#InstaMarch 2013 – the list!!!

by lei


Helllloooo there!! I have finally put together the list for #InstaMarch – which begins on Friday, w000p w000p!!! I decided to start the first day off with a picture of yourself again, I hope you don’t mind, I just think it’s a cool way to see everyone else that’s joining in on the challenge too.

Thanks to everyone who suggested what to put in the list, I think I got most of those suggestions in!!

*For those who don’t know how this works, you take a photo a day in the month of March – based on this list. So on the first of March, you take a pic of yourself, upload it to instagram & hashtag it with #InstaMarch so everyone else who is joining in can check it out too. And then repeat, according to the list, each day for the rest of the month.

My instagram is @lanisays so tag me in on your pics too so I can see em, if you want 🙂 I’ll be checking the #InstaMarch hashtag on the reg anyways.

So, screen shot the list or save it to your phone, or pin it to pinterest, so you always know what you’re gonna do on what day. (as you can see there is a kittens&puppies version, lulz, or a plain version below, up2ug)  Woohoo, exciting, bring on Friday!!