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Month: December, 2011

farmageddon/waipu pt 1.

The lodge where we stayed in Waipu is one of the most serene places I’ve ever been. Sand dunes and meadows, fluffy bunnies bounding through the trees as we drove in, kunekunes and ponies, sheep and alpacas all grazing the grass together. Even the madness of Farmageddon couldn’t shake the relaxed state those surroundings had put me in. Being outdoors in the sunshine in a New Zealand summer is unbeatable.

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bits & pieces – the late Sunday edition

Not sure if you’ve cottoned on by now but I’m trying to make this bits & pieces thing a regular feature. Just a small round up of things that have brightened my week or things which have made me smile. I really enjoy reading Katherine’s weekly Highs and Low(e)’s and Cupcake and Cashmere’s Five Things so I guess this is my attempt at doing something similar. So, without further ado;

Filming my first TV Commercial since being back:

A couple of years ago I felt like I went to countless castings, with no results. In fact, I remember asking the boyfriend, ‘what if I go to all these auditions my entire life, and NEVER. GET. ANYTHING?’ Then one day, I got my first job. And I’ve been lucky enough to get a few more after that. This one was especially cool cos it was the first audition I went to since being back from NYC – and I got it, yay!! The call time was 3:45 AM and we all froze our asses off while we filmed about an hour out of Auckland. Good times.

Discovering Tanpopo: 

I’d gotten to chatting with one of the actors on the shoot about our travels and Japan and all the mean food we ate over there. While I reckon Auckland does pretty well for itself with Japanese restaurants I was yet to find anywhere that made decent ramen – one of my favourite things to eat in Japan. He told me if I went to Tanpopo and ate the ramen there, I’d feel like I was back in Tokyo. I still felt like I was in Auckland, but the ramen was really, really good. I shall be returning.

Farmageddon & Waipu: 

This is a separate post in itself, but I had lots of fun, even if I did go to bed at midnight while everyone else partied like rockstars. The show was great, the company was great and where we stayed was amazing. Just check that photo out, isn’t it just the picture of serenity?

Lazy Sundays & big boxing matches:

Nothing quite like an afternoon of not having to do anything, a lazy lunch with friends who don’t have to be anywhere, and an exciting fight like Cotto vs. Margarito. I love boxing. And eating. And doing nothing.

dots on dots on dots

I went a lil polka dot crazy when I was in New York and bought a polka dot skirt, dress and jacket. I figured I’d gotten that lil frenzy out of my system, until I went to the Process P.R Open Day and fell in love with these polka dot Converse. I feel like they’d round out my dotty collection quite nicely.