Bits & Pieces : huh?

by lei


This year has had a kind of strange and disjointed start for me, my brain doesn’t seem to be working particularly well and I can’t quite get into the swing, or groove, of things. Is anyone else feeling like this? I really need to figure it out cos’ we’re already a month and a half deep in this bitch. It’s actually been a good year so far but I keep doing silly little things like thinking it’s May next month when it’s actually March. Weird.

Anyway, one good thing came from that – we’ve all established that #InstaMarch is happening this year. Which is exactly like #InstaMay, but in March. I shall be getting onto writing up the list shortly.

SOMETIMES I ‘MODEL’: I felt like a ‘real model’ for a day, with two, I repeat TWO jobs in one day! I was like, whoa, I sure am ridin’ round and gettin’ it today!!


I am so unintentionally sullen looking most of the time, as these pics illustrate. The top right is from the shoot I did with iLabb (super duper cute & fun pieces) and the rest are from a shoot I did with Georgia Pratt, who, if you don’t know, is a fashion designer and uber babe heading to NYC soon to pursue a modelling career with Ford models, sorryboutit. She’s releasing a capsule collection at Miss Crabb a lil later on in the year. She’s created what I believe to be the perfect winter coat.

Papatoetoe Night Markets: I’m so glad there’s night markets out south now, in the Hunters Plaza carpark Friday nights from 6PM – midnight. I’ve been twice now, and I foresee it becoming my Friday night ritual.

Good Mail : In the same week I got this bralet from Kama Scretching ‘s Year 3 Whitecliife collection & these Maybelline goodies in the mail (excuse the crap 3GS iphone pic). I love getting stuff in the mail that ain’t bills, bills, bills. It feels a bit nostalgic using the baby-lips from Maybelline, it’s been awhile since I’ve used a ‘chap-stick’ style lip conditioner but I’m quite enjoying it, it gives your lips a bit of colour and smells like cherries and berries and it’s under $5 so that’s alll good in my hood.


Kama’s bra is great too, but I didn’t wanna wear it for youse cos that would mean you seeing me in my undies, and I’m not even at the stage of doing bikini selfies on instagram…yet. So, I thought I’d show you a pic of Alyssa in it. She has way better abs than me anyways :


RONDA ROUSEY : I love Ronda Rousey. I admire all people who choose combat sports for a living, but especially women, and especially women who fight MMA, and most especially Ronda Rousey. She is just so flippin cool. I’m excited as that she is fighting again this coming weekend – and making history at that – the first ever women’s fight in the UFC Octagon AND it’s headlining. Even if you’re not into fighting, you should watch the videos below, they’re insightful, entertaining and a bit emo-tional. Sports docos and the psychology of sports players are endlessly fascinating to me. Enjoy: