new christmas traditions (franklin lights & nishiki)

by lei

Last year a bunch of friends and I met up at Nishiki in Freemans Bay for a ‘family’ christmas get together, if you will. Following the dinner was an impromptu stroll to Franklin Road to look at all the lights, and to yell ‘MERRRRY CHRISTMAS’ loudly at strangers and ‘HO HO HO’ to each other. Sounds slightly lame, but we were actually in fits of laughter and it was good vibes all round. We had so much fun, we decided to make it a christmas tradition, and repeated the shenanigans this year. Next year I’ll try to not start work at 5 in the morning the next day, so more sake can be consumed. I think Nishiki is my favourite Japanese joint, though the Botany branch is way better than the city one.

Ebi Mayo

Beef Amiyaki

Tori mayo – anyone who comes to Nishiki MUST get one of these skewers.

Gyu Tan