Salty lemon vodka tonic

by lei


This is my favourite alcoholic drink right now, possibly ever. It’s so simple, which is why I can make it, ha. It’s basically just vodka, tonic water, a dash of fresh lemon juice, and salt, but it’s so refreshing. The perfect no-fuss summer relaxation drink. The mother in law will often ask me at night if I want a drink at night, and I will often say yes, because I know this is what she’ll make.

All you have to figure out for yourself is how much salt you like, and how much vodka you want in it. Her instructions to me were: Pour enough vodka in to ‘float the ice’ or, 3 – 4 caps. Cut a slice of fresh lemon and squeeze into the drink, and leave the slice in the glass. Pour tonic water, and then mix in salt. Start with maybe a quarter teaspoon, and add more to taste. I like it really salty so it’s close to a teaspoon for me. *Drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, etc*