the best songs of 2011 to party to at New Years

by lei

Oh, hey there. Merry Christmas and all that. As the new year looms ever so closer I thought I’d get on this list making bandwagon and put together something that will very likely be the playlist my friends and I will see in the new year to. These are the songs we’ve listened to pretty much on repeat since they came out, the songs we blast before we go out to town, and the songs we harass DJ 09 to play every time we’re at Hitch haha!!

DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – I’m On One

The perfect song for that time of the year when everyone will be ‘on one’. As soon as Khaled sings, ‘get em up’ you’ll be raising your plastic glasses and asking whoever’s next to you, ‘what’s up with your best friend?’

Best lines to rap out loud to: “I walk around the club, f**k everybody”  & “So get it while you here boy, cos all that hype don’t feel the same next year boy”

Meek Mill  feat. Rick Ross – I’m A Boss

Oh man, so many times have I jumped around the club like a lunatic rap-singing to this song, no doubt I was off-beat and shouting the wrong lyrics but that’s not the point. The point is the self-affirmation of singing “I’m a Boss” repeatedly, and putting your arms around friends and sharing a moment about popping bottles and models. hmmm.

Best lines to rap out loud to: Meek Mill’s entire first verse,  & “f**k a blog dog, cos’ one day we gon’ meet” + “scared money don’t make no money, if I ever go broke, I’ma take your money”.

Jay-Z & Kanye – Ni***s in Paris

We’re all gonna be dancing round like this dude once this song drops. That shit cray!

Best lines to rap out loud to: Yeah, all of it. Personal faves : “That shit cray, ain’t it Jay? What she order, fish fillet?” & “bourgeois girl, grab her hand, f**k that bitch, she dont wanna dance, excuse my French but I’m in France, I’m just sayin.’

Future – Tony Montana 

The first time I heard this song, I was like ‘why’s his voice sound funny?’ Oh, it’s cos’ he’s rapping in a Tony Montana accent LOL. I enjoy how the concept of the song has been taken so literally, with ‘you leave me no choice’ as part of the hook and Future taking over the streets fresh off the banana boat.

Best lines to rap out loud to: “I know Sosa” & “I’m bout to cop a tiger, and put it in a castle.”

David Dallas – Take A Picture

You know after a few drinks we’re all gonna be like ‘2012 is gonna be our year man!!’ And for some of us, it will be. So take a flick, to remember the night you declared the dreams you made come true.

Best lines to rap out loud to: “Here we are, pouring out shots at the bar, swearing one day we’ll be stars”

YC feat. Future – Racks

OK, I’m not even sure I like this song. Actually I don’t. But I do enjoy doing the ‘racks on racks’ hand action. Songs that come with pre-set dance moves always win.

Best lines to rap out loud: “racks on racks on racks, RACKS”

J Cole feat. Trey Songz

This one is included from special request via the boyfriend. It’s my favourite single released by Cole, and I’m not sure why it hasn’t caught on more cos Trey Songz rules on the hook.

Best lines to rap out loud: “I heard you got a main chick, a mistress and some hoes, you be up to no good, and everybody knows”

Rihanna – Cheers

RiRi’s perfect ‘drink your troubles away’ song influenced me to drink Jameson, which did not turn out so good. Ah well, turn it around with another round? OK!

Best lines to sing out loud: “It’s getting coyote ugly up in here, no Tyra”

Sbtrkt – Wildfire

This song is cool.

Best lines to sing out loud: “You’re like a wildfire, you got me rising high” – those are the only lyrics I can actually decipher.

Drake – Marvins Room

OK, so this isn’t a party song. This is for when the night/morning starts to wind down. It’s probably gonna be somebody’s trigger for a quarter life crisis / freaking-out-about-your-ex-moving-on-before-you panic attack. But mainly it’s just kinda awesome and funny because it’s the drunk-drunk dial you wish you made.

Best lines to rap out loud to: “f**k that n**ga that you think you found, and since you picked up, I know he’s not around. I’m just sayin’ you could do better. Tell me have you heard that lately?”

ASAP Rocky – Peso 

Again, not exactly a party anthem but I had to put this in as it’s one of my most listened to songs this year, especially while I was living in Harlem, because, well, I was in Harlem. And cos’ it’s cool. Think of this as the chilled out song to nurse your hangover the day after while you try to block out all those simultaneously terrible and hilarious flashbacks of the night before.

Best lines to rap out loud to: *the motorbike sound*: “tell my ni***s quit the bitch’n we gon’ make it in a second *vrooom!*”