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Month: April, 2011

Note to self: smile

You know when you see someone smile, and that makes you smile? Yeah, that’s cool.


PNC x Lani Says Interview Part. 2

Photo: Jason Brown

Here’s part 2 of the PNC Man On Wire Interview. We talk about That Kinda Guy, Champagne Gang, the story behind Slow Motion, how it almost didn’t make the album, and Murderer. I also ask him the really tough questions, like, does he REALLY drink champagne?? It was definitely the sillier half of the interview, as I think you’ll find my 5 am shift earlier in the day was starting to catch up on me, haha. Enjoy, tell your boys, buy the album.

Listen to Part 1 here.

chinatown + instagram

cheer up, love

Went back to this mean Vietnamese spot in Chinatown and went slightly nuts with the instagram app.

pretty lanterns
that’s better
dinner at Pho Grand

It was you who held me under

My mate sent me through Florence + the Machine ‘Blinding’ as a suggestion for BU2MU. It was interesting because had it not been suggested as a break up song, I may not have interpreted the song that way, though it definitely feels like a song about moving on. We agreed that’s what’s cool about songs that are more on the vague side, with the meaning not immediately obvious; you get to mould the song to suit you, to interpret the words to match your own emotions, to mean what you want them to mean. Sometimes it’s not even the words, but the mood, the feel of the music. Anyway, enjoy. Happy Break Up/Easter Friday!

No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone
No more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden
No more dreaming like a girl so in love, so in love
No more dreaming like a girl so in love, so in love
No more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world

PNC x Lani Says Interview part 1

Image: Jason Brown

PNC chats with me about his third album, Man On Wire. We talk about whether this is the most he’s ever opened up on a record, the extremities in the music he creates and why radio didn’t get behind ‘Let Your Lover Know’.

If you lovely readers/listeners have yet to purchase the album I’m hoping this interview can nudge you towards doing so. I’ll drop Part 2 of the interview next week where we talk about That Kinda Guy, Champagne Gang, Murderer, Slow Motion and his various drug references throughout the album. Part 2. is definitely the sillier part.

Grab Man On Wire here. Go to PNC’s website to read more about the making of each individual song.

weekend in LA

I love New York but it’s always nice to escape the cold and that’s what I did the weekend just gone. Stayed in Fairfax and enjoyed the sunny L.A weather, not wearing stockings and five other layers of clothing. L.A feels a lot like Auckland, especially when you hang out with Andy from Dawn Raid and all his Tongan and Samoan mates. Island humour is the same anywhere you go in the world. Here’s some pictures of things I thought were cool or amused me:

I love this: Oh MY GOD I LOVE YOU

facebook: social cigarettes. Might make it my fb profile pic, ha.

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Essential R&B rules for cheating

So, that other post was kinda heavy. But hey, cheating isn’t always such a downer, sometimes it’s fun as. If you’re TLC, it’s also a necessity to keeping your relationship alive.

Rule #1: If you’re not getting the loving you need from your man/woman, go get it from someone else, i.e creep:

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Cars for the Mrs & furs for the mistress

Three decades of songs of love, betrayal and compromise. Each woman tries to hold on to love in a different way, each song is sad in it’s own way.

Nina Simone’s 1964 rendition of Billie Holiday’s Don’t Explain. It’s understood Billie Holiday wrote the song after her husband came home with lipstick traces on his collar. Nina sings it like she’s felt it herself.

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Go Uptown to Harlem, tell em that I sent ya…

“…I run up on em with the pound and light it, like it’s my block now, alright kid?” Well, not really. But I am staying in Harlem right now. That’s my subway station. Across from the greatest department store on earth, Conway, it’s like a mix between D.E.K.A and The Warehouse but way more shit.

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So come on in and close the door…

If you’ve been a dick to your significant other, firstly, stop being a dick. Secondly, Jodeci’s Love U 4 Life should help you make up for it. Thirdly, any requests for the closing of doors should be done with much gusto, as is demonstrated in the song.