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Month: September, 2011

what are yooouusse up to?

I’m trying to teach myself how to video edit. But I get easily distracted.


girl smiley

So, looks like I took my own advice and started smiling. Almost didn’t recognise myself. I spotted this on the Real Beauty website, where, according to them, I was amongst some of the women with the “chicest hair and makeup trends.” My lipstick is Topshop ‘Rapturous’. Cheeeese. One more smiley pic for the road? Oh, OK, go on then..

Stolen from Isaac Likes.

note to self: someone else’s failure…

does not make you a success.

I really love Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Manifesto. There is a lot in there that’s really useful, so I hope you check it out for yourself if you haven’t already. I suppose this is my little expansion on ‘Never delight in anyone else’s misery.’ It’s a really bad habit of mine to compare myself to others, to measure my successes and failures against other peoples. The reality is, how happy or how successful someone else is or isn’t actually has nothing to do with me. It doesn’t change anything about my life. Letting how other people do in their lives determine how you feel about your own, is just bad for your soul. Your joys and your triumphs are for you to achieve.

eating is cool.

Peanut butter brownie and apple pie – ordered while waiting for the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight

Yep. Cool as. It’s been a while since I’ve professed my love for food, and Lani Says is nothing if not a place to talk about how much I enjoy eating. To be honest, I’ve gone down to the bodega to get salami rolls for breakfast/lunch/dinner so often that the dude doesn’t even ask what I want anymore, he just sees me and starts making it. Alas, salami rolls are not particularly photogenic, but these other things I’ve been eating are:

Cornbread at Amy Ruths

Ho-ly, that corn bread was soooo good. I ate it all myself. I struggled to finish even half of my chicken on waffles:

Chicken on waffles at Amy Ruths

I’m always down for dinner at Pho Grand in China Town. We’ve got our routine pretty well sussed. Between David, Isaac and I we order two deep fried squid (close to being as good as Spicy House), eight spring rolls, and a main on top of that, usually the vege Pho for me.

Spring rolls and squid at Pho Grand
Vegetable Pho

This slice was SO good.

Peanut butter slice

bigger than your pride’s worth

I feel like the lyrics to this song are so very intimate, it would be bad form to put my own spin on them. The line that sticks with me though, and one that I think is very powerful; ‘someone to love is bigger than your pride’s worth.’

someone to love is bigger than your pride’s worth
it’s bigger than the pain you got for it hurts,
and out runs all of the sadness
it’s terrifying life through the darkness
And I’d do it all again, I’d do it all again. I’d do it all again.

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#nyfw – the random

The last few random pics from my time loitering outside nyfw.

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#nyfw – corrine bailey ray

Beautiful and Angelic. Very excited to see Corrine Bailey Ray doing the rounds at Fashion Week as this hopefully means new music is afoot? After seeing her, I went home and listened to all my favourite songs of hers.

#nyfw – mo’ hot redheads

#nyfw – classic

I think this outfit would be perfect no matter what style was in vogue at the time. A real classic feel to it. But perhaps it’s not the clothes, perhaps it’s her.

#nyfw – look ma, no hair

Shucks, check her out. Somehow I don’t think it’s the first time this bald-headed beauty has had her picture taken. While fashion week is over in this part of town, I still have a bunch of shots of good looking people in good looking clothes to share. Hope you don’t mind.