nervous yet. The other common question was, “why the hell would you come HERE to watch the game?” Answers: No, we’re not feeling nervous, and we’re here because it’s going to be great seeing you guys cry when you lose. All rivalry and half-jokes aside, the Ozzies we talked to were hilarious and good-natured, even if the friendships built up before the game were forgotten as soon as the whistle blew. The mood in that bar during the haka was electrifying.

We’d managed to find a little corner of Kiwi supporters, where I caught up with an old friend I went to High School with (Hi Zeb!) and we cracked up at all the stupid things we did in school and buzzed out at how after all these years the place we meet up is in New York, at an Australian Bar, watching the All Blacks. (Mangere Bridge represent). It was also great because his brother in law and friends are Australian, so we got to witness some next level abuse hurled back and forth with no fear of a fight breaking out. We had an American with us who’d never watched rugby in his life before, and his assessment of the game was simply, “Y’all cuss a lot man!”

Oh, and the bar had Steinlager! And then ran out of Steinlager!! (Don’t ever, ever drink Moa Beer, even in times of desperation). The Ozzies were gracious in defeat, and we were gracious in our win, because, well, we were outnumbered. All in all it was a brilliant night, or morning rather, climbing into bed at 7am after consuming the best tasting Turkey sandwich in the world. GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!

the meatball shop

The boyfriend left early this morning for New Zealand, and I woke up to an empty apartment. But that’s only cos I got up at 2pm hahaha. Lucky for me my friends Shirl and Che have decided to extend their stay in NYC for an extra week, which means I can defer my ‘only the lonely’ status for a week longer also. I’m gonna have to stop going to bed at 5am so I can keep up with these guys though, they’ll fit into a week what most people fit into a month. More company means more exploring of the city, and more eating out – we all went to The Meatball Shop last week. As long as you don’t go during the dinner rush, you’ll be fine, otherwise expect an hour or more wait to be seated. I’m such a sucker for all things miniature, so of course I got the Sliders. The risotto is soo good.

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brooklyn bridge

I first visited NYC in 2008 and got all the tourist stuff out of the way then. The city is so alive, with so much to see and do that every other time I’ve been here I’ve had no desire to repeat ‘the tourist experience’. Pretending to be a local, and acting like you know what you’re doing, even when you don’t, is far more fun. In saying that, my fondest tourist moment was walking the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s so good. It gives you a great sense of the scope and grandness of the city. I tell everyone who comes to NYC to make sure they do it. In 2008 I walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn, this time we caught the train to Brooklyn and walked to Manhattan. The experience wasn’t quite the same this time though as there’s a bunch of construction and scaffolding that blocks part of your view on the Brooklyn end of the bridge. But don’t let that put you off, the walk is still choice as.

Make sure you pick up a Mango Flower to eat on your way over. Also make sure you have someone on hand to let you know that you have lipstick all over your face once you’re finished.

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I really hope Topshop expand their crayon lipsticks to include more colours because I’m really enjoying wearing them. I just acquired the “thrilled” lipstick and am loving the peachiness of it. I suck at most things girly like doing my hair, nails and make up but these lipsticks are super easy to apply, they stay on forever and they’re really matte, which is how I like them. Even if you don’t have the greatest variety of outfits, like myself, a different colour lip will change the vibe of your look completely.

I’m also enjoying wearing brighter lips cos I don’t feel like I need to bother with any other make-up, which is perfect for someone as lazy as me.

farmers market

I decided to get my ass outside today and check out the Union Square greenmarkets. It’s nice to be surrounded by greenery and flowers and all things bright and fresh.

Had a quick sit down in the park afterwards and chased down some squirrels for a photoshoot.

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