Lani Loves – fitness challenges, fashion week build-up, tea, omelettes & a zonkey!!!

by lei


How exciting. Fashion Week hype is beginning.

FIrst, The Marr Factory is back this year, a series of in-season runway shows curated by Stephen Marr with Karen Walker, Zambesi, Nom*D, Helen Cherry, Workshop & Kate Sylvester all taking part. The shows sold out last year, so get your tickets here. Also, Courvoisier has aligned with the Marr Factory, which I’m pretty excited about, because it gives me the chance to say ‘pass the Courvoisier’ like Busta Rhymes, Diddy & Mr T IRL! The shows sold out last year, so grab your tickets here quick smart.

Also, tickets for the NZ Fashion Weekend have gone on sale too. My pick is the A.OK K.Rd show – bringing together four designers from one of our most (in)famous and diverse streets, Karangahape Road : Jimmy D, Hailwood, Lela Jacobs & Maiike.  Oh, and Annah Stretton is hosting a gay marriage, during her catwalk show, titled ‘Come On Oz, Say I Do.’ Orrr, if you just feel like getting on it for the weekend, you could always just head along to the Fashion Weekend Opening Night Partay, up2ug.


So, on a completely different topic, I got my measurements / body-fat percentage taken again. This is about a month after I set my initial ‘new’ fitness goals, and failed miserably by continuing to eat whatever the hell I wanted to, which happened to be a lot of junk, hence hitting the *refresh* button (or is ctrl+alt+delete more accurate in this case?) on this whole fitness thing. So yes, my new goals are now in place, again.

This is how it’s going down : Our trainer has put us in pairs and will re-measure us every two weeks. Both in the pair must come down either in weight, or in body fat percentage. If we don’t both see a loss in two weeks, we both have to do 100 burpees before training begins :/  In short, I’m excited to start seeing results because I hate to do even one burpee, let alone 100.

In a semi-related note, if you’re looking for easy at home, body-weight exercises to do, take your pick of these – level one cross-fit challenge, & level 2 cross-fit challenge (I’d personally double what he tells you to do though – instead of 5 sets, do 10, etc.)

I’m also loving Healtheries Peppermint tea – I have one super-duper-extra strong coffee in the morning, so I don’t need another coffee throughout the day, but it’s been so cold lately, I always want a hot drink just to keep me warm. Peppermint tea in the afternoon is a lovely contrast to strong coffee in the morning, nice and relaxing.


Speaking of tea, I’m loving the look of this ‘the wee Tea Party fete’. Sunday 4th August y’all, mark it down in your calendar, I’ve definitely got it marked down in mine. Also, all proceeds will go to KidsCan. See you there? Sweet.


Bro. This is a Zonkey. One part Zebra, one part Donkey!! Did you even know Zonkeys existed?? I DIDN’T. How cute is this wee zonk zonk? Read more about the rare Italian Zonkey here. Shout out to Jason for the linkage.


Oh yeah, the bf stays making me the bomb omelettes. #CSB. (He’s sitting right next to me and just said, ‘that’s a muthafucken omelette’) lolz. He’s cool.